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newdayStill Healing

For me, I’m still in the healing process. And for me, for now, my volunteer work continues to be ‘good medicine’ for me . It adds serenity, and joy and creativity to my life and it makes me smile even when I have no energy to smile. It works for me, so who am I to stop it?

I am a volunteer. I would love to have a job where I am able to independently use my creative talent but for now, no offers . Besides, there is still more healing to be done.

Call me Creative

So, called me “retired but not retired from life” . Call me ready to go when it comes to producing good television and to creating great stories with photographs and with collage. Call me ready and willing to learn new skills and to push my creativity another step forward as I learn new creative techniques to boost my creative works on paper, and on wood (with the newest skill that I am learning, wood burning).

Keep on keeping on..



For the time being, I like those reasons and so far, I’ll continue to volunteer. When I am able enough or feel well enough to be creative “as a job” or when I feel well enough to do a job for money, of course, then I will do that.

Been there, Did that

I’ve taken wilderness survival courses, and hypnosis courses and citizen tree pruner courses and entrepreneal courses, and writing courses and photography and art courses throughout my life and some of the best knowledge that I picked up was in life, along the way. For more info, check my makeshift resume page that is still under construction in this newsletter (check the list at the left ) In the past, I became a certified hypnotist, certified television producer and have received awards and certficates /diploma in photography and photojournalism. Why so many courses? It is my belief that we should continue to learn, as much as we can, as long as we live. You can learn a new thing everyday, and that makes life more interesting.

(Yes, I have held jobs in the past, got salaries for the jobs; this is my time , my continued time to volunteer. And this works for me).

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I’m a volunteer!

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