Every Year, There’s This Pinhole Camera Day, an International Event

So, in this particular workshop, we got to hear the history of the Alice Austen House on Staten Island, New York,  USA.   Very interesting history and an unexpected part of the workshop.    The workshop was part of the National Pinhole Camera Day, and every one that came there to the place that day wasContinue reading “Every Year, There’s This Pinhole Camera Day, an International Event”

FLICKR and Photographs ..

This is the page that I am dedicating to some of my photographs that I have placed on my flickr sites.   Above and below,  walk through my walking tour of life through photography. Some more photographs of life and everything in between All photographs are copyrighted  and protected by copyright laws  in US and Internationally. Continue reading “FLICKR and Photographs ..”

What I Learned This Week..

    Some things  I discovered this past week and last week: You can write in the Chromebook, but you must be signed into Chrome and you have to use either an extension, an app or Google Docs. You can buy a laptop for two hundred dollars but there’s a catch; it’s a Chromebook. YouContinue reading “What I Learned This Week..”