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Beginner’s Veggie Garden…

Yes, you can plant tomatoes.  And yes, you can have cute little tomato plants, even in cold weather , even indoors. 

Try this:

Take a planter full of dirt or a mug of dirt.   Take your tomato – after you cut it in half.  You can eat half of the tomato and take the other half and plant it in the dirt.   Give it lots of light, sun, and some water  and great drainage.



(Place a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter to cover the hole in the planter.   The coffee filter will prevent all the dirt from washing out of the planter hole when you  water the dirt).

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Blue Orchids…and other flowers

You get a gift of flowers and you want to preserve them, what do you do?   Yes, you can preserve them in the traditional way, dry the flowers, press them, etc.  But what if you want to preserve the picture. 

I love preserving flowers — virtually, by photographs, videographs.     Flowers are here and there and sometimes gone before you know it.   So, next time you get flowers or buy flowers or even give flowers or plants, take those pictures!   Some are beautiful enough to frame and hang on the wall.

Take a picture of the flowers and then take a screenshot and you will have your flowers forever.   Put them on a disk to share them with others or email  the flowers to someone.


I took a picture and then took a screenshot (from our  video of the flowers).

One season, I found these flowers at Costco, (much cheaper than at any other store), and I , I planted these beautiful blue orchids outdoors in front of our house and they lasted almost the whole season –until the landscapers (not mine) cut them down , mowed them down.  I’m really glad I got to preserve the flowers in my computer .

I’d like to start mini lessons, online , on how to do simple things with your computers or with your garden, almost anything creative.

Here is my screenshot of the our flowers.


These are the coolest.  Someday, far in the future, I will plant more orchids.  For now, I’ll have to stick to more inexpensive flowers.   And I have found a way to stop landscapers from mowing the flowers down.  I added a little mini fence to protect the flower area.

Though the landscapers mowed these down, I’ll always have the memory of them as they graced our side/front yard.    🙂


In the Gardens Slideshow

It’s WINTER and right now the garden looks like it was hit by a truck however  in spring and summer it looks way better.


SLIDESHOW of the gardens in the USA

Various flowers and plants

Many of the flowers and veggies, and other pictures were taken in our garden…and in neighbors’ gardens and in gardens throughout the USA

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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