Thank You for Remembering Us…

Yesterday, someone brought us a great Easter surprise.     That just so made  me smile big time.   Thank you so, very very much! It seems at the most appropriate times, these surprises happen, yet, not ‘just happen’.   It seemed to be well-thought out…and wrapped up with great peace and heart…and that is justContinue reading “Thank You for Remembering Us…”

Great Rain for our Flowers!

Most times when the rain comes, most people shrug and complain.   We  have to remember, without that rain, we wouldn’t have all the beautiful flowers and plants and trees! ALL of the above flowers—- except for one — are from our garden.   Can you tell which one is not from our garden? AfterContinue reading “Great Rain for our Flowers!”

Blue Orchids…and other flowers

You get a gift of flowers and you want to preserve them, what do you do?   Yes, you can preserve them in the traditional way, dry the flowers, press them, etc.  But what if you want to preserve the picture.  I love preserving flowers — virtually, by photographs, videographs.     Flowers are hereContinue reading “Blue Orchids…and other flowers”