Would That Solve All World Problems?

Few Days Ago, I   Found A Good Website..

It is at youtube and the person that does the videos there is called,  Dr. Carol  .  I’ll put a link below to the videos.

What I Liked Most About the Videos

is that the conversation is just that, a conversation tone.  There’s no condescending.   And there’s lots to learn , and lots to re-remember.     (Some of the things in the videos you may have heard of, but then in some of the videos, there is new information).

Whether you’ve heard these things or not, if you keep on listening, you probably would find some ‘new’ information or ideas that need to be rekindled.

And, They Are Free Videos At this Site

At the links below there are two videos, one about Medicaid and health care and the other link is about   Beating the Holiday Blues  (that’s a series, and you can find the other Holiday videos at the same you  t u be website.

NOTE:  All videos are different .  This particular one is about health care and government and Medicaid and related topics.     She has other videos on topics of bullying awareness, and others on relationships, and others on dealing with toxic people.   She seems to cover life issues, and life problems, health, safety and sanity.   The video below is someone else’s site  (someone named Dr Burgess),  the other videos are at a site called

The Health Care and Medicaid Video  

Listen with an open mind.   Take what interests you and leave the rest .    I have not listened to this entire video -just to the beginning to the middle of it.    I am going to try to find Dr Carol’s direct link and will post it below  and I might make a separate entry on Dr Carol’s site.  The link below is

to a video called

 Beating the Holiday Blues


End of this entry  


So, Click the Slide Show ..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, I put these pictures together, none of them are really connected but they make a nice slideshow.   There is one group of photos that feature my posters.

Posters, “There’s always hope.   The sun rises every morning” , and other ones like “Lightbulb Moment” .    Those are our hydrangeas, and our spider web.  The web was covered with dew, one morning.   So I photographed it.

Leave The Child Be ..

Someone Did A Horrible Thing..    

There was a entry somewhere online that someone  did the ‘effigy’ thing.

People that do that just don’t have any sense.   The girl is a kid, a child.  It is not her fault that the media is trying to make a movie star out of her nor that misinformed children (and some adults) are following her stardom message.

Think peace… be peace .. and today, if you have a chance, do something nice …. 🙂

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I’m Really Appreciating This Radio Host

Over the years, I’ve listened to many radio hosts, tv hosts, and authors.    And this is, this ‘find’  is gold! 

So far, I’ve listened to only two of her interviews, but she seems to choose authors that have a solid message, and a tactic or process that appears to be an answer to ordinary and to extraordinary problems that have been around for decades in our society.

Hope you enjoy this radio host and her guests as much as I do.  The messages are good; the information is solid.   Here’s the video  and the host below

This author talks about how to successfully handle toxic relationships and he backs up his ideas with the Holy Bible.   Want to know how Jesus handled toxic relationships? Listen to this radio interview on Dr. Carol’s radio show.

One Amazing Interview with An Author

This is a very amazing interview in that the author of the book has a whole different idea, a different approach to bullying than most ‘experts’ have.   And what this guy says, makes a lot of sense.

If you have a child in school or a teen or even college age student, you probably will benefit and your kids will benefit by having this book in their school library.   This should be required reading for all teachers, professionals, experts, and also for security personnel that work in schools, centers and recreation centers and colleges.     If this guy’s approach is followed, and if many of the schools and centers pick up the app  the protectors, it just might amazingly reduce the tragedies that happen in our schools across the nation.

Sometimes it takes ‘different’ to change a problem that has been hanging around our society for a long, long time.   Maybe it’s really time for this different approach.

No more Mr. Nice guy — to the bullies.   That has never worked with bullies – the nice guy approach.

Hear what this guy has to say and see if you can circulate his book and his ideas throughout our school system and our college system.


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Smiles, All Photographs Are Good Photographs ..


I Photograph Life And Everything In Between 

It’s funny how photography and life can be so different.   I really like this picture.  But if you set it in front of four photographers (smiles, or even one), they will probably tell you just how many things are wrong with the picture.  Yet, if I change one single thing in this photograph, I will change the whole meaning behind it.   What’s the point of photographing life if you take the life out of it to make the perfect picture?  (No need to answer that, the question is for myself only).   And I always have the answer.   I love taking pictures and I love the fact that I have absolutely no need to perfect them, to change them or to go out on a journey to start all over again.


One Day, When I’m Older (Smiles)..

I will look back at this funky photograph and remember that I’ve taken tons of photographs, and that I used real film in so many of them, and even, yes, even that I blogged a bit here and there.

I took a picture of my computer screen as it was pointed at a blog page summary.  And I placed some of the old film canisters on the computer, old T-Max, and some color film canisters, some still filled with unprocessed film, and then I took the picture that I wanted to remember.  This one, is one of my favorites, still – life, yet filled with life memories.   One of the canisters is marked, “7000i”  .  I took those pictures with the Minolta 7000i  SLR.   I don’t have the camera anymore, and I miss the camera but not the process.   For me, film is out now.  I love that I can take pictures all day long, delete some and keep some and never have to pay for processing and never have to ‘wait’ for processing as in the ‘old days’ .

emptyfilm canisters
Ah, remember film?



It’s All About Life, That’s All

That being said, I still ‘study’ photography.   Smiles.  Yes, I know.  Hey, but life happens and when you get as old as I am, you figure,  hey, “just enjoy it”.  Do what makes you happy.   And for the most part, that’s what I do when I enjoy my hobby of photography, photojournalism.  Perhaps that is it, photojournalism, telling the story, not adjusting the story to make it more likeable, but just photographing the story.

Minimal Edit, Blur or Tinting 

NOTE: Yes, I probably use a minimal editor sometimes, but usually to give a tint, or a blur or something .   Sometimes I might blur a person out of a picture to change the identity of a person, and sometimes not.

Below is a picture of one of my granddaughters.  We were at the wildlife sanctuary and I saw this huge leaf.   I asked her to look over the bridge (we were standing on a small wooden bridge), and when she looked over, I took this picture of her shadow in the huge leaf.

Dayatthe wildlife sanctuary
Portrait of one of my granddaughters


Questions For You

What’s your take on photography?   How do you take your best pictures, when and where and do you enjoy editing or using a photo edit program?



My Only Tattoo

My only tattoo,  chiliPepperFiesta 20102019.jpeg

So, we waited on line to get these tattoos.    The line was long but I figured that since I never had a tattoo before (and would never get another one, smiles), I would wait on the line.    The picture is my grandson’s arm and my arm with our new tattoos.

Smiles.. it was fun and it didn’t hurt.  These were the old-fashioned tattoos we had in the sixties.  You wet the paper and then put it on your arm and there you go, a beautiful Chili Pepper Fiesta tattoo.

Recommendation.   Need a tattoo?  Get a washable one.  It’s pretty ; it’s fun and you can change your mind about it anytime and there you go , it’s gone.



One of the things I love about Staten Island  is that good old art at Trader Joes.


and keep on keeping on..

That is the end of this entry .

Chromebook Talk ..

FIRST IT TAKES A LITTLE TIME… to get used to it..

But after a little bit, it works out just fine.

I’m not big on Chrome, and then after using it, I found out that a few things were missing.      Anyway, after experimenting with it a little bit, I’ve ‘found” some of the missing things.   I’ll keep at it and find the rest.   Smiles.


I was using the chromebook without a mouse.  And when I tried to right click to get a screenshot, it simply didn’t work.   No screenshots?

Now, I haven’t tried in other programs but I managed to find out the way to make screenshots in this program the wordpress.   It’s easy once you find it.  I am using the square screenshot, haven’t figured out yet how to do the squiggly one yet, or the ‘irregular ‘ shaped screenshot.  I’ll put an example in here, of the finished product.

And love to hear if you have some chromebook tricks or tips.    How do you make the squiggly screenshot and how do you do this elsewhere besides in word press?

Any other helpful hints and suggestions when using chromebook?  These are three sample screenshots that I took today.




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Clearing Up The Mystery

The entry in which I clear up the mystery 

©2019lperry  artfromperry

One Of The Key Things Missing Is 

   the ‘persistence’  or the ‘continued’ words.  

A lot of people think that name-calling and or being verbally rude to someone or making fun of someone is bullying.  But think about this, most children, kids or even teens , and sometimes adults have called someone a name at one time or another during their lifetime.   That doesn’t make the person a bully.

Every Kid Has Called Someone A Name  (And So Have Some Adults Done The Same) 

Kids, in general, as they are growing and learning, will call someone a name.  They’ll even call names to people that they like etc, that’s growing and learning.   Someone teaches them – that’s not good; that’s not right.  And they learn and they change the way that they act towards someone.

So the generalization , that we’ve seen online or in public or even in schools etc.  where individuals are being labeled as bullies, is just a generalization until it’s cleared up.

So if a kid calls you a name once.    That’s not bullying.  That’s a chance to teach this kid.  And don’t assume the kid should have been taught at home.  What about those kids that are having street-lives, or living in homes where there are druggers or criminals?  Yes, even criminals or drug abusers or muggers or whatever, even they have kids sometimes.  And that means, when you see a kid acting out, calling someone a name or acting rude to someone, don’t assume that they know this is not a good thing to do.

AND next, we can not assume that every single person that has ever called someone a name  is a bully.

Bullying is Persistent..

not a one-time thing)


So, key here is that bullying is persistent.   Bullying doesn’t stop once the victim or target says, “no” or “stop it”.  Bullying continues and persists.

Once you see the persistence and the consistency of the name -calling and or verbal abuse or emotional abuse, then you can clearly label that bullying.

And Some Bullying Can Persist Over A Lifetime

Those are your lifetime bullies, the stalker-bullies.  These are the toughest bullies to get away from , simply because they refuse to allow you to get away from them.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve called the police, or if you’ve already been to court with them, none of that matters with the stalker-bullies.

So, when society nags and taunts, “just walk away”, that’s not helping some of the most targeted individuals.   Yes, I agreed.   Walk away.  Get Away.   But let’s not let that be the battle cry and then ignore the victims or tell the victims that they ‘want to be bullied’ or that they are ‘allowing themselves to be bullied’ because that is not true.

No One Wants To Be Bullied

No One Allows Themselves To Be Bullied

And that’s the truth.   There is not a person in this world that enjoys being bullied.  And if you say that, there is probably something very wrong with you.  Perhaps YOU are the bully?

Why would you think that anyone would want to be hurt, harmed, made fun of , stalked, or bullied in any way , shape or form?   Mind boggling , correct?

Take the Turpin case.   Do you think that the Turpin targets wanted to be kept prisoner?  No.

Same thing with those that are targeted by bullies.  No.  They don’t want to be targeted.  They don’t want to be bullied.   Yet, to read some blog out there, you might get that message.


If someone called you names as a child, and they weren’t persistent, that’s not bullying.  It’s not nice.  And it’s rude, but that’s not bullying.  That’s a child being a child.  Educate those children.    It is once they persist, and single you out.  Once they just never give up.  Once they keep on calling you names and they don’t stop — That’s bullying.

To Authors, Writers, and Artists

Please if you can, if you want to , if you write about bullying, can you help spread the word, the word about persistence in relation to name calling , and persistence in relation to bullying?     It just would be helpful to the kids and to the adults that are being bullied.  It is always helpful to clarify things, to be precise.  It’s both helpful to the target and to the bully.  It is not good to label a child or a teen as a bully just because that kid called someone a name.    Have you ever called anyone a name ?   Are you a bully?    See what I mean.      Yes, good people have called people names.   That doesn’t make them bullies.     Just to be clear, I’m totally against name calling and I’m totally against making fun of people.   I just don’t want kids and teens and adults to be mis-labeled as bullies when they are not bullies.  Thanks for reading.  I recommend this book – pictured below

FREE US FROM BULLYING  by Paul T.  Coughlin


 Fact is 

Nobody, that’s right,  nobody asks to be bullied and nobody wants to be bullied, ever.


Nobody is a bully just because they called a person a name.

Glad that’s cleared up.

Hope this helps someone . cropped-thinkpeace.png

Stop gossip and you can stop the bully.


Most bullying begins with gossip,  with name-calling and with verbal abuse.   So when you hear gossip, tell the person that you do not speak about anyone unless the person is right in the room with you.    Therefore, that stops gossip right away.

Stop the gossip and you can stop the bully

I will leave a photograph here to end this entry.    20190919_103821.jpg


artfromperryprofileOn the topic of selfies, I have this to say.    This is the way that I like to take my selfies, in a way where you don’t quite see me immediately, you look at another subject, and then perhaps say, “Oh, I see her there, in the reflection”.    I was taking a picture in the studio, this day.  We were in the middle of taping a short television show.  I wanted to go around with my camera and photograph some ‘behind the scenes’.   So, in the middle of the other pictures, I figured, “why not take a selfie”.  Yet, I am still shy and didn’t really want to take a selfie.   So, I compromised and took a reflection selfie.  This is just a tiny clip of the entire photograph.  I see by the picture that I was using a regular camera that day; most times I like to use my cellular phone for pictures.   But, this was years ago, so it was a regular SLR, not digital, I think.    The short piece there, “It will be Okay”, I added to make this selfie one of my profile pictures.  You know, it’s true, “It will be okay”.

In the end, it will be okay, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.   So, keep on keeping on.


Turkeys and Other City Birds


I really miss photographing birds.  It’s been ages since I’ve gone out to photograph the birds, any birds.  The picture of the birds here (above), I took one day while I went out to the supermarket.  There was this puddle .  Someone was feeding the birds there, from their car.   And, it is illegal to feed birds here in our city. But I took the opportunity, since someone else was feeding them, to take this picture.

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Sandy Hook, and ..


Yes, I know.  I get it.  My picture here is not photographically correct and I could have used photoshoppe to make it a really nice photograph.  That wasn’t my goal.  That’s not the point.   I took this picture (and probably hundreds more) in the midst of a bustling scene of a reverent place in a silent moment.  In Newtown, Connecticut, this is just part of the memorial, three or four days after the adults and children were killed.   This is the one picture that brings all of the memories of my visit to that town, one last time.

Try This ..

Think peace, in everything.    Forget politics for a day, at least.  And treat everyone with kindness, even if you don’t agree with their point of view.  Just try that if you haven’t already tried it.  Be nice. You can do this.  Smiles.     Treat people the way that you want to be treated.  If you don’t like to be called names or if you don’t like to be labeled or judged, then don’t do that to the people that you meet. 

Try that. Continue reading “Try This ..”

Updates on Turpin

How are the Turpin survivors doing today? 



There is great hope for the survivors .    They certainly must be way happier than they used to be .

Some ideas, suggestions, opinions:

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Stop Bullying Trump Supporters


I am a Mom and a Grandmother.  Please hear me out.  Thank you

Here goes..

I am a person that has been told what to do —- for MOST  Of my life. And now, in our country, it is hard to be online and say that you support our President…  The reason it takes courage to admit this, publicly, is because people are being physically and verbally and emotionally attacked if someone says that they support Pres Trump.

  And those violent reactions to our legal votes in our free country are crippling our spirit of freedom in our magnificent country.    Let us band together to remind EVERYONE that our country and our voting system is still free.   Do not give in to the mobs that are promoting violence against those wearing red hats or any other color hat.

  The people in the USA that want to support Pres Trump are allowed to make their own voting choices and  should be allowed to say that without anyone getting violent against them.

The individuals that are PROMOTING  violence. and pushing or commiting violence against Trump supporters are low-class individuals that have forgotten that we are in America, not in North Korea.

Let all of us continue to support out FREE election system in Our free country, United States of America. .

I am an almost 70 year old woman and I am a mom and a grandmother that has worked for most of my life.

I should be allowed to vote for candidate of MY choice and should be allowed to say that or even to show that by wearing whatever the.  “%*×+”  color hat that I choose to wear.

The thugs that promote violence, push violence and commit violence against Trump supporters need to be charged, prosecuted and arrested. Period.

Are you pro-violence when people disagree with your vote?

I am ordered by the violence pushers to now delete this message.   If the violence pushers force me into silence, temporarily, I will resort to sending my anti-violence message to Television, to print media and to other forms of self-expression.

I am really sick and tired of being bullied.    I have been bullied for 6 decades and I am standing strong now !

I will not be bullied by any anti-Trumpers.
Yes, express your opinions, however, remember that your opinions do NOT entitle you to be violent against me or any other individuals !

Ben’s message, below


As you try to bully Trump supporters so that they change their votes, you are forgetting one important thing.    With each bully move you make, you push the Trump supporters closer and closer to President Trump.




“For most of my life, I’ve been told what to do, what to say, where to go and pretty much everything else.   And now, in our country,  it is hard to be online and say that you support our President.. The reason it takes courage to admit this, publicly, is because people are being emotionally, verbally and physically abused or attacked if someone says that they support President Trump, or if someone says they are voting for candidate Trump.

Those violent reactions to our legal votes in our free country are crippling our spirit of freedom in our magnificent country.   Let us band together to remind everyone that our country and our voting system is still free.    Do not give in to the mobs that are promoting violence against those wearing red hats or any other color hats,  for that matter.

The people in the USA that want to support President Trump are allowed to make their own choices and should be allowed to say that without anyone getting violent against them.


The individuals that are promoting violence, and pushing or committing violence against Trump supporters are low-class individuals that have forgotten that we are in America, not in North Korea, not in China.

Let all of us continue to support our FREE election system in our free country, the United States of America.

I am an almost-70 year old woman, a Mom and a Grandmother that has worked for most of my life.  I have a right to vote for the candidate of my choice just as you have the right to vote for the candidate of your choice.    And I should be allowed to show that (my choices) by wearing whatever *%(#*  color hat that I choose to wear.


The thugs that promote violence, push violence and commit violence against Trump supporters need to be arrested, charged, prosecuted and sentenced after just prosecution.  Period.

Are you  pro-violence when  people disagree with your vote?
I am ordered by the violence pushers to now delete this message.   If the violence pushers force me into silence, temporarily,   I will resort to sending my anti-violence message to television, to print media and to other forms of legal self-expression.

Seriously, I am really sick and tired of being bullied.   I’ve been bullied for more than six decades and I am standing strong now!
I will not be bullied by any anti-Trumpers.   Yes, express your opinions, however, remember that your opinions do not entitle you to be violent against me or against any other individuals!

Watch Ben Carson’s message below this for more information about a very important topic of conversation.     BEN CARSON 

Stop the bullying now.    Stop the violence.

Grow up!    Remember that all humans have rights in this world, even the humans that have a totally different opinion that you have.

Grow up!   Stop the bullying!   Stop the violence!

That’s all I’m  saying.    Be nice.  Be kind.   And come to your senses.   If someone doesn’t agree with your opinion when it comes to politics, either discuss it civilly or walk away.

Smiles.  Okay, now that’s all I’m saying.     🙂

I am starting something new.    AT the end of each blog entry, I am posting this picture of the something.      Now you know where my entry ends and where someone else’s advertising begins.   Here’s the first picture.  ©2019artfromperry      All pictures, writing is copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission.   Thanks for reading.


Current Events, Do You Dare ?

I’ve watched enough politics on television and I guess that is all there is to see.    And so, I’ve made a conscious decision to stop watching the news for a while, for at least a few weeks.   News- breather .   Nothing is going to change , that drastically, over the next few weeks so I am forgetting the daily updates on the news channel and I’m thinking that I’ll just wait to hear the more final announcements.

That’s for local news (in the United States of America) .  And as far as foreign news, there’s plenty of time to see more of that in a few weeks or months.


So there you go.  That’s the current events news updates or not.


The Art of A Photographer ..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took these photographs over a few years.   The flowers are our flowers, and the Wonder Wheel is in Coney Island.    I took the shadow-selfie on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC,  NYS USA.    And the odd, old building is in Pennsylvania, not far from Doylestown.  The Unisphere,         of course, was taken in Queens, NY   USA

The Owls and Hawks, Closeup

There was one day where we  (the photography club and I) went to the nature sanctuary that helps heal the rescued birds and other animals.   We saw hawks, and owls, birds of prey.

These birds are so beautiful!   Some of the members of the camera club are in this video.   One of the birds tries to take flight –after being a little skittish with all the people around.

Link is here for the video about the nature sanctuary and the birds, the hawks and owls. 



Christmas is almost here

Christmas is just about a month away or so.    Whose counting?     I’ve been thinking about Christmas and all I can say is that our world, our entire world, is such a different place all because of Christmas. 

I mean, after all, the whole message of Christmas , Christ was born . And he was born to save the world.   And that’s just about it.

Sometimes during the Christmas season, people pause.  People reflect on lives, on history, on memories , on everything.   There’s something about the season that allows us, even in our hurried ways, to maybe slow down a bit.

Try it this month and next month… just slow down.   Get out of the hurry rut.    Take a pause, a break.   Take a vacation away from that  ‘I must hurry syndrome’ , and relax.


God’s got it covered.  That’s for sure.


Merry Christmas, peace, and joy to the entire world.

Oh, wait, here’s my friend , John,  talking about Jesus.

John talks about life, and about Christ


Three Sentences … challenge

The Turpins  

I saw an entry about the Turpins and saw that they were sentenced .  (Read the article online). 

This is my opinion to that article.


The Challenge

The one sentence that really stands out is the one where the guy , seemingly, apologizes to the kids / adult kids.    Note the HUGE word, “if”  in his apology sentence.  


When you apologize to someone and you use the word “if”  , i.e.  “if” I hurt you, you are cancelling out any real, sincere apology.     You can not apologize for something that you “if” did.   You can apologize only for what you really did.    So this guy’s apology is , well, an  un-apology.    

The Turpin kids and the Turpin adult-kids, probably wont even notice the “if” in the sentence.  

  They guy isn’t apologizing for what he did to them, for the terrible crimes that he committed against them, but instead, he is apologizing  “IF” he did anything to them.   Note, he’s not saying he did anything wrong, but just saying, “IF” 


What the Turpin kids say: 

The second sentences that pops out is the sentence that the girl says, that the abusers  took everything from them, everything.

And the third sentence, the most important one is that she says she is  getting on with her life, and basically , it just shows that she and the other kids , other kid/adults, are recovering, and victoriously healing from the crimes that the perps committed against them and against their family.

Though nobody asked, smiles, I’ll give my opinion on this in reference to forgiveness etc: 


Yes, indeed.     Jesus Christ forgave us and forgives us all, when we seek him and when we accept Him as our Savior .   And everything there is to know about forgiveness is in the Holy Bible; it’s right there for our reading and for our learning.

As we read about forgiveness, and as we read about how we should keep on forgiving, yes, over and over, let us remember this one very important thing, or maybe a few important things.

  1.   The person should be sincerely sorry.     They shouldn’t be sorry “if” they hurt us or harmed us but they need to be sorry that they harmed or hurt us.    That’s a true sincerity.

2.   And the person should not be continuing to harm or hurt you.    Example, someone apologizes to you, but that someone continues to purposely and consistently harm you or do evil things to you.    Obviously , that person has tricked you since they have had or have no intentions of stopping the harm.     So , yes, you still must forgive them however,  you have no obligation to be around that person, or to come near that person or to speak on the phone to that person or to be in the presence of that person.

God, (in the Bible, look it up) tells us that we shouldn’t stay around people that are evil.   So if a person is continuously doing evil things to you or to those around you, you have no obligation to be in their presence so that they can continue to harm you.   You can steer clear of that person like you would steer clear of a charging buffalo or rhino.

See, you have no problem with the buffalo or rhino, right.  You don’t hate the rhino or the buffalo, yet you don’t go right up to them and pal around with them right?   So think  of it that way.

Yes, forgive, forgive, forgive and keep on forgiving .. but silly you, keep your head about you and remember that God never ever wants us to stay in the presence of evil people .  

Stay away from those rhinos.


To Improve Your Memory

The Story

There are many things that can help you improve your memory.   Some of those things are:

Using your memory to do puzzles and word games

Repetition helps memory.  The way that this helps is that the more you repeat something, the more you have a chance of creating long term memory.    If your short term memory is the problem, use repetition practice to kind of create your own short term memory.   I can’t explain exactly how this works but I do know that repeating things helps you remember things, no matter how bad your memory is.  Nothing is guaranteed but then you have nothing to lose by practicing this, right?


Did the Research: 

I did some research online and talked with trusted individuals and got some good advice.   These are things that I began doing — to improve my memory.   For me, these things did help.   I saw the improvement.      NOTE:  You might not see any improvement immediately but keep on playing the word games and keep on doing things that will be positive for you and you probably will see some sort of improvement , eventually.


These are word games  —-

Words with friends



and others

Words with Friends is one of the best

YES, I know that I am repeating things here, smiles.   That’s the whole point.  Repetition helps.


Think about this also.   Repetition might help you.    When there are things that you really want to remember,  you might try using repetition or writing to improve your memory. 

For myself, when I see things in writing, or put things in writing, that helps me to remember them.   So it’s like I am rebuilding my short term memory by using writing or by using visual aids, like photographs, pictures, art and things like that.


Instead of making a shopping list, try photographing the shopping list with your cellular phone.   You can take pictures of the actual list  OR you can take pictures of the actual items.     You can take pictures of butter, milk , soda or whatever it is you want to remember to get from the store.  Chances are, you will remember seeing that picture of the butter and milk , much sooner or quicker than if you tried to remember just the words milk or butter.      These are just ideas.


So, in summary, use photography, photographs, and use writing and repetition to help improve the memory.

Using colors and using color-coding helps also.   For example, if you use the color green, when filing, you can use green for all your gardening files, and you will remember that.  You’ll remember where everything goes etc.    This is just an example, set up your own color system that works for you.    You could use orange for camping and for leisure etc.  And so on, keep on using color codes to find things easier and faster and to help you remember things.

Updated November 12, 2019



Chalk Equals Smiles, good math

It’s winter.   Things are dreary in some places.

How about a winter chalk walk?


A good reminder, from last year’s chalk walk.    Smile, God loves you.   And you, by writing on the sidewalk (where it is permitted), can make many people smile today and tomorrow.

More after this line


hey artfromperry185236849..jpg

Someone drew a cool heart there, and it looks as if it has a window in there, or the beginnings of the word,  ‘peace’ .

More after this



Well, I loved this one so much (someone else wrote that there on the sidewalk), that I drew a cool frame around it , as if it is a picture framed on the sidewalk.  Good saying,  great ideas right on the sidewalk.     “NO ACT OF KINDNESS IS EVER WASTER.  Aesop.

For real, the smallest act of kindness will help someone so much.   It could even help lots of people  .  You just never know.   Ever wonder how many saw this sign on the sidewalk and went around having a totally different day?   How many smiles?   How many random acts of kindness? Only God knows.

Spread the word.

More after this


And you can share good messages without the chalk also, when it gets too cold for chalk, try these other ways,  little garden signs, or make posters to distribute or donate.   Use your imagination.  Share the peace.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

_______________________________—-  end of this entry ———————————————————–

_end of this entry (above)


So, it’s winter….and ..


How’s your garden growing so far?       The picture above there, the pretty pink rose (yes, it’s a rose , smiles), is a flower that is long gone and all that is left are the green leaves and the stems.     However, in season, it’s beautiful.


Well, in season, also in the warmer weather, usually the garden has some tomato plants but not many tomatoes .  I was too busy and too busy (did I say that twice? ) to really tend to the tomato plants and so they ended up like this with all tiny, tiny green tomatoes.   In fact, I have, still ,  two small green tomatoes in the kitchen that still haven’t ripened yet.  If you grow tomatoes, you must prepare and you must tend a little bit to them, feeding them etc.    or otherwise, they will be ornamental plants.   Smiles.  there are some , still , hanging on outside, green plants that should have been tomatoes .


flowers purple (8)

Well, these, pretty flowers above, weren’t even  ‘in’ the garden but rather a very beautiful gift , given to me quite a while back.    Oh, so beautiful!   All colors of the rainbow, beautiful daisy-like or daisy flowers.   They lasted for the longest time and they made me smile every day.  And I’m so glad that I had the idea to take pictures of them.    You can make beautiful flowers last forever.   Get out there and start taking pictures of your garden — in the summer and in the spring.   And take pictures of any flowers that you get during the year.    Yes, you can keep your flowers .   Smiles .

____________________________________________________-  more



And, yes, even though our own bunch of tomatoes didn’t grow much, thanks to the kindness of a wonderful neighbor friend, we did have some tomatoes in season this year (and last year also).  These wonderful ones were grown, locally, and they were all totally delicious!     Yes, they eventually all turned bright red and orange.    You can pick your tomatoes early and bring them indoors .  Put them in the window or near under the skylight and they will turn out beautifully.    Thank you!!     Read more about the gardens and flowers below ..


And, last but not least, here is the flowers, plant , garden slideshow.   The beautiful sunflowers, the great giants are a friend of mine’s garden (some of the garden).  And the hydrangeas are ours, (family and mine).    Smiles, I’m good with hydrangeas–they require hardly any care at all.      The tomatoes are from our garden –from another year.   and the roses are from our own garden also.     The garden doesn’t look it but we do have about four or five different varieties of roses.   This past year was a little scarce but most years, we get a pretty good collection of red, pink and all varieties of roses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What’s your garden like , in summer and in winter?   Do you have plants, fruits or vegetables?   

Please, if you can, share some of your best gardening tips.  Thank you.


Two Children, Greta and Vivienne

Let children be children.      🙂     

This is about    TWO  children.     Both of the children are known in the news, yet one gets a little more publicity than the other.     Check this out.

These two children (both different ages), have similar ideas == helping people, helping humans.    However, the first child is actually just talking about helping and the second child (the younger one) is actually doing something about helping people.

 The first child is Greta , and she probably gets more publicity than the second child (the younger one) gets, 

First, I’ll do this in bullet forms so that will make it easier to write and easier to read.    T alking about Greta below   , kindly read the whole entry to read about the second child.  Thank you. 

  •  First, (If you have watched the news about her, you’ll see what I’m talking about) ,  nobody should be making fun of her because she is just a child.  Even if she is near 18 , she is still just a child.  Even if she is a bit of a spoiled child (using boats and such for major transportation across the globe and then complaining about everything), she is still just a child.  So I wish the news media and everyone would just stop making fun of her.  That’s just an opinion.
  • I do not agree with what she states, on many different points , but that’s not what this entry is about.
  • 20190122_080703_HDR-2.jpg
  •  The major problem with her stance (at least in one of the speeches that I have heard her put out there) is that she is publicly blaming an entire generation (the baby boomers ) for the problems in our world and the problems in our nation.    The fact is that you can never be right when you lump everyone together and begin blaming entire generations for the bad things that have happened on our planet.  So as it goes, once she linked the problems with one single entire generation of people, I stop listening to what the child has to say.
  •  Yes, I’m from that generation and I don’t take it personally but I do take it all in since she is throwing it all around in the media.  And I’ll say that I have probably saved more trees than she’s ever even seen in her short life- long before  she was even born.


  •  There are lots of people who are still trying to figure out how this child became such an expert on things (which she is not an expert), and then we realize it is again, the media that is calling the shots.   While there are hundreds of other young people out there doing marvelous and wonderful things, selfless things and monumental things  .. the media focuses on Greta simply because she comes from kind of a hollywood family (not your average family).    So, if you get angry at Greta, don’t make fun of her, this is not her fault; it belongs with some of the media.  Note, I said SOME.

MYartphotos artfromperry.jpeg 2018-11-30 at 6.16.25 AM

So, please, bear with the child that has, herself, become a pawn or victim of the media and stop making fun of her.  She is still just a child.  You do not have to listen to what she says.  And you can turn the channel off if she is on television.


phoby artfromperry1535772752..jpg

Make good choices.  There you go, problem solved.


Balloons 8 (2)

Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.   This entry here is my own opinion.     I do not agree with what Greta says.    And I think that everyone should stop making fun of her (those that have made fun of her in the news and those that are caling her names).  Just stop it.      Go do something creative.       Work your art,  and let your art be shown across the net.        It is okay for the child to have an opinon, just as it is okay for the adults to have an opinon .    Please stop letting the (some) of the news media run the show.

Hopefully, there are some bits of news out there that will print the truth, and also some out there that will begin to point to the other ‘children’  and or other adults that are doing good in the world, that have had great accomplishments.    I believe I’ll post a link to one of the other children here.   This little girl is most amazing.   Give this one some publicity..

See while Greta is ‘taking a stand’ verbally, we see in actuality that  Vivienne is actually making a stand, doing something about the problems for some human beings.

Where are Greta’s parents in this picture of Greta in the media?

My vote is for Vivienne , hands down.  This kid rocks.     Check out the video and see what Vivienne is working at.

Photographs Over A Few Years

Make Good Choices!

Probably, one of the best gifts you can give yourself, in this lifetime, is the gift of

1. Pausing

2. Going slow

3. Making good choices

Making good choices can be the difference between failing, winning, succeeding and learning.

Decide, today, that you will

1. Never be rushed into anything

2. Listen to your gut instinct

3. If you are going to let anyone influence your decisions, let it be Jesus.

4. Never cave to peer pressure. And if you must– recover quickly and decide not to cave into the future.

5 Remember, Jesus forgives, and you are His child..

If you are ever wondering which choice to make or if you are puzzled about a particular decision that you need to make, it might help you to check out the answers in the Holy Bible (King James Version).      You might be pleasantly surprised just how many answers are in there.   

I’m not saying that you’ll love all the answers but I’m saying all the answers are in there.  You just need to look …  to find them.
Just open the book and read.

I’ve never been disappointed by what I’ve read in the Holy Bible, ever. 

Please help ….

Please, help get this book into our local libraries and into our local bookstores. 

NOTE:  I am NOT affiliated nor related or connected to this book or to this publisher at all.  I am not selling anything at all but I am just recommending this for all your libraries and bookstores.

For personal reasons, I can not order it but I would be able to take it out of the library or buy it from a bookstore if it was available there.

To all the “helpers” out there, to anyone that might want to do a good deed, could you kindly recommend to all your librarians and to your school librarians to order this book from the publishers and have a copy or more copies brought into their shelves.

You can help save some kid’s life or some adult’s life by getting this book out there and getting it circulated.       There’s an epidemic of bullying across the world, yes, that’s right, across the world, and they need more good books on the topic of stopping bullies and stopping bullying and on conquering the problems of bullying in our schools and in our after-school centers, and in our senior citizen centers, all over the world.

Could you help by just sending a letter or an email to your local libraries and suggest that they get this book into the library?


And, if you have the means to do so, order a book yourself and give it to your school or Church or Temple libraries and give a copy to your senior citizen center libraries so that things might change across the world?

This book is needed, everywhere.

ALSO, some other books that are recommended, that do help adults, teens and children are listed below:

First, that one,    FREE US FROM BULLYING  by Paul T Coughlin

And another one called     DO YOU and the author’s name is  Cohen



And of course, it always helps to pray ..  so another good book you might want to read or donate or order for your libraries is

The Holy Bible,   King James Version

Thanks for any help you can be — in ordering or in recommending these books across the world.







Prayer Requests?

The Story: 

Sometimes, just sometimes, we, as human beings forget some of the most important prayer requests.   (Well, speaking for myself only, and wondering if anyone else feels the same way). 

But how often, do we remember to thank God and yet also have a special prayer request of thanks?   Maybe it’s me, and my silly memory.    Or maybe you feel the same way?  Not sure.

But here for now, if you pray to Jesus, the God of Peace, please add my family and me to that list of prayers, and say a prayer of great thanks.   🙂

THANK God, and thank you! 

The featured picture is the ‘old’ faucet.

And finally, the brand new one is installed.       I had it sitting here (the new one) for a couple of years, and this year,  it is finally installed.

And thanks much, to the two people that spend a long, long time here, fixing the plumbing problem and installing the new faucet.       🙂

Check off – one thing on the TO DO list.   And that just makes me smile.   🙂


Summer Is A State of Mind

I took these photos on or near the pier



Just because it is almost October, that doesn’t mean you can not visit the beach again

Walk on the sand,

but don’t go in the water— there are probably no lifeguards around.

Where can you see the rest of my photographs ?

Try at flickr and also here, in other entries.

Leave a note with any questions and comments.



People; It is a Truck!!

Edited Entry:

 Some comments may have been here before this was edited.   But the edit is just adding the advice,  steer clear of wild animals.

Bison —   yes, it will feel like a truck hit you. 

Stay clear of wild animals.   Some people mistake the power of wild animals.     Even if bison or buffalo is not attacking and not charging at you, it can still harm or kill you.   They weigh as much as some cars or trucks weigh.

So if you stand too close to them, and they just turn around, they can seriously harm you.   And especially if there are many of them together.    Can you even imagine getting hit by a couple of trucks – all at once?


Bison = Wild.

Wish everyone could remember that before they head in out to the fun wildlife parks all over this world.

1. These will always be WILD animals no matter how leisurely they will saunter about, oblivious to their surroundings.

2. Eventually, one or more, will get a sudden itch to toss some humans around

3. What more info than this do you need to know?

4. Oh, 4. YOU WILL BE HURT! AND IT WILL feel lika a truck hit you.

Enough said

5. Stay 2 states away from bison, buffalo, etc

Smiles, you can use this same advice on topic of narcisstic nullies also.

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank God for everything that remains…

Say clear!

What About Camping?

Honestly , I can’t say which camping trip is my favorite because I just love camping.  As long as I have my essentials, I’m happy.  Peace with nature, beautiful surroundings.  That rocks.  

Do you go camping?  And what’s your favorite camping park or forest?

From experience, I like state parks and or wilderness camping much more than I like camping out in National Parks.   That’s just me and that’s just a personal opinion.

If you are camping with kids for the first time, I suggest a ‘civilized’ camping at a site like Hecksher State Park in Long Island, NY   USA,  or at a private camping grounds, anywhere across the country.



The Supermarket or TJ’s ?

Found a new treat at  TJ’s. 

I was looking for a snack for a road trip and instead of going into the chips section, I found this little pouch of green olives.   Now that’s a good snack.   So I opted for the green olives instead of the chips.
And since I decided to cancel the road trip, I had the olives for a very early breakfast.    Olives, rice and some beans along with a great cup of instant coffee.   That works for me.

Here’s the link to their 



Where? At the Boat store…

So, yes…I am guilty of browsing through the boat and the pool departments and stores…even though I do not have even one of these.

Years ago, I was looking for a tiny dish drainer that wouldn’t take up much space. What better place to fink one then at the boat, pool or even the RV stores or departments?

If you are seeking tiny accessories, appliances or other household items, head out to where they specialize in “small” .

Our dish drainer takes up hardly any space at all.

And, keep on browsing around there; you will find the most interesting items there.

Just Walking…just Thanking..

It is just a towel..with a most important message.. God is good! Truth is. .. “God is good all the time; all the time, God is good..” And those are the repetitious words heard throughout a very popular movie, “God’s NOT Dead”

This was one very cool movie.. Even the atheists liked it. Smiles…

See it, when you have a chance.

Seriously, it is NOT a religious movie



Is it Watermelon or Is It Really Cucumber?

These containers of cotton candy are either pink or blue. These are either strwaberry or, the blue – blueberry.

But the other day, I found a container, at a different store, that they labeled, “Watermelon”

Since that is a favorite of mine, I bought it for about a buck! Surprise! It tasted li ke cucumber..

This picture, above, was taken in a store like Walmart.


Is Freedom of Speech Disappearing from NY, FROM America?

How can any reasonable politician outlaw words or phrases.

Let’s see if I have this right.

  • It is still legal to say, Go to hell” .
  • It is still legal to say, ” suck my …..”
  • It is legal to say that anyone of a particular race is a … (Fill on derogatory word there. )
  • It is still legal to say that someone is stupid or gross or fat
  • It is still legal for mominees and gov workers to say,”I am coming for your guns,!

HOWEVER, DIBLASI has just outlawed the use of words and or phrases pertaining to certain , specific immigrants.

**** Yet, has the city considered Banning the stomping on of American flags? Have we heard his voice on this?

It is even legal to say thousands of derogatory words and phrases, YET Diblasi has been discriminatory in his choosing to ban certain words and phrases.


IS Diblasi aiming to silence all American Citizens and Immigrants ?

These are questions not accusations. Questions have not yet been banned, correct?

So, hmm, let’s see if I understand this correctly … ‘double standard’ reigns?

  • So,  Sinead O’Connor makes a totally, uncalled for, totally racist remark about ‘white people’ , and yet, she continues to be accepted and praised (why, because she is a ‘woman’ that sings, a celebrity’ ? ) …
  • And, yet, our President, can not make any remark, whatsoever, even if the remark is factually true, and he continues to be not accepted and continues to be called names…

Might you consider all that a huge, double standard?    Could you consider this, perhaps, a problem when it comes to freedom of speech, when it comes to double standards, when it comes to freedom, period?

My entry here is questioning, truly questioning, the intelligence or the fairness in the area of Hollywood, and in the area of so-called, ‘womens lib’, freedom and equality.

What’s up with this huge, double standard?

Johns Hopkins Childrens Heart Surgery Units, the famous hospital and updates

This is about the Florida ‘news’.   I hadn’t seen this in the news at all, least not here on the East Coast.    Have you seen the articles and if so, what do you think of this news about the children’s heart surgery unit, and the ‘settlements’.

There are many links online.   I have no comment about any of this, but I am adding the links here, just in case you haven’t seen these news articles in your own home-town news.      (Many go to the Johns Hopkins from other cities, and that’s the reason I post this here, because seems the news or the news reporting about this was limited to Florida, rather this this being ‘top news’ in all states, across the United States of America.

Link is here click these words to get to the news link.

I’d like your comments on the article, on this news.  Kindly leave a note with your sincere opinions on this topic that has been in the news.


This world is wonderful, huge and full of amazing surprises.   One of the things that we need most (almost most) in this world is to remember that there  is always hope, no matter what.      If you find yourself frustrated from things that you read in the news, remember that the news, media, prints and circulates only ‘bad news’ and doesn’t really quite focus on the good news of life.      So it’s good to remember this, that no matter what you see in the news, under the spotlight, there’s still of lot of good happening in our world.   It’s just not on the front pages, and the good is just not what the journalists and the rest of the media focuses on.  

Always have hope…  a l w a y s… keep hope in your heart… always.   

There’s a comment section there for your own notes and for your own comments.

Always have hope… a l w a y s… keep hope in your heart… always.


Shrink this article to THREE sentences …Challenge …

Are you up to this challenge?     

Here’s the scoop.    You see an article in the news, and you might have an immediate reaction to the news article.            H  o  w  e  v  e  r  ….  is your immediate reaction to the real true news story or to the way that the news has slanted the article or to the truth of the news article .     So where is the truth in the article?

Here’s the challenge:

Read the entire news article. 

After reading it, note your initial reaction to the news.

Now, read through the article again and take this challenge to reduce the whole article to only three sentences.

That’s it, just three sentences.

Leave your comments, along with your three sentences, in the comments section.     After a while, I will post my own three sentences that I have found in this news article, listed below:

See this link to read the entire article (written by someone else).

Warning, if need be:   (This article that is linked here is an ‘update’ article about the court date, the news on the Turpin children and Turpin adult children, and the sentencing of the perps that are involved in this criminal case, that happened in Florida).




Some Photographs …

And the category is ?

Name it.  Send a note.

TBA…    🙂

What if ?

What if the whole world watched ,   LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE ?  

What if everyone took notes and tried to apply the good stuff — to their own lives?

What if we actually learned some good lessons or  rather re-remembered  some good lessons that God taught us originally?

Yea,  it’s all in the Bible.

But it’s all in anyone’s world also, anyone seeking peace, anyone giving peace, anyone knowing that peace comes inside and doesn’t come from things.

Peace comes from within, but first from God.     I cherish the fact that I serve the God of peace,  in my own world.  Yea, I’m not perfect.  I’m still a human being.
But fact is I still cherish peace.

Living in this over-crowded city is hard but thankfully, I wasn’t thrust into this bustling city. I’ve been here all my life.  And what I have learned or re-remembered or relearned is that no matter where you are, no matter what your situation or your circumstance in your life,  you have peace right there. It is available for you, if you really want it.

Be peace.   Seek peace within.

And just be kind.

Be protective of yourself and of your family (not controlling but protective), and  remember  that it’s all in God’s hands, always.

Be kind.


I Remember …

The day that I decided to camp out at Hither Hills, it just so happened that it was about three days or so after Hurricane Katrina had hit the states. 

I had the most wonderful camping trip.  This was the FIRST time that I had ever camped out by the beach.  And that is glorious.   Camping not far from the ocean is one of the best things you can do if you love the ocean.

Hither Hills has both sites for tents and also for RVs.   They have concrete pads for the picnic tables.  The wildlife consists mostly of gulls.   And of course there are some dogs, mostly from the RV people.    Not many insects here and I don’t remember any mosquitoes at all.   (I don’t use mosquito repellent).

The park that is plagued (at dusk) with mosquitoes is the Hecksher State Park in Long Island, NY  USA

Most Informative Books

Some recommended reading (if you like the topics):

First the LIST of the books , then the explanations:

DO YOU by author Cohen



FREE US FROM BULLYING by author Coughlin


For those serious topics:
DO YOU by Cohen
This is one of the best books that you can read if you are being bullied or if you know someone who is being bullied. This book is good for adults, youth, teens, and anyone else that can read — that wants to be courageous and that wants to be successful in getting away from cowardly bullies; (ALL bullies are cowards or they wouldn’t be bullies).
Other books — these are books for anyone that has children in the public school systems or for anyone that has children that will be headed for the public school systems anywhere in America.
You can get any books by MARILYN WEDGE. This author rocks. And some of the books that she has written are:
SUFFER THE CHILDREN = About the topic of the mislabeling of children, mis-diagnosis of children and it’s about alternative methods of treatment and healing. Marilyn has had great success in her practice and these books are worth reading.


Another book by Marilyn Wedge, is called
This is a very interesting book and all parents, guardians, teachers and those involved in the upbringing and in the education of children, toddlers and teens , should be reading this book and all books written by MARILYN WEDGE.


Another book that should be mandatory reading for all parents and for anyone involved with toddlers, teens, and youth — the name of the book is
FREE US FROM BULLYING and the author’s name is COUGHLIN
You need this book, seriously. What are you waiting for? You need to order it from the bookstore since it’s not on the shelves . But ask your librarians to get these books in their shelves .

Gone Camping!

Just kidding.    However, I am in the mindset that I’d love to take a walk into nature, either a park or a forest.  It’s that season , and probably about time. 

Some of my most favorite spots for camping, not necessarily in order are these:

  1.    Hither Hills State Park  , in the Hamptons,   NYS ,  USA
  2.    Wildwood State Park,   in  NYS,  (in Long Island, NYS   USA)
  3.   There’s one in Smithtown, also but I forgot the name of the camping place, the state park.   This is the place that my huge tent started to blow away into the wind because I hadn’t yet put the stakes into the ground and had already put the rainfly onto the tent.   Lesson learned – stake the tent down first, before putting the rain fly on the tent.
  4.   Cheesequake State Park in New Jersey  is nice but not in  100 degree weather.  The mosquitoes were biting like crazy that day and we actually packed everything up and went back home.  Next day we headed out to Hecksher State Park for another day of camping .     I would choose Cheesquake State Park, any day, over Hecksher State Park but never, ever ever in 100 degree weather.
  5.   There’s a county park, out in Long Island, that’s really nice and cozy and near the highway (convenient).  I don’t remember the name of the park.  Do you know the name ?  It’s in Long Island, NYS  , USA
  6.  There’s a cool park in Rhode Island,   USA, that has the great tall trees.  That was too cool.  We stayed at the place where the cabins were.   I chose the tent outside the cabin because I just love tent camping.   BURLINGAME STATE PARK – I think that’s the name of the park.
  7.   PISGAH FOREST  ,  a very cool trip , through Outward Bound.   Highly recommended organization.  Check out this place for the best wilderness trips.  They have scholarships for Veterans.    Look up  NCOBS. org or NCOBS.com (forgot which) .
  8.  And I’ve camped out, solo, in a couple of State Parks in Pennsylvania, USA.  Most the the parks were inside of forest and the views and the trees are the best.  However, yes, there are bears in the Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests.  So beware.   I never saw any bears, thankfully, but it was reported by the hostesses in one of the parks that they saw bears there, the night before I arrived there.

If you camp with toddlers or small kids, I recommend private camping for their first trip.   I camped out solo, once , in a private camping, it’s totally geared for families with young children.

Got questions?  Ask.

Have information and experiences ? Love to hear them.   Please leave a note.

OUTWARD BOUND alumni …   connect here and leave a note.


Are you planning an outward bound wilderness trip?

More pictures below


20180907_160413~31615421875..jpg The inside view of one of my favorite tents.    I  don’t have the tent any longer but I have the poles.  Eventually, I’ll get another tent like this.  It is the best.


I am really  missing this tent.   I got rid of it when I  thought the poles were lost after a camping trip.  (never separate poles from your tent).  Lesson learned.

more pictures.

The last photograph there is in the middle of the forest,   Pisgah Forest, in North Carolina.   That is solo night, the last night of the trip.     I decided to not set a tent up and just slept outdoors.      Outward Bound rocks.

This Year’s Books

Some recommended reading (if you like the topics):


First the LIST of the books , then the explanations:

DO YOU  by author Cohen



FREE US FROM BULLYING   by    author  Coughlin



For those serious topics:

DO YOU   by Cohen

This is one of the best books that you can read if you are being bullied or if you know someone who is being bullied.   This book is good for adults, youth, teens, and anyone else that can read — that wants to be courageous and that wants to be successful in getting away from cowardly bullies;   (ALL bullies are cowards or they wouldn’t be bullies).

Other books — these are books for anyone that has children in the public school systems or for anyone that  has children that will be headed for the public school systems anywhere in America.

You can get any books by MARILYN WEDGE.   This author rocks.   And some of the books that she has written are:

SUFFER THE CHILDREN     =  About the topic of the mislabeling of children, mis-diagnosis of children and it’s about alternative methods of treatment and healing.   Marilyn has had great success in her practice and these books are worth reading.

Another book by Marilyn Wedge, is called


This is a very interesting book and all parents, guardians, teachers and those involved in the upbringing and in the education of children, toddlers and teens , should be reading this book and all books written by MARILYN WEDGE.

Another book that should be mandatory reading for all parents and for anyone involved with toddlers, teens, and youth — the name of the book is

FREE US FROM BULLYING   and the author’s name is  COUGHLIN

You need this book, seriously.  What are you waiting for?  You need to order it from the bookstore since it’s not on the shelves .   But ask  your librarians to get these books in their shelves .



Hobbies Rock …

I took these pictures a while back.      Other pictures, that I took more recently are going to be added in a different entry .

Everyone needs balance in their life.   And that’s one of the reasons that I love taking pictures.     Photography provides some balance, some time for relaxation, in between the hustle-bustle of life.         Taking pictures, creating collage, and things like that help me to share things that I’ve seen throughout the day or month or year.        These are older pictures, taken a couple of years ago, some pictures of our garden flowers, and some pictures of an old movie theatre, and some beginner’s artwork.     I took most of the bird pictures (the eagle and others) in 2015.      And on the bottom, there is the trusty Dusty Miller plant that has survived over the years.    All Dusty needs is some water, and some shade, and it’s ready to grace your garden.   As you plant it, place a rock near the root at the top of the dirt so that nobody steps on the plant.    That gives the Dusty Miller a head start and a better chance to survive being in an outdoors’ garden.

The Best ..


That’s the one thing that everyone in this world really, truly needs and desires.   Peace.

No matter age, religion, status, nationality, inside of each human being, everyone really needs only ‘peace’ to survive, thrive and to live joyfully in this world .     External things around you are irrelevant if you find internal peace.  Spread it; share it, and be peaceful.

Peace rocks.

This Beautiful Bird..

copyrighted 2015 perry booksandmusicreview

I took this picture of this beautiful bird back in 2015.      He had a broken wing but still he is a most beautiful bird.     They rescued this bird and brought him in from the wild and bring him around to educate people about wildlife, and nature.

I just love birds…  they are so sweet in their own ways.  If you get out into nature and observe the birds, you learn so much about life.

The Blizzards Are Comforting…even though


COPYRIGHTED    artfromperry   2019 )

Even though …

most average people are not excited if they hear

a blizzard is coming..

Even though … 

it’s not normal to enjoy the blizzard …

even though 

nobody really likes a blizzard, there are those

that can relate to this strange comfort …

knowing the blizzard is coming… 

It means, that probably, the stalker can be slowed ..

The blizzard, probably, means that the one that 

followed you , your entire life, just might be a little

perturbed..at the least, frustrated…at the least but 

mostly it means that 

everything, and everyone is ‘visible’ …

No more huge crowds to permit the stalker to lurk…



it means , that probably, probably , there are days of peace ..

days of “you can be yourself’  , days of “relax, it’s okay..

days of not having to look over your shoulder ..

the blizzard means peace in its’ own  way..

the lazy stalker, the lazy perp, the lazy “I’m following you” 

refuses …to get cold ..

refuses to be out there in the snow ..

People wonder, “why does God give us terrible weather”?  

And I know why…


Perhaps He hears my prayer…

Perhaps , though God refuses to take someone’s ‘free will” away from them..

perhaps….yes, just perhaps..

God knows… that sometimes, just sometimes.. you need a blizzard ..

to stop the stalker.


Blizzards and tsunamis, tornados and earthquakes ..   

all the dreaded weather that nobody quite understands ..

earthquakes, tsunamis, blizzards and storms…

 They just don’t quite get that right?

The questions in life  that atheists and Christians ask…

Are there really any answers, anywhere?  


Really…just what if?   

what if .. the very things that people cry and scream over… what if

   the method that God chooses to help the wounded is through

the storms?

what  if , there are so many stalkers out there, that sometimes

it’s just necessary to cleans the earth

it one huge flood?

Hey, He did that for Noah and his family..

Isn’t the  God of the Bible, still our God?

Isn’t God the same God, yesterday, today and tomorrow?

Yea, that’s true.

welcoming the blizzards of 2020, and 2021.

Take shelter…

Stay indoors.

Help your neighbor ..
And smile, because somewhere, just somewhere, one of God’s children, 

sometimes,  even some of His adult children, need His protection, His shelter 

more than you’d ever know.  

It’s summer, and I’m glad for summer…

But I’ll give thanks, and be grateful too, for the winters,

the blizzards, and all the rest of the weather which God gives

as a gift…, 



Getting Lost in Nature

My featured photograph is in somewhere upstate NY, on one of my adventures to find a place that I had never been to before.    A friend and I took a short adventure (a day adventure) to visit someone for a special project. 

The day consisted of this and probably more:

  • Took a long, long fun and interesting ride on city streets, country roads, and in country towns before we got to the destination.
  • Took lots of pictures on the road, and that feature picture is one of them, just a nice area with a flower display in the middle of nowhere.
  • Got to visit a friend for the project.
  • Visited the kittens.
  • Received some nice home -baked bread.
  • Took pictures and videos.
  • And in the middle of the trip found a driver that had no clue where he was — on the wrong side of the road.  OUCH!  Thankfully, he realized it quick enough and he didn’t hurt us on the road.

Stopped in some rest stops, got good food.

and lots more. It was a nice, day adventure in our home state, NYS,  USA


Don’t worry if you get lost on the road, you’ll find something BEAUTIFUL!

Like those flowers.

Keep on going on those adventures through life.     Some of my best adventures have been with my kids and with my grandkids, cousins and friends.

I don’t control this advertising if there is any below.   I volunteer to write here and I receive Nothing to write    so  they control the advertising.  Apologies.


#DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed-20 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions…. — Best DIY ideas

This seems like a great idea for those gardens that get run over by cars.

In our city, there are some crosswalks that have had a lot of accidents.     At these corners, some of the cars come up even as far as the gardens or houses.      when replacing fences that have been mowed down, these cinder block gardens just might be the answer to preserving the garden and the homes.

Below  is someone’s entry about the cinder block gardens.

#DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed-20 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions. #Gardening #DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed-20 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions….

via #DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed-20 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions…. — Best DIY ideas

May 2019


For the pictures above, the first picture, the first guy in the picture is my father and some friends of his, decades ago.    The second picture is of an old-fashioned movie theatre out in Pennsylvania, USA.  The third picture is one of shells and pebbles and stones that I collected over years.   And the last picture is of a very cool park area, out in the mini-forest, in Staten Island, NY,  USA.

Today, I’ve decided to post some photographs and talk a little about the photographs here in this entry.

After this line, there are more photographs.   Everything, of course, is copyrighted.


MyNewsletterEntries2018 2018-12-06 at 1.58.23 AM

Yesterday,  (not really related to the picture above, smiles), I purchased some beautiful BLUE Hydrangeas in the non-supermarket.     A real treat, the small plant has three stems, so just the same as I did the year before, I am going to break the plant into three separate plants and re-plant them in the garden.     Temporarily, I planted the beautiful, blue hydrangeas into the garden — as one plant– but sometime later this month, I’ll go out and create three plants from the one plant, hopefully. 

The picture above is a beautiful hydrangea that I replanted from the back garden into the front garden.     So,   in the front garden there are pink, blue, and purple hydrangea flowers and as of yesterday, there are more beautiful blue hydrangeas there also.

Underneath this line, there are more pictures, smiles, yes, with more explanations of the pictures.

copyrighted artfromperry

This picture, above, I took in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.     Three of us, that day, had travelled, on Memorial Day, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.    One of my kids, and my husband, travelled by car, to Philadelphia.     Ahh, this is the first time that any of us had seen the real Liberty Bell.    Nice trip, nice scenes, and unbelievable, there was easy parking also, on a holiday!     I think that everyone else had travelled to NYC to see the celebrations in NYC, so for the most part, Philadelphia was kind of empty –for a holiday.

The people in the picture are those that had dressed up in costume to ‘re-enact’ a scene from our historic past.   Right there in the town square, they had this cool historic re-enactment, and it was pretty cool!  This was totally unexpected, for us.   Had no idea they are have this because we went to see just the city on that day, but also to get out of NYC for the bustling holiday.     Highly recommended, if you are looking for a celebration for Memorial Day, try Philadelphia, PA,  USA.

Under this line, there are more photographs and, of course, more explanations.

pizza artfromperry~2-1
ahh thin crust pizza artfromperry

Yes, smiles, it’s a close up of the fabulous pizza at the ‘near the shore’ restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, USA.      This famous, local restaurant, serves roast beef sandwiches and as an added treat, if you spend more than thirty-five dollars, they give you a free pizza.

This is a good place to go to; yes they have the best fries.   I took this picture on a day that I travelled there with 2 of my kids and 2 of my grandchildren      while this place is highly recommended, I suggest you try it there  — off holiday-season.  This place is totally packed, unbelievably.  Yes, there’s practically a waiting line for the parking lot alone and inside , there’s always  a waiting line for the meals.  They do take-out and they have the sit-in restaurant.    More pictures, unrelated, under this line there.

Portrait!    Yes, this is a portrait!    I took this picture of my son.   As I take photographs, I like to take the non-traditional portraits.    And this is one of the, one of my favorites.   Here is the Liberty Bell, along with  one of my sons and also along with tourist people.

I stood, amazed, as the size of the Liberty Bell.   I had heard of this bell throughout my school years and heard about it in the news , etc. but I had no idea how small the bell is.

I was so surprised!    I thought the our Liberty Bell was huge!   Okay, so the size of the bell is small, but the impact is huge!   Liberty is the biggest and best gift our country has to offer, true liberty for all here, in our country.

Under this line are more photographs.


I took the picture, above, in Newton, Connecticut.   So you didn’t see this picture on the news, did you?   In the middle of the Memorial, in the city square there, not far from the school, they placed a huge cross, and on the cross, many people put their rosary beads.  In memory of the children and of the families, the students and the teachers of that huge crime that happened that day, this cross stood, as a solid reminder of faith, of strength, of courage, a reminder of the kids and students, of the sons and daughters, and all those in Connecticut, and in the world.    There are times when you might experience something that is totally unacceptable, unexplainable, horrible, heart-reaching, times when you have no words, times when you just freeze, in numbness.    That was one of those times.

..more photographs..

rainmakes applesauce good book684093199..jpg

  “Rain Makes Applesauce”  is a beautiful book, that was removed from the library, (for what reason?).       They has this on sale, at the library, and I was privileged to be the first one to see it and to purchase it.    This book, to me, is marvelous!

As soon as I saw  the cover of the book, I thought of my beautiful Grandmother, Antoinette.      Decades ago, as a little child, I went outside to the apple tree in the country, and I chose all the apples for our day’s homemade apple sauce.    My grandmother, Antoinette, took the apples and stood there in the small, almost-empty kitchen, and she created the most beautiful apple sauce that you could imagine.    And the book, perfect, the one I found decades later, talking about rain, and about applesauce and the wonders of life.  And there is totally-cool calligraphy throughout the book, and that, is my grandfather’s touch, his spirt brought to the book in the art that decorates the pages of this book.  

Yes, for real, no joke, I had some great grandparents.    But that’s enough for now  about this.  And just a few more photographs.


our beautiful cat artfromperry

This picture is of our beautiful cat.



Just as some tomatoes, lettuce, mushrooms, baby corn, diced potatoes, and anything else that you like. artfromperry

Veggie Mix — done your own way , is one of the best meals you can prepare if you are hungry .  Add some rice, and it’s almost perfect.   “Almost?” ,  almost, after that you need to add some snacks, of one party cake from Trader Joes, and also a nice, sweet watermelon.     Oh, a little hipped cream can’t hurt the watermelon

Smiles.   Hey, it’s all good food.


About Sugar …


Yes, I’m almost out of sugar.    while the rest of the world is going on a sugar fast  and sugar break, and while the advertisers are all anti-sugar, here’s one person that likes real sugar

rather than artificial sweeteners.

If I don’t have sugar, I simply don’t have the beverage.   I’ll do without rather than have a substitute for sugar.     And yes, indeed, as I took off into the forest in North Carolina, long, long time ago, I brought a little sugar in the form of  candy.    Added that to the water and that made it just perfect (along with the water purification liquid.


Oh about the featured picture –that’s a picture of an old plastic coffee mug that I picked up on my Outward Bound wilderness survival trip.

It is just a reminder that great things can be accomplished when you set your mind to do them, one step at a time.     I’ll tell you about the trip some other time.    It was about seven days or so in the forest, in the middle of nowhere .


I highly recommend Outward Bound !

Will the street get the stop sign back? Repaving changes things artfromperry


Sugar rocks!

(real sugar, not substitutes).


One Name

One word

One God

One way

That’s all I’m saying for this moment.

ARTFROMPERRY photographs 2019-03-27 at 5.29.46 AM

I read and believe the Bible.

One of the most important things that people need to remember as they read the Bible is that everything good, and holy, and pure comes from and came from God.

Everything good and wonderful comes from God.   The God That created the world made all things bright and beautiful.   As we see other things in the world (the harmful things), it’s good to remember that God wants the best for us.  Jesus loves us and cares for us more than we can imagine.

And so, knowing that, you can rest assured that the God That created you, cares for you, holds you in His Hands, gently and lovingly, in this moment and in every moment of your entire life.

(Note, these words are not for argument, but I’m just saying, this is what I believe.   There are no words that would make me believe differently.).     I welcome people to leave their comments on almost any topic.   It doesn’t matter what your faith is or what your religion is, you are invited to enter into the conversation on this entry or on other entries).










Great Ideas! Interesting Ideas!

This is quite interesting.   I just read someone’s article about pillow beds — homemade pillow beds. 

The instructions said,   put together FIVE empty pillowcases (permanently connect them) and then fill the cases.   Great idea.  They showed pictures of the finished products, the beds on the floor.   Great ideas .   These are easily stored, and pulled out as needed.