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Plants and Flowers 2018

I love flowers, and plants.   And I love having a garden – of any size. 

When missing a garden, you can make your own with a glass of water. You can put some plants in there. 


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How to be happy. 

  1.  Remember all the wonderful things and beautiful people that are in your life, remembering all the things that you are grateful for. 
  2. Do something creative or positive or both, but keep busy in positive ways. 
  3. Remember this, above all, there’s always hope.  And if anyone hasn’t told you this yet, it will be OK!  

Seriously, believe it all.    It will be okay.   Keep on keeping on. 


Yes, it will be okay.    You got through the hardest times in your life and you will get through this also.    God has and always will be at your side, whether it rains or snows or even if there is a blizzard, you will get through your storm(s), and it will be okay.    artfromperry 

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Yes, the Popcorn!

Have you tried the PICKLE POPCORN?
After weeks of trying to find that good old snack, Dill Pickle Popcorn, I found it, one more time, at Trader Joes store in New York State, USA.

I’ m not a person that likes dill pickles, however, when Trader Joe had this snack out in the little tasting deli in the back of the store, I decided to take a chance and try this new kind of popcorn. Wow, was I surprised! I don’t know how Trader Joe does this but they have managed to put together a DILL PICKLE snack that is delicious —even to those who do not like the flavor of dill pickles. The ingredients are pure and simple, and the package is adorable. And last but not least, the product is absolutely one of the best snacks that you can buy at a supermarket.

If you have a chance to get over to that supermarket, try this new snack. (Might be new to you but it’s been around Trader Joes’ seasonally, and right now, it’s good season for dill pickle popcorn.

If you are looking for a treat that is not all that sweet, and yet still quite tasty and quite healthy, this just might be the thing for you this summer.

What I like about this product is that the ingredients are exactly where they are supposed to be: the popcorn is not filled with chess or with sugar but filled with natural, healthy ingredients. This might be a great hit with your kids. Try something new this week, and this is the ‘new’ to begin with.

(A few other of the natural foods and treats that I like from this store are the cherries in the jar, usually over by the ice cream section), and then there’s the french vanilla ice cream and the new lemonade that the store has. They were serving samples of the lemonade combined with the french ice cream, in little snack cups, in the back of the store. Yummy!
The only danger to trying these new foods in the market is that you, probably will wind up buying things in the store that are not on your shopping list! However, you deserve this, so go for it!

What’s your favorite snack at the supermarket?

If you have seen dill pickle popcorn at any other store, please let me know. Thanks much!

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The Lemon


So this is the first lemon, well, the first YELLOW lemon, that our lemon tree plant produced.   It’s tiny, smaller than the dime that is next to it.

First the flowers came out.  Beautiful tiny white and purple flowers.  A few of the flowers dropped off the plant.   A couple of the flowers stayed.   Then, after a while, all of a sudden, a green lemon appeared on the plant in place of the flower.

After another while, the green lemon turned that pretty yellow color and that was our first yellow lemon on the lemon tree plant.

It was really tiny.  The plant was outdoors.  And then one day, when I went outside to check the lemon, I saw that it had fallen or had been taken off the lemon tree plant.  There, on the ground next to the lemon tree plant was our first, small, yellow lemon.

The plant is still alive and once, more we are trying for more lemons.  The whole summer past and no lemons.   It’s freezing out – winter.    We brought the lemon indoors, brought the lemon tree plant indoors and now it rests, gently in the basement .  Presently it is living under the fluorescent lights and soon it will be in its’ own makeshift , soft plastic green house for the winter.

How’s your lemon tree plants?

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Camping Basics

Basic, random ideas for camping out .

  1. First decide what type of camping experience you want to have.  (Ocean, beach camping, wilderness, civilized camping – more amenities, family camping, bike camping, solo camping, or the old “how can you do that”  camping in winter).
  2. Once you decide that, you’ll know which type of tent and what type of equipment you will need to use for your camping experience.
  3. There are some basics  you can bring with you to make any camping experience  a better, easier experience.     Below is the list (take what you need camping and leave the rest).

CAMPING LIST  (beginners and incomplete list)

  • The “gopher” – or the gripper stick.   Use this stick to leave the place as you found it.  You can pick up litter with this and you can get everything off the ground with this stick.
  • Water filter   or fresh water, or camp near a water source .   (If you are camping in the wilderness, remember that if there is a natural water source, like a lake, pond, river etc, most likely there will be wildlife in the area.   Be prepared and be careful.  Never do anything that is not safe for you to do while camping.
  • Dry snacks, raisins, cookies, crackers, chips, and small snacks and foods that do not need cooking.   There you go, you save on bringing less – no cooking, no cooking pots, no washing pots on your trip.  You can bring bananas and fruits.
  • Computer   .  JUST KIDDING.   You really don’t need a computer to go camping.  But it is more fun when you have one.     Okay, that’s not basic.  Maybe that’s “g  l a m ping” .    .
  • Trash containers, plastic bags for clean up. Paper towels or whatever you need.
  • Hiking sticks, canes – really , these help when hiking.
  • Frisbee – game or paper plate holder
  • Tarp – You can make a tent or you can cover a tent with this or you can put this under your tent.
  • If camping in winter, you can use the best sleeping bag that you can afford.   You can get a sleeping bag that is good for 0 degree weather and that’s perfect.
  • Camera ,  Yes, you need a camera or a cellular phone camera to take pictures to document your wonderful camping trip.
  • Strings, cords  – for the tent etc.   Stake the tent down.
  • Good boots or shoes.    Begin with this. Your feet need to be protected and comfortable .    Once you got this covered you are good to go.

Of course, that’s not all you need for camping;  that’s a beginner’s list , just the beginning of the complete camping list of supplies and equipment.

Leave a note with your camping questions.   We  will answer any and all camping questions.

NOTE:  Important note about hiking in the woods: 

If you are going into ANY wooded area, pack a survival kit which has vital survival items,  an emergency blanket, matches or lighters, string or cord, gloves, hat, water container, water purification tablets or filter.   

There have been too many instances of ordinary people just taking a day hike into a park or woods and they couldn’t survive after they got lost .  They never intended to get lost, not many people do.  And after they were lost, they had no ‘back up’ and no emergency kit to help save their lives.    (TELL someone where you are going, leave a map or direct location, and when possible, carry a GPS system and or a cellular phone with gps).  

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Well, I’ve always loved Swiss Cheese.   But lately I decided to take a look at something called Jarlsberg Swiss  — and it’s reduced fat.      In the past I haven’t dared try anything that says, “reduced fat”.  Almost always that means lots of extra salt.

This is my first try at something that is ‘reduced fat’, gluten free,  and it is from Norway.

  1. Okay first try, the cheese is cold and all the slices were stuck together.
  2. Taste was okay but not the greatest.  Less than I expected – from Norway.
  3. Worst of it?   I put it in the microwave to melt the cheese.  Made a small cheese sandwich, figuring have a quick, no-frills ‘grilled cheese’ type lunch.


Could this be a fluke or is this the way that it is supposed to be?

I took a few bites and before I realized it, this cheese, when melted, had the same consistency as chewing gum.  Yes, I said chewing gum.    I couldn’t eat the melted cheese.  I expected something similar to melted mozzarella, a nice, melted cheese.  But this is a first, for real,  it was more like hot, melted chewing gum.

Have you tried that ?

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Will the Real Teacher Step Up?

What do you do when an assistant instructor purposely brings up a topic, rants about the topic and then doesn’t give you the opportunity to say even one word about the same topic?    Sounds like the students don’t have free speech while the assistant instructor just rants about a topic?   Hypothetical example here.  Everyone knows that the assistant instructor can’t take hearing about a particular topic so the everyone doesn’t even ever mention the topic.   Yet the assistant instructor keeps on bringing the topic up — purposely — just to have a reason to raise the voice, to use the power of the job – to silence students.  Sounds pretty creepy right? 

Sounds as if the assistant teacher is trying to get the ‘main’ teacher in trouble.  Figure this, eventually someone might complain about the political-bullying tactics of the assistant teacher.  But really, the blunt of the complaint might come on the ‘main’ teacher since that person is supposed to be in charge right?

So, what recourse does the student(s) have?

Complain or not complain?


uestion   .



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Signs of a Good Instructor

Some of the signs of a good instructor: 

  1.  They have the right focus – they teach the subject that they are being paid to teach.  They stick to the topic. 
  2. They do not go off on tangents or on rants because of their own personal views. 
  3. They leave their personal lives and personal choices out of the conversation in classes. 
  4. They respect their students — all of their students, not just the ones that do work for them or that help them out.   
  5. They treat everyone equally.   That’s right – they treat everyone equally.   
  6. They leave politics and political agendas out of the classroom unless the course is about politics or history.   They know enough to leave their personal opinions out of the classroom, especially if they know that they can not control their temper around the issue of politics . 
  7. They know what they are there – in the classroom-  to teach and they stick to that topic. 
  8. Basically, we all know the signs of a good teacher, the bottom line is that they teach!   They realize they are in the room to teach — not to propagandize and not to push students to agree with them on political issues that they don’t agree on.  So, hence,  teachers keep your politics out of the room.  


Schools and senior centers, and colleges and universities are places of learning, places of connection, places of growth, and places here many human beings from all different backgrounds become connected through conversation, ideas, thoughts, opinions and through personal growth and work towards unity in spirit and unity in the world. 

Continue reading “Signs of a Good Instructor”

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To Help Others, Here’s This Video

I like this video  that this guy posted , however, I have one note about the video that I believe is important… 

Please watch the video when you have time but please also pay attention to the highly important note about the topic:

Great Video , Kids, Teens, and Adults


Remember the important part of this message is also knowing when to differentiate between the ‘initial ‘ bullying stages and those stages of bullying that have graduated to actual criminal actions.  Never try to outsmart a criminal bully or a psychopath or sociopath bully.     AND this is why kids and teens and actually everyone, should make it be known to someone that they are being bullied.

Never try to handle a bully (that has been persistent over time) by yourself.    Reveal the secret and let someone know that you are being bullied.   

And yes , ignore the bully’s nasty words to  you.

You are a beautiful person and you are here for a purpose.  Keep on keeping on and keep on telling …

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Your Story is So Important ……..

First ,  a video … check this out  



–       THE BULLY’S TRAP     THE BULLY’S TRAP , a book

selfy decades ago


I took the picture of a tomato, that is extremely affected by an invisible worm.     Some of the scars are visible which make the tomato stand out from the rest of the tomatoes.   Yet, nobody knows, what’s happening inside.   Nobody knows the damage that this worm has done to this tomato.

When you are exposed to a bully, you  sometimes don’t even realize what’s happening…   Be alert.   Be aware of your surroundings.   Ignore the bully.   That’s when you do most of your healing; ignore the bully.  Focus on you.


Photos I’ve taken over the years, with a large empty white space near the top middle

To those affected by bullies: 

Please know that you are strong!    Please know that you can make it and one day you will be totally free from the bully.   Please know that what you are experiencing — other people have experienced also and they have survived and they have gotten to the point where they are free and they are able to live life joyfully.

An old selfie, decades ago Slide055

To everyone or to anyone who is being bullied, please find someone you trust and let them know what is happening.     Let the secret out — tell someone about the bully.   

tweety Remember

Keep on talking.

Know that you are not alone.   Know that you can do this.  Know that you are smarter, and stronger and more resilient than the bully is.

Just know that.   Admit that to yourself.

And keep on keeping on.

lovethese flowers artfromperry1370748553..jpg


The bully is just a worm.    Don’t let the worm get to you.   Keep on talking.  Talk with someone you trust.   And keep on talking.  Never let that bully keep the secret that the person is bullying you.   I’ve tried keeping it a secret — that always results in more bullying.     Speaking up, eventually, results in your freedom from bullying.

Keep on talking.   Keep on keeping on.

You will survive, thrive, and be successful.   And the worm?   Eventually the worm will go where all worms go, to the compost heap.

Keep on keeping on.



  1. Ignore the bully.
  2. Talk about it with someone you trust.
  3. If you don’t trust anyone, call a hotline – anonymously and they will still talk with you.
  4. Blog about your experience, privately.
  5. When you are healed enough, blog about it and open the blog up to your friends and to people who are not in the bully’s circle.
  6. Keep on, keeping on.
  7. And then, go back to item number one.
  8. As with shampoo, repeat as necessary.


No matter what our problems in life, every problem is solveable.   Every single thing that ever bothers a person can be handled, solved; there’s always hope and there is always a postive, creative solution.

The only time that individuals lose hope is when they are being bullied and they keep it a secret.     So,  if you are being bullied, please tell someone today.

1 justbreathe artfromperry.jpg
just breathe bw artfromperry

I pray and I hope, that if you are being bullied, that you talk.    And keep on talking.   Keep on sharing your story.    Don’t keep the secret for decades, the way that I kept the secret for decades.    Talk.   Talk with someone you trust.


And until you find someone you trust, blog about the experiences.  You don’t even have to mention names or places, just keep on blogging.  Keep on talking. And in this, while you do this, I promise you this… if you keep on keeping on, you will be healed.   You will find peace here, on this earth.   And eventually, the bully will fade away into the distance.



Keep on keeping on.          For me, I wish I had said all this to my brother.    I am passing this message on to you – who are still alive.   Please share the message and tell everyone who is being bullied — to keep on talking.   Keep on blogging.

And so,  yes, dear friends,  be brave.    Keep on talking.  Keep on blogging.

and above all, pray,

and keep on keeping on.



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Home grown.   

No pesticides, no chemicals, and watered with a no-lead hose.   When I put these in the bowl, all of them were green.   Some are beginning to turn colors now.  

Friend gave this pretty bowl to me and I figured these tomatoes look great in there.    

happiness, healing


The next time you go to have a tomato for lunch, save the seeds from it.   Take a flowerpot, with good drainage, fill it with soil and plant your seeds in the flower pot.   

 Care for your plants. 

You will have a colorful bunch of tomatoes. 

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How To ….


Well, a few days ago, I “lost” my  calendar that was supposed to be on the home screen of my cellular phone.  Tried to locate it, but that failed.

Easy way?

I searched on the net for a free calendar.  After that I took a screen shot of the calendar month that I needed and then “saved it” as wallpaper for my home screen on the phone.

That works for me.  There’s the calendar.  I love this because the calendar is clear and very readable.   So I might do this every month, adding month by month to the calendar.     Why every month?  If I photograph the whole year, then the days and the months will be too small.   With this size calendar, I can see this at night, and without using any reading glasses.  It makes a nice wall paper .


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God is Alive!


This was a most interesting movie and the statement has tons of truth in it.  For sure, for real, God is alive!

I saw this movie in an old-town, country theatre out in Pennsylvania, USA.

What I liked about the movie was that it presented both sides, both the atheistic side of the discussion along with the God side of the discussion and you’d have to see the movie to see the outcome of it all but the movie begins and ends with this statement, “God’s Not Dead”.


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Lost or Not?


So, I went on this journey to find a particular place far away.   This was going to be a day of taking a ‘field show’.   Though I didn’t make it to the final destination, the day was interesting, and fun and well, somewhat successful.     In a far away place, I found a very cool shirt that I love.   And I guess it was just meant to be, that day, that the journey would end, just for the day, at the Gathering Place (not pictured).

About an hour or two browsing inside the Gathering Place, and then off to a different, new adventure.


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Sunflowers and Tomatoes 2018


So, folks, these are the last and the latest of the summer’s tomatoes and the other picture – the slide show shares various flowers from our summer garden.   The sunflowers are a neighbor friend’s garden.   I planted hydrangeas and more roses because these flowers are almost basically “no care” flowers.  They pretty much grow themselves and don’t require a lot of extra work.   And I love the variety, purple, blue, pink and even green hydrangeas paint our garden with shades of the rainbow.

So that’s all I have to say for today, right now.



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The Border’s Children

Over 52,000 (that’s the minimum number) came over the border  — these were children — unaccompanied children – coming over by themselves , over the border . Their parents were nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be found, anywhere. 

When the news media showed you the children in the cages, they neglected to show you the  52,000 unaccompanied children who came over the border by themselves, unaccompanied, unattended. 

Where is the rest of that news story? 


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Better Than Grass!


In today’s world, it’s way better to put anything in a yard, anything better than grass.

I passed this yard and I really love it!   Rocks!  Great!  When you have rocks like this, animals don’t walk into your yard.   The wild turkeys won’t settle down in rocks like this, and other animals, whether wild or domestic will not find this a comfortable resting place, so they go on to other yards.   This is only part of the yard, there was more.

I wish that everyone would get rid of their grass, only because it just makes sense.  Grass is severely, environmentally unhealthy for yards, for people, for little people, for everyone.   And think about the futility of growing grass, trying to keep it perfect and then having to pay someone to mow it all down for you.

I think that the only ones really enjoying yard grass are those who profit from planting it, growing it and keeping it properly maintained, and for what?  Sure, a rectangular green plot might look neat and perfect.   But with the chemicals they need to use on it, between the poisonous weed killers and the poisonous insecticides,  is it really worth it ?


It’s not worth it.    And look at what it does to everything around you.   The runoff from the poisons make it almost impossible to grow insecticide free vegetables or fruits.   And even if you are not growing that and eating that, the birds and the wildlife around you are eating it.

I’m just saying , can we get rid of the grass?   🙂

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Tents and Elephant Ear Plants

Just taking pictures, over the years

The first picture is inside the tent.  The purpose of this picture is to demonstrate the power of a great flashlight.  That flashlight lights up the whole tent.  It has about four hundred and fifty lumens — that’s what you need for camping. It’s helpful around the house also, around the yard etc.

I took the other photographs over the years, the most recent one is the picture of the elephant ears plants.   These are beautiful.  The leaves are about over a foot and a half long – some longer than that.

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Just Taking Pictures 2018

Taking pictures with all sorts of cameras, including cellular phone cameras, point and shoot and a  DSLR

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The Next Step …

Replacement of this electrical light switch is necessary. I 0suspect it is a matter of shutting off the electric power, taking this original piece off the wall, marking the proper wires, photographing the wire order and then putting the wires back onto the new switch.

I will do the research, watch the videos, transfer the instructions — one by one, to index cards and then double checking everything before finalizing the process.

And as an extra thought, I will videotape the whole.

DISCLAIMER- I am not a professional and all my entries are for entertainment purposes only.

Do not do any of this at home. And if you need people ro help contact a professional.

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Tomatoes Information


These are helpful hints about the topic of planting tomatoes and harvesting tomato plants.

  • Decide first, whether you want to plant them in the ground or in flower pots or planters.    (The larger the planter, the better).
  • If you are planting in the ground, you can start with seeds.   You don’t have to buy seeds.   Get some tomatoes that you love, from organic sources, possibly pesticide-free sources.  Enjoy the tomatoes; save the seeds.   Plant those seeds indoors in cold weather and even , in warm weather, you can start them indoors.
  • Place natural coffee filters in the bottom of the flower pots.  This holds the dirt inside the flowerpot when the water drains out the bottom.   Good drainage is important.
  • If you are planting in the ground, you can plant many seeds together or separately .  If they are together, you can separate them afterwards.
  • Always have plenty of water but not too much.
  • Never plant in a pot that has no holes, no drainage.  This will not work for you.
  • When planting outdoors in the ground, you need lots of sun.  Pick a very sunny area.
  • When planting outdoors in the flowerpots, use the little dollies under the large flowerpots and you can move the plants around when the sun changes.  This way you get lots of sun for your plants.
  • Plant food helps.    Cut off all the yellow or dying leaves.  That helps.
  • IMPORTANT>   If you want plants without bugs and you are using planters, put a dish or plate or something under the flower pot so the bugs won’t just crawl into your flowerpots.   AND the coffee filters  in the bottom of the flower pots helps prevents bugs getting into your plants.




Please share your ideas here.


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What Do You Want to Learn for Free?

peacetree artfromperry1468299325..jpg

So,  I am (right now) by hobby, a photographer, artist, author, etc, a fairly creative person.

This is my  “WHAT do you want to learn for free” entry.      Is there something you would like to learn — about the computer, about posting, or about some other crafty thing?   If you ask the question, I will try my best to post the answer in another entry.

Is there something that is puzzling you, and you still can’t find the answer?



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20180915_084716454086309.jpgSo, I took this little picture of some fresh, homegrown tomatoes and some  eggs from chickens that were free-range etc.

I can’t tell you much about the eggs, but I can tell you that those tomatoes were all green, solid green when I picked them off of the tomato plant.

Over time, some of the tomatoes turned red, and some are still green. I think there was just one that was light orange when I picked it.

So, if you have tomato plants, winter is coming.  You can pick the tomatoes right now, not waiting until they turn red.   If you set them on  a sunny window, they will ripen just fine.


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The Movie……….



I remember this show, so many episodes, and so many great words.  It’s about time that we have a movie based in what should be real.     Teaching kids kindness, and teaching kids that they are someone; they are important.

Now, that’s a lesson.

Why isn’t this taught in schools….

the way that Fred Rogers taught it?


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What Exactly is Fake News?

Here is an example of how the news media distorts things to their own point of view. 

These are some facts, first:

  • We have seen, over and over, many news articles about illegal aliens who have killed more than one person.   (Check the news)
  • We have seen over and over good things that are done by Border Patrol , but the news media avoids those posts or ignores them.
  • We have now seen an article by , yes, fake news, a the news media where a Border Patrol agent was accused and arrested (and confessed to killing one or two persons), but does not in any way fit the description of a “serial killer” , yet in one news media post, they call this guy a “serial killer”.
  • The media doesn’t ever, ever list any illegal aliens as “serial killer”s no matter how many times a person was jailed and convicted and let go and killed again; To the media, they never ever label an illegal alien as a “serial killer” .     HOWEVER, in this one instance of a guy who killed and the guy was a Border Patrol agent, the news media has immediately labeled this guy as a “serial killer” even though he doesn’t fit the description.

Media labels this guy as a serial killer — for sensationalism.

At least, if you are going to report the news, do it right.  Report the facts, not just your opinion as a newspaper journalist.

The guy or gal who wrote that article , yes  FAKE NEWS .


That’s just one example!


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One of the best gifts you can give someone  — without even venturing into the mall and without even venturing out into the cold, is a magazine subscription.   Yes, indeed, but why is this one of the best things you can give?

  • Your recipient can enjoy this gift, all year long, over and over again.
  • You have given idea, education, entertainment, all in one gift.
  • Your gift is so personalized. The person knows that you are really thinking of them, by giving a specialty magazine, one that you know they are very interested in, or by giving any uplifting magazine.
  • Some suggestions are  FIRST for Women, Psychologies, BE HAPPY, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Handyman, Boy’s Life, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics,  FLOW,  and many others.
  • Highly recommended is the age-old magazine that is good for all ages,  READERS DIGEST.   And for seniors or for those who wear glasses, the READERS DIGEST LARGE PRINT is the perfect present.
  • These magazines can be shared and passed around during the year, so your gift not only makes one person happy but also helps others around your recipient.

So, besides all that, you have the benefit of these things also:

  • No trips to the mall, and that means no impulse buying and no buying things that you didn’t go into the mall for.
  • You don’t have to make the time for the trips to the mall. You can use that extra time for something better.
  • No ‘present return ‘ problems.  I don’t think that anyone has returned a magazine gift ; they are all pretty fabulous!
  • You can even use the magazine as a GIFT CARD HOLDER if you really want to give a gift card for the present.  Tape the gift card to the cover of the best magazine you know.
  • No postage and handling.  Once you pay for the subscription, that’s it no extra charges — like you get if you are doing any mail order buying.    No packing and no wrapping.



Got ideas?


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Which is Your Favorite RING Tip?

I’m talking about the SECURITY SYSTEM and Security Camera –called   the RING, not an actual ring. 

I”m going to share some RING tips here that can be helpful to you if you use the ring or any camera system, perhaps.   Do this at your own risk.    You decide everything for yourself. Do not do anything which can be harmful to you or to anyone else. 

Read all the disclaimers, as you know, this blog is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to take the place of any professional advice or help at all. 
Thanks for reading . 

If you get a suspect,  or criminal or just any picture, on your RING system, you can use your cellular phone or any camera to get a  SCREEN shot of the live video (pieces).   Here are the steps you can use to get that close up — even if you have no close up camera in your RING system.

  1.  Play the video on a cellular phone.
  2. Find the part that you want a close up of.
  3. Now Rewind, and play the video again.
  4. This time, when you are playing the video again, keep on pressing the PAUSE button at small intervals.    Press, pause, pause, pause, and keep on pausing this until you get to the exact picture that you want enlarged.
  5. Now, once you have the exact moment on the screen of the video,  take a screen shot of that video (either on the phone or if you are watching the video on a computer, or on a television, take that screen shot.
  6. Now that you have the screen shot, you can now enlarge that to a much larger picture to identify the person in the video.

NOTE:  This picture below is NOT a RING picture .  I put this picture below just for purposes of putting a picture into this entry.    This is NOT a ring picture nor is it anything related to RING or to the RING system.    Please read the rest of this article.   

theshadows artfromperry2642378..jpg

Now you have an enlarged picture and you can see the person’s face  — much better than you could see it on the moving video.

Sometimes the video goes so fast, you can not identify the person in the video.

By using that quick easy system, you can make all identifications on your or of your RING camera system.

Never give a case number out to the RING system or workers or anywhere online.   You can give the case number to security personnel only who are working on the case.

What’s good to give to the ring system, or to the other Ring members is possibly a description of the person, a time of day, and a neighborhood location.   I do not believe that they need an exact address –unless you are asking the Ring members to report a crime that is happening at that very moment.

When you share the neighborhood information, you are helping to stop crime by preventing crime.  Once someone sees the person in the neighborhood, they know to be aware and to make sure everything is secure.

Don’t post any descriptions unless you post the RING video or the security camera video because that doesn’t help anyone.    Remember that perps are ALSO watching those videos and perps are also reading those posts.   You don’t want to post your exact address and you don’t want to post descriptions of people that are not on your videos.

That’s the best way to do it , in helping to stop crime, in reporting crime.

If you have a burglary, robbing or mugging report it directly to the police and also to the RING members.

If you have a violent crime report it.

ALSO, yes, if you have videos of people just hanging around apartments or homes,  SHARE those videos in the RING system app, no matter how many people say that’s nonsense.  REMEMBER, most crooks, muggers and robbers hang around a place long before they rob the place or before they commit crimes.   Some criminals even impersonate real workers, and impersonate salespeople.
DO NOT be discouraged by those who say that something is a nonsense post.  That person is wrong to discourage posting.

There is no such thing as a nonsense post.     IF someone or if people are hanging around a place, suspiciously or if they are hanging around a place trying to sell something or to take surveys,  POST the video and just say what the person was doing.  You don’t have to make any accusations or claims, just post it like, “this person was at my door for twenty minutes and they do not have permission to be there”.  Something like that will describe your video.

Hope this helps.  If this post helps you, leave a note and share any helpful hints that you have learned over the years of using a security camera.  Thanks!


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It’s True!


We have the most beautiful, ugly garden in town.      It all depends on what season it is and it all depends on how well I am to do some gardening.

Years ago, I cancelled the landscapers (lawnmowers), and decided that I would like the garden live on it’s own with a little help from me.

These,  (see picture above)  every single one of them, were growing in our garden about a year after I cancelled the lawnmowers and pulled out all the grass of the garden.

Here’s what I learned:

  1.  I don’t like grass growing in gardens
  2. Gardens look prettier with flowers.
  3. You have to choose carefree flowers and carefree plants.  (Choose Dusty Millers, Roses, Hydrangeas, and Giant Ear (Lamb’s Ear).    Keep the Lamb’s Ear outdoors all winter.  It turns ugly brown and shriveled, but in spring -summer, it will be this beautiful, furry green plant.
  4. Rock gardens and flower gardens keep the turkeys away.  (The wild turkeys here love the green grass gardens.  They walk around them pecking at the grass seeds and worms, and any other little bits that are in there.
  5. Start small.   All you need is one single rock to begin a rock garden.   Then every day, keep adding rocks.  Paint some rocks.  Have fun.   Yayyyy, no green grass gardens.


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Almost Healed…and Very Peaceful …

I am healing.

Slowly, I am healing, from this.

I watched this video, and of course I can relate to it.   However, if you knew me, you would see such a contradiction in my actions – merely because I have fought this all my life.    I have fought to heal, to be around people, so much that I chose a volunteer job, a volunteer hobby that insists that I be around people, that insists that I get “out there”.   And this has been successful to me, in my own way, I can be outgoing, and I can be outspoken, even, and I can be in a crowd of people, at ‘certain’ types of gatherings and nobody even notices that I am so shy, so afraid and sometimes so uncomfortable in social situations.     Day by day, little by little, I heal and keep on healing.    There are two things that help heal me,   (faith, positive affirmations, and keeping this hobby that insists that I be in social situations and, I have gone “no contact” with the narcissistic bully who is an original family member).   I am still by day.

Watch this video if you have a chance, and let me know what you think about the video and or about the concepts talked about here.

(This is someone else’s video;  This is not my video)

Good video with plain facts and explanations

If you leave a comment or question, I’ll respond. And I’ll do an entry on the healing, how I heal and how I continue to heal from this ‘person’.

One of the reasons that  I write and that I produce videos is because this is my own way of combating the characterization, and bullying.

What people don’t realize about these narcissistic bullies is that they simply refuse to give up.   No matter what age they get to be, those n.b’s  refuse to leave their target (their victim) alone.  They will follow them even as they reach to be senior citizens.   The narcissistic bullies continue the gossip and the character assassination for years but also, unbelievably for decades.         And that’s one of the reasons, I sometimes do entries on the topic of the Turpin kids.      Probably, none of them realize that even though they are now separate from those np parents that held them prisoner, those np parents, even now , in their jail cells, have not given up on the hope that they (the turpin parents) will some day, still see those kids (their targets, those victims) again, and someday be with them.

I like this video (someone else’s video) because it talks truth about the horrible character assassination that narcissistic bullies do to their targets, and it talks about some of the effects that these bullies have on their intended (it’s on purpose) targets.

Anything under these lines — the advertisements — are not approved by me but are put there by the commercial advertisers of this site. This newsletter blog is my hobby, a means of communication, not a commercial adventure. This is a FREE site, I do not pay for this website.


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Jeremiah 29:11 — In HIS Presence

Well,    I don’t know the person who posted this quote, so I can’t vouch for him or her.  However, I know this — -this is one of the best truths that are out there. And all of us should remember this , every day,  if not , every moment.   

So, Thanks person, (below) for posting that!


we may not know God’s thoughts but He says, I know the thoughts that I think toward you. “Brethren, when we cannot know the thoughts of the Lord because they are too high for our conception, or too deep for our understanding, yet the Lord knows them.”

via Jeremiah 29:11 — In HIS Presence

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Yes, you!

I’d like some help, or some participation on a topic that tends to get people to stop speaking or to yell at each other.    And it begins with free speech.    (But that’s not the topic, quite , yet).

But first,  what do you think about free speech?  Do you really have freedom of speech?  Does ‘everyone’ have free speech?  What’s your take on the topic.  I’d like some genuine, serious answers if you can sit a bit and write those comments.  Thanks much!  🙂


Of course, as usual, the picture has nothing at all to do with the topic!  Thank you.


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The Words …


Guess, Helpful Ideas & Pins


That’s all I’m saying….


There’s the pictures

(Yes, there is a theme here and every single picture fits in with this theme).

Can you guess what the theme of this picture is?  What would you put in the title of this entry?




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The Birds ……

What can I say?  I love birds and I love taking pictures of birds.  So why is the feature photograph of that old, black cat?  

Well,  that’s my beautiful, black cat.   I got him when he was a tiny, tiny, little character.  After spending about two full hours, or more, with him at the shelter in Brooklyn, I chose this kitten to by ours!     He was simply beautiful!   (When I say, “ours” , I mean that I chose him for us, for our family, at the time when we lived in Brooklyn).

And now, today, he is living happily in the southwest, on some farm.   Long story, but he’s there, somewhere.

And now for the entry.   I love birds and taking pictures of birds, so there is a small collection of the pictures of  birds that I have taken over the past few decades.


Of course, all art and writing at this blog/newsletter is copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission.  Copyright!

These are NOT my advertisements!  Anything below these lines belongs to the corporations that supply this blog/ newsletter formatting website.


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It’s Not the Camera!

Whatever, lol.
I happen to like this picture.

I took this decades ago, and it still remains one of my favorite photographs.

And I didn’t use very expensive equipment. Yes, I know that I can take it to photoshop and make it “perfect’ but that’s a problem since I don’t take pictures in order to produce perfection.

To the contrary, I take photos in order to disregard perfection and to just show what is real.

And, sorry , charlie, photoshop pictures are not real.

Give me the blurred, the simple, the ordinary, the silly messed up photos but give me truth. Give me the truth of the moment. That’s all I need and that’s all I take.

YES, of course , I have used photoshop.
But what I’m saying is seriously, some of my favorite photos are simply that — they are my favorites, without the help of some electronic program. I guess that’s why I do not sell photographs.

It seems that most people that “sell” have to make their pictures perfect.

Leave me out of that one.

I’d like to see the day when I can sell life as it is, photos as they are, as they come out of the camera, without me trying to fix them up to be perfect.

There you go, that’s my rant for today.

podcast here



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listen, EVERYONE ,….

Something that I find quite interesting is that in our society today, regular people, people who have a mind of their own, people who aren’t copiers, or followers, are sometimes put in a box, in a category… when we really should be uniting people rather than dividing people.   

What I’m saying is that I’d love to see this video relabeled,  not replaced, not deleted but copied once and then relabeled for people without autism . 

I like what this guy says, and I hear him.    And I think that our problems, today, in society, is society’s insistence that everyone have a ‘label’ , a diagnosis.

People shouldn’t be copying everyone.   Everyone shouldn’t be a carbon copy of others, whether you have a disability or not, everyone should be an individual  , “be yourself’!

I hope everyone watches this one. It’s a good video!

A video for EVERYONE!

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Colors Mean Something or Anything

DISCLAIMER for this entire blog/newsletter: 

Kindly remember that I am not a medical professional nor am I ever giving any medical advice, rules or instructions .    Anything in this blog is for entertainment purposes only and not ever to be taken in place of any professional, medical or legal help, treatment or advice.     I write this newsletter/blog to share ideas and if any of my ideas can be helpful to someone, I’m glad of that.  If this blog is not helpful to you, I suggest pressing the X there and going to some other site.  Thanks for understanding. 

It is interesting how people relate certain colors to certain events in time, to happenings, to big or small events, or to dates or days.
Like the colors, orange and black together, when you think of that, most people will think of halloween and get into the halloween spirit.

Thinking of orange, and you can bring yourself back to the memory of camping out, of hunting, or of someone needing help or assistance. You can think of those bright orange safety whistles and that can bring a good thought.    Then you can think of black cats and get a gloomy feeling, maybe,  depending on whom you are and what your experience is with black cats.     I happen to love black cats and I never associate  black cats with halloween.   Rather, I associate them with my own pretty black cat that used to live with me a long while ago.   He was the cutest, little black cat that I had rescued from a shelter.

Thinking of confetti and you can see all the colors, pink , yellow, green, brown,  and you remember all those cool confetti  toppings for ice cream sundaes.

So there you go, use your imagination and bring your good memories into your very present day and leave the past in the past.  You’ll be happier that way.

I used to associate the color purple with old people, and sometimes, I’d even associate the color purple with those who were mentally-unstable.   You see how colors can mean different things to different people?    Anyway, so I changed  my association so that when I see the color purple,  I can think of other things rather than just think of old people or of people who are mentally-unstable.

There are more associations to colors than those few.

Purple can bring to mind, royalty, so you can think of the Kings and Queens of history or of the present; you can think of the Royalty of the King of Peace, Jesus Christ.   And if you want more associations for purple, you can think of purple or grape deserts, whole vineyards of grape plants , or you can think of huge purple balloons, or purple lollipops.    Remember those huge “Charms” lollipops?  Well those purple ones were the tastiest ones going .

Look at the featured picture, that I took this year.   How’s that for changing your association to the color, “green”?    There’s a green, Chevrolet Bel Air automobile!

So, keep all those in mind and remember that what’s in your past can stay in your past as soon as you change the association that belongs to something.
You can do it!    Questions and comments welcomed.  After all those lines there, you can leave your comment or question.



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Anxiety, Panic Attacks or the Like

This entry is at my own newsletter/blog:

I was reading on a blog — someone’s entry about anxiety.    And I have an opinion on this that might be helpful to someone experiencing some of that.   Reminder, here, this is just a person(s) opinion, not medical advice, and this is not intended as replacement or substitute for any medical advice.

Just an opinion —     “Most times, most anxiety comes from not being in your most present moment. Anxiety comes from the past or for your possibly-perceived future (or from the knowledge of real danger, i.e. a bully or stalker who is focused on you). Once you come back to your present moment and have a connection with other good human beings, most anxiety is relieved or banished without using prescriptions. I do not believe that prescriptions cure anxiety, they might give slight, temporary relief, “might” , but side effects from most of them are not worth trying that ‘possible’ help. (Disclaimer here; I’m not medical professional, however, one doesn’t need to be a medical professional in order to have figured out answers to some problems one might encounter in life”).    – artfromperry

The reason a person can get anxiety from not being in the present is because the person might go back into the past, experience the memories of a horrible experience and then once they have the memories in mind, the fears and the horrible moments come back into the person’s present.    By focusing on the moment,  on your present moment, you can relive that ‘past’ anxiety, without any need for a doctor or for medicine.      For example, perhaps you had a trauma or tragedy in your past, say, when you were surrounded by people who were wearing green shirts or purple shirts.   The trauma was huge, and horrible, and you, at that moment, connected the colors green or purple with tragedy or trauma.     So, there you are ten or twenty years later or five or six days later, and you come across  some company uniformed employees and they are wearing purple shirts or green shirts, you might, just might, at that moment you see the employees in their green or purple shirts, have a panic attack or some anxiety.     Immediately, the colors set something off in you and because the trauma happened long ago, you can’t figure out why you feel so horrible in a normal setting that really shouldn’t upset someone.     Yet, it’s simple, the colors brought everything back into your memory, yet, you didn’t realize it, because the anxiety came quickly.       You can work to change this by simply changing your ‘association’ with the colors, if you knew that this is the problem.  You can practice — re-associating those colors with good things, with wonderful things, with positive or creative or rewarding things.    And once you do this, your anxiety banishes permanently — rather than temporarily as it might do if you use some kind of prescription, or alcohol or drug.

Wouldn’t you rather have a natural, permanent solution instead of taking a quick pill that will wear off and then leave you stranded and then leave you with possible horrible side effects of that pill?   Only you know the answer to that important question. And it is easy to re-associate colors and things in order to prevent future anxiety.   Got questions?  There’s a space there for you to give your questions.

DISCLAIMER for this entire blog/newsletter: 

Kindly remember that I am not a medical professional nor am I ever giving any medical advice, rules or instructions .    Anything in this blog is for entertainment purposes only and not ever to be taken in place of any professional, medical or legal help, treatment or advice.     I write this newsletter/blog to share ideas and if any of my ideas can be helpful to someone, I’m glad of that.  If this blog is not helpful to you, I suggest pressing the X there and going to some other site.  Thanks for understanding. 


Need a substitute, “purple”, ?  Check out this beautiful, purple  hydrangea.   This is just a pretty flower, and will give you good feelings that most people get when they see pretty flowers.   If you want to focus on something wonderful when you see the color purple, focus on magnificent purple flowers.     (If this doesn’t work for you because you have a bad memory from purple flowers, you can substitute something else for the purple flower).    I think you get the idea here.

How about a very cool, beautiful pistachio ice cream cone treat?    If you love pistachio ice cream, that will bring good feelings and good memories to you and that might be  a good substitute for the color green.

All I’m saying is use your imagination — before you get a panic attack –and then you go into the world prepared, and armed with a different attitude towards colors and towards experiences.


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“Sing, Sing a Song” ..

2018 Copyrighted (all works in this site artfromperry) .

Just a few nature scenes and the ukulele…


“Sing, sing a song, Sing out Loud, sing out strong”!

“Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song”!

That’s all I’m saying right now.


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Northern Exposure!

I wish this one was still on television.  Loved the theme music with the moose walking through the set.   It was just a good, all-around half-hour show .  Have you seen it lately?   screenshot_2018-07-18-00-33-031005963833.png


Hopefully, they will not ad any horrible advertisements after these very words.  These are the last words and the last part of the entry.  Anything you see below theses words — any and all advertisements —were put there by either word press or by goo gle.



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A Quick Glimpse at The Newsletter/Blog

© 2018 Lperry    . All rights reserved, including internet, International and electronic recording rights.   No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author.

This newsletter/blog is a mix of both photography and text.     Everything is copyrighted.





What’s in a title, right?   Is it a newsletter or a blog?   Only you know the answer to that.     This particular entry is just a quick view into some of the entries.   The top three circles are snapshots of the list of some of the articles or entries.  The bottom three circles are pictures that I took in the garden this past summer.   The pink flower with the green in the middle is our pink hydrangea.   The purple one, at the end, also a beautiful hydrangea.     They were on the way out as the season was ending so I cut them down and placed them in a vase with some water.  And right now they are almost completely colorless because they have turned into dried flowers.     The middle picture is of some our roses.   In the garden we have yellow roses, red roses and even some mixed, (not pictured there) a rose called, “George Burns” rose.  The George Burns rose looks almost like a carnation.

Smiles, we do not have white roses.  The white rose in the middle there was just a colored rose that I made into a black and white photograph.  We’ve had some tulips this year and almost every year.  And we have had some other small plants and flowers.     I love photography because it brings me beautiful flowers all year round, even when the flowers are totally gone from the garden.   Right now,  we have about four live hydrangeas still on the plants (not pictured here)  in the garden.

I put the first three pictures there  (ABOVE) – of the articles list– just to give you a wide angle view of the newsletter/blog, and to read the names of some of the articles / or entries that I’ve written here.

This is a bit discouraging, that google or wordpress ads pictures and advertisements that I don’t agree with nor do I want them on the blog/newsletter.   Those pictures BELOW are not mine.  I didn’t put them there and I don’t approve of them.


Seems that these sites are always adding pictures that they think will attract people to click on their advertisements.

So, for the record, I do not approve of, nor am I promoting anything below these very words.  Thanks for reading.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE read this first

Copyright Notice and Articles Continued

© 2018 LindaPerry     This entry (below) is about speaking, about silence, about art, and about a few other topics.    There’s more entries below this, new ones and old ones.   Leave your comments after the series of lines in the article.  Thank you.

All rights reserved, including internet, International and electronic and recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author/artist.

theshadows artfromperry2642378..jpgAll and everything in this newsletter/blog is copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission.



.   Peace on your journey.


I took all the photographs in my wordpress site here, and they are all copyrighted.


Lemon Tree Flower 2018

© 2018 LindaPerry

All rights reserved, including internet, International and electronic and recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author/artist.


Sometimes you can say it in flowers, or in a garden.   Pictured above, is our first lemon flower.

Photographer debating about what to take a picture of . So, “A selfie” ..

Sometimes you can say it with a portrait.

It all depends on where you are, what you are feeling, and what your true message is.  What is your true message?

All images on this site copyrighted No copies without prior written permission

Every picture holds a story.    And it is the artist’s story.    Most people don’t see or know the story, unless the artist tells it in words, captions or explanations.   This picture holds a very important  story.

Can you read it?  Probably not.    Story to be told at another time.

Meanwhile, keep on keeping on.


Smiles.   The wise old owl posed for this photograph.   I took this picture in Long Island, New York,  USA.


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What Is Happening to Our Libraries?

One of the libraries in our country discarded this beautiful book! Rain Makes Applesauce. Still, I can not figure out why this book had to go. It is in great condition, fabulous calligraphy, wondrous , colorful illustrations and cool words!

Got answers? It is an old book, published decades ago and there is no comprison to today”s books.

Sadly, someone made the decision to take this beauty out of our libraries. What is up?

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September Notes

In September, schools begin again.

In September, the leaves get ready to decorate the ground.

In September, the stores (like the office supply stores) will be packed for those getting ready for school supplies.

And, yes, in September, we can start counting the days until the Holidays and Holy Days.

Now that September is here, please, if you are not being this already, be extra careful when you are driving and when you are crossing the streets.   Drivers and pedestrians, really, seriously, remember that life is one of the most precious gifts that you have been given, so please help preserve it by just being careful.   Watch out for others and they will watch out for you.    Be kind; be nice.   And above all,  be courteous on the road, on the streets and on the sidewalks.    Take extra caution when walking in parking lots and when driving in parking lots.   Too many people have been injured and some have been killed inside of a parking lot.    The parking lot IS the street, now.   So be careful!




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The First ‘yellow’ Lemon …

Ahh, it’s beautiful!   It came in as a green lemon, of course, as they all do.  And then after a short while, it turned yellow, still the size of a tiny, tiny, tiny lemon.   Notice the size next to the dime there.  Still, I believe that’s a beautiful lemon.

I walked over to the little lemon tree and found that , again, someone had knocked the lemon off the tree.   Back to step one.

This fall/winter, all the leaves will fall of this lemon tree and then later in spring and summer, all the leaves will grow back.     And yes, I’m going to give it the same “Florida” treatment in the winter and that will bring us more lemon flowers.   Hopefully, the next year will bring new lemons from the lemon flowers and those lemons will remain on the branches.    Peace.


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About that Tree & the 6-hour Sharpening

“Smiles, if you are really into wood cutting, then the axe is already sharp enough to use on that tree. Be prepared, and then you’ll have that tree cut down in no time at all. However, before you go at it, first make sure that you really need to cut it down. Once I was going to cut a tree down because it was a home for ants and it looked so very dead, for such a long time. However, I had a thought, that perhaps, like humans, perhaps there are some trees that might appear to be dead, yet, they just need a little more caring, a little more attention, a little first aid, and they might just re-surface, re-appear and thrive and flourish quite beautifully. That one thought lead to another, and I left the tree along, patched the holes in it, and just watched it grow. While you are sharpening that axe during those six hours, smiles, think about the tree and the ‘why’ of it. I know. Sometimes I just talk. It was just a quote. Yet, it was a quote, and now this is another quote” – artfromperry

And, some day, I’ll post a picture of ‘that tree’.     – artfromperry


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Remember When?

Do you remember when the bookstore was comfortable, and a really great place to sit and read and to buy the best books and magazines? 

Well, the bookstore (not this one pictured) is going bye-bye soon.  Apparently our local bookstore will be moving, soon, to the mall.      Silently, a few years ago, I predicted that this book store would close down.  And now I’ll make the second prediction, the new mall book store will probably last, maybe, three or four years and then that will be gone also.

That’s just the prediction, that’s all.

For now, the bookstore is still where it stands but it is filling up with toys and emptying of real books.

lets go onan adventure

and one more picture with the coolest quote on it , is below.



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No More Pain OTCs

When is a waste of money a good thing?

That picture is of over-the-counter tylenols, aspirins and others that I will not need to take. I am taking only one pill a night– but only on some nights.

The change?

I started to eliminate any foods that have more than six ingredients in the foods.

And then I got rid of all fast foods.

I lost weight and most of the pain was gone.

Still there is some arthritis pain sometimes, but the difference in the pain level, now that I have lost the weight and now that I am usually having no processed foods— is tremendous.

I’ll never give up processed foods entirely  but I have cut down on that kind of food for about at least 85 percent of the time.  That’s a great improvement.


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Today’s Green!

So, for today and for probably the rest of fall, the most dominant color in our garden is green, and brown.   Most of the flowers are gone, and the leaves and the stems have been left behind. 

Still, I like this garden.  It just needs a few additions, over time.  Planning on adding about three or four “Lamb’s Ear”  or “Giant Ear” to the collection.

Giant Ear is different in that it can stay outdoors all year long—- but in winter it turns an ugly dark brown and it looks so dead . (Most people opt for keeping them indoors all winter; but I can not see moving a plant just because it turns brown.

Then, in spring, and all through summer, this plant has these great leaves, kind of fuzzy leaves.  That’s Giant Ear or Lamb’s ear.

Each entry now will have  blank lines at the end of the entry.     The purpose of this is to separate the unwanted advertisements from the entry.   (I wrote the entries, however I did not write any of the advertisements, nor do I promote anything that is advertised on here.    Without the lines at the end of each entry, the advertisements look as if they are part of the entry, part of what I wrote.  And I don’t want to give the appearance of promoting any of these products below , especially since I have no choice of what kind of advertisements they put there.

Thanks for understanding.

Please leave comments at the end where there is room for comments.



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Christmas is coming soon!

So, bypass the malls in the world and opt to buy specialized books at bookstores, and online.

Opt for giving homemade gifts, like home movies on dvds, plants and trees for the garden, fruit of the month gifts, gift certs for food stores and fast food stores, pictures you took, homemade newsletters, handcarved keepsakes, baked goods, poetry and stories that you write yourself, magazine subscriptions, luxurious natural soaps, markers, craft kits, calendars, and other special items.

Make a pact with everyone– don’t buy ANYTHING that you see on a tv commercial. Yes, you can do it!

Create personalyzed baskets of practical things like tin foil, scotch tape, parchment papers, rice paper and every other practical item you can imagine.

How about gift certs for the hair salons? And think about gift certs for Trader Joes, or TJ Maxx.

Just ideas. Use your imagination.

What is your idea to avoid the large malls this season?

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Become a Part-Time Vegetarian

I believe that the reason (most) people don’t become vegetarians is because they think that it’s a process of  going cold turkey and eliminating all meat from their diet immediately. 

To me, there’s always another way.    Just speaking personally, I’d rather make different choices in meals and in food products than just immediately changing myself from into a full-fledged vegetarian.

Try one day at a time?

Try this.

Take your whole week and choose one day a week that you will not eat meat .  (Or choose two days or three days).   Probably everyone can handle this.    So, by doing this slowly, one day at a time, you have a good chance of changing your health (in a good way), and changing your life, also.

Make Mondays or Tuesdays or Wednesdays — the days you purposely avoid buying meat, preparing meat or even eating meat.    Try this for  a month or two, and even , if brave try it for three months.

There’s no written rule that says you have to be a vegetarian full time or for the full week.  Go at your own pace.

For myself, I am going to choose Mondays and Fridays for my meatless days.

Seriously, you can do this if you want to.

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TMax is the Name

When I did use film, I purchased a huge roll of film, and broke it down into smaller rolls.  Then I would take a small roll, put it into my camera ( a take 24 pMinolta 9000 or a Minolta 7000 and use that to take pictures .Most times, I would process tge roll myself, then use an enlarger, in my bathrokm makeshift darkroom , to prepare the b and w prints.   For my pictures, I would use techniques such as ” burning in” or others to perfect my pictures.    I did not use Photoshop at all And , as obvious from the picture here, I did seek perfection at all

I did not take pictures to sell but rather, took pictures just to telll.     I told my stories via pictures, to share ideas, to transmit truth, to squash rumors and to pave the way for truth in printed, processed truth, that is all.

Why do you take pictures?

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Have you met Glendora?

If you are into watching community television, then you may hace met Glendora.

Leave a note. Will be back in a week or so

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Just a Little…

So there goes an entry with just a little information, oh, that’s right here.

  • First (I’ll put this last so that you can read the rest without clicking off just now.
  • Second, hmm, I am a Mom, Grandmom, and usually, I’m fun to be around; smiles, key word is usually.
  • Third, for my creative adventures I like to use mixed media, collage, and photography, photojournalism, and sometimes , yes, sometimes, a mix of some kind of painting  .  The paint?   Ah, it has to be any paint that can be cleaned up with water only since I refuse, at this time, to use turpentine or other caustic paint removers.
  • Fourth, yes, sometimes I like to  put my adventures in film, well, not real film, just on video.  It’s all fun, “G-Rated” only , for the general public.

That’s a little information .

emptyfilm canisters

Just a few pictures…


a few more ….


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Well, I like this GIF thing


Perhaps it sounds all silly to you , but to me this is so cool.    Finally, without even realizing it, I found out how to make that GIF thing there.   I used some of my photographs to make this and I’ve slowed it down too.  However, it is still going to fast.
Seemingly according to my inexpensive equipment, this is as slow as it goes.
But hey, I like these flowers!

There’s a combination of our flowers and then some flowers of a neighbor friend .

The sunflowers are the neighbor-friend’s flowers.  There might be one or two sunflowers in there that are ours, but the rest are our friend-neighbor’s flowers.

How do you create your own GIF’s…and why.   This was just fun for me.  Something that I learned how to do-accidentally.

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And, So, I Write About the Turpins…

Of all the events, people and things that made the news this year, the one that touched me so much and the one that I will remember, probably, for the rest of my life is the news of the escape of one of the teenage prisoners, the Turpin kids. 

Probably, at least once a month, I think of the young hero, and the other young girl, the hero who fought her fear and who escaped with her life to report the crimes to the local police station.
I know it took everything in her to take that risk.  And yes, it was a great risk.  at the time she risked her life, and the other kids’ lives, and she risked any chance of freedom whatsoever, by taking the great leap of faith and running!   She ran to freedom.  And when she got there, thankfully, she fought her fear again, and went through with her plan of reporting that her other siblings were still being held prisoner in their home.    That hero!  Kudos to you, and thank God for your courage!

To outsiders, who have never been captive and who have never been held prisoner, and to those who have never been tormented or tortured by someone over years, it might have looked  like a simple thing , == “jump out a window and run to the police”, but seriously, we know it was not that easy and not that simple.    It took great planning, and great courage, and great inner strength to over come the brainwashing that those two ‘parents’ had subjected the girl (and the rest of the children to ).

And because of this, I remember them, every month.   They are unforgettable.

Think of how different that could have been.    If the girl changed her mind at the last minute and decided to not go out the window.    What if the other kids decided to tell on her.   What if the girl got cold feet and decided to shut the window, instead of going out the window?  All history for that family would have been changed drastically.

I’m glad she fled; I’m glad she stayed courageous.  And I’m glad all the Turpin kids and Turpin adult kids got rescued that day.

Peace… and good fortune to all of them.   Keep on keeping on.  🙂

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  1. Find park and campsite
  2. Make reservation
  3. Empty trunk
  4. Locate popup tent
  5. Make list of items needed
  6. See list


  • TENT
  • tarp
  • Containers system
  • 2 pillow casas
  • Lemons, sugar, filtered water
  • Puffed rice, rice, raisens, water, rice cakes, desert, burgers, sausage, straws, plates, mugs, charcoal, grill, tin foil, ziplocs, skewers, marshmallows, dark chocolate, phones, letters, envelopes, benedryl, paper towels, backpack, gripper, sox, cameras, batteries, paper, pens, markers, brush, art supplies, radio, books, batik, flashlight, chair, walking stick, clothespins, cooler, scrabble, and more

To be continued


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Reasons Why You Leave an Argument.

Most civilized people discuss rather than enter into heated arguments

2. Once an argument or discussion becomes “heated”, that means one of the participants or two, have lost control of their emotions

3. If an irrational person has lost control of his or her emotions, the next step in escLation, usually, is violence, beginning with cursing, then physical violence almost always follows. If the argument gets to that ridiculous point, someone can be fatally wounded or killed.

One story here

one story

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First Day in Photography Class – College

So, this is the entry where I share what it was like to go into a first day class, of my photography class in a college in New York State, USA .

So, it was my first college photography class, called something like “Art 51” and while I did not own a professional camera, I still wanted to take photography.

I had this kind of camera, called a “point and shoot” It is a Vivitar PS 35, a film camera that takes batteries.  (At the end of this entry, there is a link that goes to a page which holds some of my art, and some of my photojournalism).

Around the second week of class, the instructor told everyone to bring in their cameras. And I did.

Nobody had a camera like mine. There was not another single point and shoot in the room. How embarrassing this was to me.

Fortunately, this instructor was a real teacher—this was not one that would crush my dream to be a photographer.

When everyone brought in their fancy SLRs, with zoom lenses, nobody made fun of my camera- that looked like a toy next to everyone’s equipment.

Yes, I was permitted to stay in class.

I do not know where the rest of those photography students went in life, but I went on to be a “photographer, a photojournalist and an author” I arranged over 60 exhibits that featured my work, and created four group exhibits, and years later took part in two more group exhibits. That was just a beginning.

For me, that photography teacher was a gift, the only gift that was needed to launch me into an adventure with photography that I will remember for the rest of my life.

All the while taking pictures of everything around me, and then as an added plus, being able to attend major historical national and International events across the east coast.

Yes, I’m still taking pictures.  And I still love taking pictures.

Link to another page featuring my photojournalism and my artFraming the sky — You’ve heard of framing your subject (in photography). I took that to a new challenge.

One day, I decided to “Frame the Sky” , for real. How do you frame the sky? (I’m talking — without using photoshop).

This is my sky picture; I’ve framed the sky with a “heart-shaped” frame of a beautiful tree.

To be continued….

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Watch “Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds” on YouTube

Live life daily. always. If you live more than one day at a time, you will be too stressed. Thknk of what is happening today, that is it. You can have peace right there where you are if you refuse to become stressed. You must have faith in the God of peace, smile, be kind and gentle, but do not be a doormat.

Have no contact with a bully, and you will continue to live in serenity and peace.

Always ask for help when you need it. And be help when you are able to be, but not to everyone. You are human, not a super power. Help yourself first, always keeping your eyes on God.

And remember, you will make lots of mjstakes in your life. Do not wear your mistakes as a burden, but learn from them as if they were words in the best textbook kn the library shelf of the best university.

Do these things and lead a life that makes you smile.



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“Be strong and courageous

Be strong

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord , your God will be with you wherever you go”. – Joshua 1: 9

And that is the truth!

God is with you, everywhere, even when you do not remember Him, He is still there, rather, here — everywhere….

Peace for your journey …

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The Living Basket 2018

This past summer, the basket held some Dusty Miller , some odd plants, and some rocks , even a concrete rock. It was like that for a while and the Dusty grew a bit.

In August, it was time for a change, so I took the Dusty out, placed it in a vase with water, removed the concrete and other plant.

New pichures to follow, before winter.

The new basket look, temporarily holds a bunch of weeds that I will eventually dispose of.   Pulled the weeds up from the side of the garden.

Probably will place a few decorative tomato plants in that baskdt for fall.

Hopefully, before winter, I will have a few paonted rocks for the basket. Lacking paint, that is on hold for a bit.

And, wow, the result of a new adventure produced the cutest basket for flowers. – pictures later this year.

Basket has decorations making the basket look like a little gift shop– with windows and all.

Every year, I buy a new basket for the garden. Pictured there is the basket for 2016.

Peace for your everyday living…..

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Our First Yellow Lemon.

Remember the first lemon story that I told on television?   Well, I have to tell you that finally, our lemon tree got old enough and small-big enough to have a real lemon flower that developed into a beautiful little lemon!

I have to show you this beautiful lemon, small and all, but still, it’s our first lemon!     Yes, it is smaller than a US dime!

So, after three flowers that turned into green lemons – the size of your pinky nail- finally, one of the lemons turned yellow.

There is a picture of our first yellow lemon. It fell off the plant, and so it will not get any larger. So, it is our first yellow lemon and our cutest lemon.  I have a suspicion that the squirrel took this lemon off the stem.   So, I’m thinking that next summer when I put the lemon plant out doors, I am definitely  going to surround it and protect it so that the lemons can grow full size.     I love this lemon!  It’s our very  first, real lemon!

This makes me smile, big time!

Got lemons? Write and tell the story.