Holidays, Holy Days & Gratitude

And, so, as this year comes to an end, I invite you to remember, just remember that this new year, these coming days, and weeks and eventually months, this new year will bring the best to you if you bring the best of you to it. 

So, in your walk today and throughout these coming months, start over, start fresh, take on a new beginning.   If you were focused on the wrong things last year, change that today.  If you saw the wrong things last year, change that today.  If the wrong things occupied you last year, remember this …


2018  … this is YOUR YEAR to keep on keeping on, to shine, to bring your kindness and your love and your immense creativity to the front of your life, to the spotlight of life…

so, go for it..

Have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and the best of holidays to you and to your family and friends.   HAPPY HOLY DAYS and I am wishing you great abundance of joy, love, peace and kindness.   When one door closes for you, remember that seven more doors of wonder, peace and happiness will open up, when you least expect it.


Heart of the Sky   ©2017 perry  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED including internet rights, recorded, electronic and International rights.
A heart-shaped portion of sky….smiles




    • Thank you so much! I took that picture while standing at the pond by the Art Lab over here. I sat on the bench because I was tired. And I tend to look up at the sky when I am tired. That “heart” was there as I moved my camera around a little. Photographically it’s not the best photograph however, spiritually and emotionally, that photo just makes me smile big time. Thanks for your encouraging comment! Have a great new year coming up…the whole year round. 🙂


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