An Introduction…

In the year, 2001, I produced my very first television show that was aired on Time Warner, Cablevision and on Verizon in parts of New York City.

Over the years, I’ve spend more than fifteen years producing television shows.  And in the 90’s I began to take my photography more seriously by beginning solo photo/art exhibits and also joining in to about four group exhibits.   I’ve been taking pictures for about forty years, at least.   My eyes are my cameras.

When I first came to television (to produce tv shows) my goal was to have a show that gave a voice to victims of violence.   I wanted to produce shows about domestic violence, about child abuse and bullies in our society.   And then I wanted to branch out and do shows about entertainment and about books and literature.

So, the show is a “variety of varieties”,  a talk, entertainment show about every topic from A  to  Z.

And, my photography exhibits were the same, always a “voice” to express my feelings and thoughts and viewpoints on important issues in our society, and including all forms of wonderful entertainment, music and writings , everything from A to Z.

One exhibit in 2007 , was the last one that I had before I had a serious car accident which totally strained my life and gave me stress that was unbelievable.   Recovering from the car accident and from other life traumas, almost recovering fully..and then,

and then my brother committed suicide in 2015, and six months later, my puppy (an old dog) died.

I use photography, art collage, writing, blogging and videography to heal the wounds that life has thrown at me.    These are my pages, in this newsletter.
Will post links later.

Thank you for reading here.  And if you have a chance, I would love to have a comment or two.   Your ideas? Suggestoins?  Constructive criticism?  Compliments?  Communication is important because it fills a usually empty space with sometihng creative, intersting, thoughful and hopeful.

One day, perhaps, in the future,  I will be able to sell some photographs, but for now, this is my hobby that helps me grow, heal, and bring beauty into my life, and hopefully into the lives of others. 



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