Creative Writing…

So what exactly is ‘creative writing’?  Isn’t all writing, creative?   Well, I guess some writing can be quite boring but even so, in the beginning stages, it’s all creative writing.

Writing and authors and books are quite interesting.     Almost historically, and statistcally, if you check the background or history of (most) writers, you will ind that for some period in their lives, they were silent, usually by force.  Or some of them became silent due to a very traumatic event or horrible happening in their lives.

For example, we all know that Winston Churchill was a stutterer. And both Maya Angelou and Oprah were silent after traumatic events in their lives.  Check back into the lives of famous writers, or public speakers or well -known  celebrities and you will, if you research far back enough, come to that event, or trauma or happening that stopped the person from speaking or from writing or from expressing teir feelings and thoughts, from sharing their truth.

Elton John is a good example   of this, this famous, most magnificent singer, musician , performer came through this life and emerged triumphantly into one of the greatest singers, performers there is.     Truth is that history proves, over and over and over, that you can not silence a human being, forever.

You might be successful in silencing someone for a short time, or even for a long time, but God has given us the gfits of writing,  singing, music, and art so that we will always be able  to share our truth even if another human being or even if a tragedy or truama silences us, temporarily.

Look back on your own talent, your own writings, music, art, speaking, look back far enough and you will find your silencer.


There is always hope.   Keep on keeping on!


Oh, that kid in the picture?    She did finally get her dream and she did finally get really into writing and into photojournalism and into photography and into so many other areas of artistic creativity.

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