Sometimes the …

Yes, I kno, horrible photographs of the animals.  Taken from the car on a commercial safari in the park.    But they are loose there.   To me, too dangerous.  These guys are heavy as a car or sometimes even heavier .    Don’t be walking around these guys even if they do seem peaceful-looking.Continue reading “Sometimes the …”

Photography Freedom

You are not allowed to express your opinion if your opinion differs with someone else’s opinion. You are not allowed to your own freedom of speech if your freedom of speech disagrees with my opinion. what’s up with that? Since when does freedom of speech begin with ‘your” opinion only? Here’s my valid opinion. DoContinue reading “Photography Freedom”

Signs of a Good Instructor

Some of the signs of a good instructor:   They have the right focus – they teach the subject that they are being paid to teach.  They stick to the topic.  They do not go off on tangents or on rants because of their own personal views.  They leave their personal lives and personal choices outContinue reading “Signs of a Good Instructor”