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who is this “Charlie Kirk” ?

I’ve never heard of him before this year.  And I’ve watched about 2 or 3 of his videos .  But who is this guy?   Does anyone know? 

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R A C H E L M A D O w

Good old Rachel is on television…again.

Rachel and some other journalists express their fears over current events..


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The Birds ……

What can I say?  I love birds and I love taking pictures of birds.  So why is the feature photograph of that old, black cat?  

Well,  that’s my beautiful, black cat.   I got him when he was a tiny, tiny, little character.  After spending about two full hours, or more, with him at the shelter in Brooklyn, I chose this kitten to by ours!     He was simply beautiful!   (When I say, “ours” , I mean that I chose him for us, for our family, at the time when we lived in Brooklyn).

And now, today, he is living happily in the southwest, on some farm.   Long story, but he’s there, somewhere.

And now for the entry.   I love birds and taking pictures of birds, so there is a small collection of the pictures of  birds that I have taken over the past few decades.


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What Your Rock Garden Does For Your Yard Space …

  1. A rock garden keeps the turkeys out of your yard
  2. A rock garden keeps the stray cars out of your yard.
  3. A rock garden, usually, keeps the weeds out of your yard
  4. Usually, a rock garden is maintainence-free, so it keeps the stress out of your yard
  5. Once completed, a rock keeps the expense out of your yard, because you do not need landscaper’s monthly fees.
  6. A rock garden, usually, will keep stray dogs and wildlife out of your yard.

These are only a few of the benefits of keeping a rock garden. Can you think of any other good reasons to build a rock garden? I would lobe your input on this.






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