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That’s All I have to say for Now..

20180827_104531~2-1930035226..jpgThis is one of my UNFINISHED collage/painting/photography works  … yes, still not finished.   I began this one about two years ago, and I’m just not got back around to finishing it.  Yes. the paint tube is part of the picture (and part of my tools for this art piece).      artfromperry


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R A C H E L M A D O w

Good old Rachel is on television…again.

Rachel and some other journalists express their fears over current events..


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Well, I’ve always loved Swiss Cheese.   But lately I decided to take a look at something called Jarlsberg Swiss  — and it’s reduced fat.      In the past I haven’t dared try anything that says, “reduced fat”.  Almost always that means lots of extra salt.

This is my first try at something that is ‘reduced fat’, gluten free,  and it is from Norway.

  1. Okay first try, the cheese is cold and all the slices were stuck together.
  2. Taste was okay but not the greatest.  Less than I expected – from Norway.
  3. Worst of it?   I put it in the microwave to melt the cheese.  Made a small cheese sandwich, figuring have a quick, no-frills ‘grilled cheese’ type lunch.


Could this be a fluke or is this the way that it is supposed to be?

I took a few bites and before I realized it, this cheese, when melted, had the same consistency as chewing gum.  Yes, I said chewing gum.    I couldn’t eat the melted cheese.  I expected something similar to melted mozzarella, a nice, melted cheese.  But this is a first, for real,  it was more like hot, melted chewing gum.

Have you tried that ?