Could Homemade Soup Be The Answer?

Seriously, I am not joking.  Just from my own experience, as I enjoy homemade soup, more and more and as I notice that my breathing problems are no longer my breathing problems, I can’t help think, “Can homemade soup be the answer”? Now, if I was to answer my own question, with facts, opinions andContinue reading “Could Homemade Soup Be The Answer?”

Television Production A3

Studio Production    A3 ©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author. or subtitled,  “The Rough Side of Community Television Production” After you have finished your courses and you have become certified as a community producer, you are able to reserve the studioContinue reading “Television Production A3”

Johns Hopkins Childrens Heart Surgery Units, the famous hospital and updates

This is about the Florida ‘news’.   I hadn’t seen this in the news at all, least not here on the East Coast.    Have you seen the articles and if so, what do you think of this news about the children’s heart surgery unit, and the ‘settlements’. There are many links online.   IContinue reading “Johns Hopkins Childrens Heart Surgery Units, the famous hospital and updates”

Highly-Recommended Book for all Schools and Centers

Teachers, Administrators, Deans, Principals, Guidance Counselors,  seriously , you need to get this book topic is        bullies For decades,  school authorities , personnel and administrators have been handling these problems all wrong. It’s about time that people get to the business of really making a difference in your school’s future . First,Continue reading “Highly-Recommended Book for all Schools and Centers”

Someone is always offended when you give your opinion of anything…..

For sure, no doubt, there always someone offended when you give an opinion and truth is that I’m never trying to offend someone but it happens without even me trying.  So, I’ve decided to limit my serious opinions to this site and also to real television.   If I have anything to say about important issues thatContinue reading “Someone is always offended when you give your opinion of anything…..”

The Color Red..

The Color Red …. walking into the room, I sway the red cloth around, as if I am in the ring at a popular bull fight in Spain. … the color red. what do you think of when you see the color red?   If you were in the ring, that day , with theContinue reading “The Color Red..”