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who is this “Charlie Kirk” ?

I’ve never heard of him before this year.  And I’ve watched about 2 or 3 of his videos .  But who is this guy?   Does anyone know? 

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Pulitzer-PrizeWinning Krauthammer …

There you go, a neutral source for your questions and answers .

Earlier, I found this video on another site.   And this guy is real, and equal and fair.  In other words, this guy is a legit journalist.    (RIP Charles Krauthammer) .
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Part Two * To The Innocent Turpins …

Turpin Holidays….

Ahh, once the heroine escaped and got help for the rest of the family, slowly, very slowly, probably almost microscopically slowly, things began to change for the better.     Why slowly?  The average person might think  that the change was instant.    After all, being taken, escaping, getting away from the absurd-abusers, must give one instant change right?  Yes, the change was instant.       Their living quarters, arrangements changed, the food that they were offered changed, and lots of other things changed —

    ..though, not all changes would be considered ‘for the better’ to the  still-captive Turpin kids.     After all, weren’t they still prisoners?  Yes.

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The Turpin Kids … 30 Years Later….

This is a dated article.   Originally, I wrote this in March 2018 .   Recently I updated and added to this article , in August 2018 .

TURPIN,  a noun, a family name, 

What’s that mean to you?

(NOTE) – This reads much better on a computer rather than on a phone because there are lines and spaces in between important topics or in between some paragraphs.

Here’s a fictional idea peace, on a real news story,  about kids or families who might be like, “the Turpins”.

This whole peace and this whole entire blog, newsletter, is for entertainment purposes only. 

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