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who is this “Charlie Kirk” ?

I’ve never heard of him before this year.  And I’ve watched about 2 or 3 of his videos .  But who is this guy?   Does anyone know? 

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Pulitzer-PrizeWinning Krauthammer …

There you go, a neutral source for your questions and answers .

Earlier, I found this video on another site.   And this guy is real, and equal and fair.  In other words, this guy is a legit journalist.    (RIP Charles Krauthammer) .
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That’s All I have to say for Now..

20180827_104531~2-1930035226..jpgThis is one of my UNFINISHED collage/painting/photography works  … yes, still not finished.   I began this one about two years ago, and I’m just not got back around to finishing it.  Yes. the paint tube is part of the picture (and part of my tools for this art piece).      artfromperry


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Humans on Ice ….Manhattan Style


Really?    In a block of ice?  Really?

Yes, really.

In Manhattan, in  New York,  in the

United States of America,  there in the midst of it all, is this guy who decided to make the headlines by encasing himself in a huge, block of ice.

Picture follows …


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Part Two * To The Innocent Turpins …

Turpin Holidays….

Ahh, once the heroine escaped and got help for the rest of the family, slowly, very slowly, probably almost microscopically slowly, things began to change for the better.     Why slowly?  The average person might think  that the change was instant.    After all, being taken, escaping, getting away from the absurd-abusers, must give one instant change right?  Yes, the change was instant.       Their living quarters, arrangements changed, the food that they were offered changed, and lots of other things changed —

    ..though, not all changes would be considered ‘for the better’ to the  still-captive Turpin kids.     After all, weren’t they still prisoners?  Yes.

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Signs of a Good Instructor

Some of the signs of a good instructor: 

  1.  They have the right focus – they teach the subject that they are being paid to teach.  They stick to the topic. 
  2. They do not go off on tangents or on rants because of their own personal views. 
  3. They leave their personal lives and personal choices out of the conversation in classes. 
  4. They respect their students — all of their students, not just the ones that do work for them or that help them out.   
  5. They treat everyone equally.   That’s right – they treat everyone equally.   
  6. They leave politics and political agendas out of the classroom unless the course is about politics or history.   They know enough to leave their personal opinions out of the classroom, especially if they know that they can not control their temper around the issue of politics . 
  7. They know what they are there – in the classroom-  to teach and they stick to that topic. 
  8. Basically, we all know the signs of a good teacher, the bottom line is that they teach!   They realize they are in the room to teach — not to propagandize and not to push students to agree with them on political issues that they don’t agree on.  So, hence,  teachers keep your politics out of the room.  


Schools and senior centers, and colleges and universities are places of learning, places of connection, places of growth, and places here many human beings from all different backgrounds become connected through conversation, ideas, thoughts, opinions and through personal growth and work towards unity in spirit and unity in the world. 

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It’s Not the Camera!

Whatever, lol.
I happen to like this picture.

I took this decades ago, and it still remains one of my favorite photographs.

And I didn’t use very expensive equipment. Yes, I know that I can take it to photoshop and make it “perfect’ but that’s a problem since I don’t take pictures in order to produce perfection.

To the contrary, I take photos in order to disregard perfection and to just show what is real.

And, sorry , charlie, photoshop pictures are not real.

Give me the blurred, the simple, the ordinary, the silly messed up photos but give me truth. Give me the truth of the moment. That’s all I need and that’s all I take.

YES, of course , I have used photoshop.
But what I’m saying is seriously, some of my favorite photos are simply that — they are my favorites, without the help of some electronic program. I guess that’s why I do not sell photographs.

It seems that most people that “sell” have to make their pictures perfect.

Leave me out of that one.

I’d like to see the day when I can sell life as it is, photos as they are, as they come out of the camera, without me trying to fix them up to be perfect.

There you go, that’s my rant for today.

podcast here



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The Turpin Kids … 30 Years Later….

This is a dated article.   Originally, I wrote this in March 2018 .   Recently I updated and added to this article , in August 2018 .

TURPIN,  a noun, a family name, 

What’s that mean to you?

(NOTE) – This reads much better on a computer rather than on a phone because there are lines and spaces in between important topics or in between some paragraphs.

Here’s a fictional idea peace, on a real news story,  about kids or families who might be like, “the Turpins”.

This whole peace and this whole entire blog, newsletter, is for entertainment purposes only. 

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Barefoot in America


When that inner giant is alive and vital, you are no longer hampered by negative and inferiority thoughts.   When you are packed full of faiths in God and in yourself, you can do just about anything you firmly and authoritatively decide to do.   When you wholeheartedly adopt a with all your heart’ attitude and go all out with the positive principle, you can do incredible things.   Strange, the tendency of some skeptics to disparage such an assertion  as ‘You can do just about anything you decide to do’   Actually, I am minded to drop those two qualifying words, ‘just about’ , especially when I recall the amazing story of Legion Kayira, a teen-ager living in a tiny African village who walked about a distance of 2,500 miles across the continent and then made his way to the American West Coast–but let him tell the story in his own words, “Barefoot to America” , he calls his incredible tale”.

My mother did not know where America was . I said to her, Mother, I want to go to America to go to college.  Will you give me your permission?”   “Very well, ‘she said, “You may go.  When will you leave”?    I dd not want to give her time to discover how far away America was, for fear that she would change her mind.  “Tomorrow, I said. 


“I will prepare some maize for you  to eat along the way, ” she said.  Next day I left my home in northern Nyasaland, East Africa.  I had only the clothes I wore, a khaki shirt and shorts.  I carried the two treasures, I owned, a Bible and a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress.  I carried, too, the maize my mother had given me, wrapped in banana leaves.
My goal was a continent and an ocean away, but I did not doubt that I would reach  it.  I had no idea how old I was.  Such things mean little in a land where time is always the same.  I suppose I was 16 or 18.  My father died when I was very young.  My mother listened to the words of the missionaries , with the result that our family became Christian.   

From the missionaries , I learned,  I was not the victim of circumstances but the master of them.  I learned  that I had an obligation to use whatever talents I had to make life better for others.  And to do that I would need education.  I learned about America.  I read the life of Abraham Lincoln and grew to love this man who suffered so much to help the enslaved in his country.  I read, too, the autobiography of Booker T.  Washington, himself born in slavery in America, and who had risen in dignity and honor to become a benefactor of his people and his country. 

I gradually realized that in America I could receive the training and the opportunities to prepare myself to emulate the men in my own land, to be like them, a leader, perhaps even the president of my own country.  

 My intention was to make my way to Cairo, where I hoped to get passage on a ship to America.   Cairo was over 3,000 miles  away, a distances I could not comprehend, and I foolishly thought I could walk it in four or five days.  But in four or five days I was about 25 miles from home, my food was gone and I had no money., I did not know what to do except that I must keep going. 

 I developed a pattern of travel that  became my life for more than a year.  Villages were usually five or six miles apart, on forest paths.  I would arrive at one in the afternoon and ask if I could work to earn food, water and a place to sleep.  When this was possible, I would spend  the night there, then move on to the next village in the morning.  I was actually defenseless against the forest animals, I dreaded, but although I heard them at night none of them approached me.   Malaria , mosquitoes, however, were constant companions and I often was sick.     By the end of a year I had walked 1,000 miles and had arrived in Uganda, where a family took me in and I found a job making bricks.  I remained there six months and sent most of my earnings to my mother.   In Kampala, I  unexpectedly came upon a directory of American colleges.  Opening it at random, I saw the name of Skagi Valley College, Mount Vernon, Washington.    I had heard that American colleges sometimes give scholarships to deserving young people, so I wrote and applied for one.  I realized that I might be refused but was not discouraged.  I would write to one school after another in the directory until I found one that  would help me. 

These weeks later I was granted a scholarship and assured that the school would help me find a job.   Overjoyed, I went to the United States authorities , only to be told that this was not enough.  I would need a passport and the round-trip fair in order to obtain a visa. 

I wrote to my government for a passport but it was refused because I could not send them when I was born.   I then wrote to the missionaries who  had taught me in my childhood, and through their efforts was granted a passport.  But I still could not get the visa because i did not have the fare.    Still determined, I  resumed my journey.  So strong was my faith that I  used my last money to buy my first pair of shoes.  I knew I could not walk into the college in my bare feet.   I  carried the shoes to save them.    Across Uganda and into the Sudan I walked.  The villages were farther apart and the people were less friendly.  Sometimes I had to walk 20 or 30  miles in a day to find a place to sleep or to work to earn some food.  At last I reached Khartoum, where I learned that there was a United States consulate.      Once again I heard about the U. S.  entrance requirements , but this time the Consul was interested enough to write the college about my  plight .  Back came a cable. 

The students , hearing about me and my prelims had raised the fare of 1,700 through benefit parties.  I was thrilled and reply grateful, overjoyed that I had judged Americans correctly for their friendship and brotherhood.    News that I had walked for over two years and 2,500 miles circulated in Khartoum.  The Communists came to me and offered to send me to school in Yugoslavia, all expenses paid, including travel, and a subsistences during my studies. “I am a Christian”, I told them, and I could not be educated into the kind of man I wanted to be in your godless schools.   They warned me , that as a black boy, I would have racial difficulties in the United States, but I had read enough to feel this was a diminishing factor.     After many, many months, , carrying my two books and wearing my first suit, I arrived at Skagit Valley College.   In my  speech of gratitude to the student body, , I disclosed my desire to become prime minister or president   of my country and I noticed some smiles.   I wondered if I had said something naive.  I do not think os.   

When God has put an impossible dream in your heart, He means to help you fulfill it.  I believed this is to be true when, as an African bush boy, I felt compelled to become an American college graduate.  And my dream of becoming president of Nyasaland can also become true.     

STORY UPDATE:  To update the story , Mr. Kavira is still walking up and forward with his inner giant, and walking strong.   He never fails to live by the positive principle.  He became professor of political science at Cambridge University in England.  He has authored a novel, “THE LOOMING SHADOW, and a nonfiction book based on African life.   

What do you mean you can’t do anything?  What do you mean, things an get you down?  Not when you have the urge , the impulse, the motivation to keep it going to everlastingly keep it going.   Hold that thought and hold it strong and sturdy— that nothing can ever get you down.  If you think you are down, tell you what, .. do not stay down.  Get right up, shake off defeat .  Reactivate that giant within you and get going– and keep it going.  Live always by the amazing positive principle.   That is the realistic and proven philosophy that success and keeps on succeeding.  ”    

   From page 266  of the book, THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING  by Norman Vincent Peale ,  Three Complete Books  (in one). 

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Photography Over The Years

These pictures “in circles”  are each just a small part of the original photograph.    But they are interesting even though you see a little bit of every photograph.

Everything at this newsletter/blog is copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author 

©2000-2018 LindaPerry   ,  ©2018 Linda Perry  All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic and recording /recorded rights.  





All pictures and writing in this blog – copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission of the artist/author.  Thank you for reading and thank you for participating in this blog.


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A Sample of My Photography, My Art

Some of these photos are included in a project that I call,
“EMPTY SPACES” ..   I took all the photographs, some recently, and some decades ago.   All photographs are copyrighted. All rights reserved.  No copies without prior written permission.  

The first photograph is of an (almost) empty cafe, and what makes the empty cafe  a little more interesting is the view of one of my favorite teas.


empty chairs

Empty Chairs



Self portrait taken decades ago artfromperry Self Portrait


spacesempty2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.28.56 AM
Black empty space surrounding the empty spider web


thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.21.35 AM
“After the shooting is over” , another page of the book empty library room

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.53.54 AM

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.53.24 AM
“After the shooting is over” ..empty library , a book opened.    It was a short while after I learned that my brother had shot himself, I was in a library, reading, and came across this page, “after the shooting is over”.   We both “shot” …but I choose to shoot with a camera, or , sometimes, even with a mobile phone.      If you make the choice to shoot this year, please consider using a camera as your tool.     Thank you for reading.

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.50.22 AM
Empty corridor at a studio

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.25.02 AM
Empty city street with shadow of stalker’s target person

apictures2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.20.35 AM
Empty of flowers, the leaf garden

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.52.13 AM
Memory of my father’s tool shop, a peg board, this one empty..

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.42.30 AM    In memory of those who lost their lives to AIDS. Once a disease empty of hope, now people who have died of AIDS  memorialized in a quilt that is larger than seven football fields.   A man stands looking at the lost lives, in pictures, in momentoes, in words,  surrounding him,


Empty corridor  a place that is usually filled with people..

EMPTY white space in the midst of photographs that I took over the years.   Corner photo of part of the “chalk walk” 2017.  One piece of chalk and an empty sidewalk produced hundreds of smiles, tons of heartfelt wishes and dreams,  attitudes and new friends .  Yes, I know.  This isn’t empty.  But hey, it’s my page .  Smiles.


Black rectangle of emptiness surrounding the empty spider web.

artfromperry 2017
Two friends, months ago.  Today, there is one seat empty.


mysnowpictures 2016 2017
Stormy places, stormy weather empties the streets of people



kayak John nameperry
Empty kayak, repaired with duct tape, out of water temporarily, for transport.  2017

In fall, this ground is covered with hundreds of leaves, now empty of leaves , in winter

Same empty theatre ..vintage , still showing movies and live entertainment today

beachscape copy
Empty beach, a tourist beach , no tourists

Empty beach path through the dunes

Empty theatre, beautiful vintage theatre

Names quilt all rights reserved
Names Quilt … acres…of names , healing hearts of emptiness ..remembrances.. memorials .

Eyes, invisible in the picture, empty of tears … RIP JD

Empty branches of the Weeping Katsura tree ..winter empty .


Bus chairs, empty, on a busy day in New York City, USA


Warning sign to passengers, emptying this place , the forbidden zone,

Empty space around temporary art exhibit , historical ,  Services  ,   look it up

In a building “empty” of air , probably sealed hermetically, the sky around reminds us that oxygen is close,  the sky is available for anyone looking out the window from the empty building.


Empty of feelings,  appropriately a cold, wire, temporary sculpture, depicts what happens to  many families across the world.                                                                     The empty feeling in a mother,  leaving with her children, is topped by that empty feeling of the child, forced to leave her dad, her real family.     I find it interesting that this artist has the child facing backwards, looking back in this temp sculpture.                              In this temporary sculpture, after walking around the park there seeing different angles and views of this sculpture, I choose this one .   My choice of angles put the man in the middle of the scene, the monument in the background.    Both the permanent sculpture and the temporary sculpture compose a modern day picture of what sometimes happens to families across the world.              Empty places, empty spaces exist in places where there are lots of people.  Truth is empty isn’t really empty at all.    artfromperry



thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.42.30 AM
Names Project * larger than 7 football fields , the quilt

Empty corridor , light reflections

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.50.22 AM
Empty corridor at a studio


BELOW – – an empty pegboard

My Dad had a few of these in his shop..and on that board were a collection of tools and accessories to tools … pictured here, empty..

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 2.52.13 AM
Memory of my father’s tool shop, a peg board, this one empty..

apictures2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.20.35 AM
Empty of flowers, the leaf garden Empty of Flowers –   The picture of the leaves, hundreds of brown leaves, is still, to me , about empty spaces, empty places.    The front yard is usually covered in flowers, plants, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and odd plants.   During the fall time , winter, the garden turns into a mulch place -hence the leaves, and the garden remains “empty’ of flowers, ’empty ‘ of plants.


spacesempty2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.28.56 AM
Black empty space surrounding the empty spider web

thePICTURES2018assignmentcopy2018Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 3.25.02 AM
Empty city street with shadow of stalker’s target person

footprints on the snow

Two Friends artfromperry
Two students looking out the window. One student returned to class.

For my father… yes, later..

beachscape copy
Empty beach, a tourist beach , no tourists

Empty theatre, beautiful vintage theatre

Same empty theatre ..vintage , still showing movies and live entertainment today

Names quilt all rights reserved
Names Quilt … acres…of names , healing hearts of emptiness ..remembrances.. memorials .

Empty Hennessy.  To the person who left this on the ground, when you have the money to drink fancy, kindly be fancy enough to take your bottles with you.  Thank you.    Our city streets are paved with the remains of peoples’ parties.  Are they really having ‘fun’ if they can’t carry a small bottle for 20 feet?   Empty ..

Caption this one okay?

(NOTE: )   There are more photographs under this long writing.   Look below if you are short on time.
I enjoyed a great morning at the Marquetry Society meeting and then went to this library room.  I found a cool book on videography, and opened  — randomly– to a page.     Imagine that?      I just pulled the book open and flipped a page and there was this headline to the article, “After the shooting was over….” .
I read the title of the reading and I paused…    “After the shooting is over….”  .  My  brother used a gun to end his life.    I, being different than him, use a camera for all my shooting.  But still, this headline got to me; it reached into the emptiness of my heart that still mourned for him…reprocessing the words, ” After the shooting is over” ..    I wished he would have thought about that.     They say that we shouldn’t think of the future, just be concerned about today.
However, in this one case, I just wish he had thought about the future as he made that horrible choice, maybe his last choice,   “After the shooting is over….” .
After the shooting is over, I gather his pain was relieved, finally.  But “after the shooting is over…” ,      After the shooting is over,  the shooter feels no pain but the survivors, the survivors remember the shooter in a very different way than  ‘before’ .
And as I always say, in everything, give thanks.   So I look for the good in this horrible tragedy.           The healing part was that he did not send his suicide note to me but sent it to someone else.        By not sending the note to me, and by sending it to a ‘distant’ family member,  he spared me, and my sons and my daughter and my grandkids, that crashing, ‘initial’ discovery , the grim notification  by  police, by detectives.     Thankfully,  we were spared the shock, the initial, immediate shock of the notification.     I really have to thank God for that.  Those days, approximately eleven days,  were a buffer from the shock waves.    It took me about eleven days to find out the truth about what happened, to get the details, to find out whether the story was true or not.      And while I initially thought the ‘not knowing’ was horrible,  I realize , in hindsight , that  the “not knowing” right away is what saved my mind from the earth-rocking shock of knowing what happened to him right away.
Thank you, dear brother , for sparing me from that grim discovery .      Who knows, maybe he did think about what happens, …”after the shooting is over”.  …



Sometimes that happens.                            This photograph was on display in  2015.      An empty chapel, I took that picture from the outside of the chapel, looking inside , in the window, and looking clear out the opposite window.   Empty of people, this chapel, just a simple image of a small church in a graveyard.

Empty beach path through the dunes

Empty branches of the Weeping Katsura tree ..winter empty .

And the most charming picture in there, in this collection of emptiness, the ray of hope here in the midst of the shadow and darker pictures, is the Cherry Blossom Tree.  The Cherry Blossom Tree symbolizes “New Beginnings”.     And at this point in time, we own two of these trees, and one of them has started sprouting little trees right after Hurricane Sandy happened.
It is a new beginning, every day is a new beginning!

And every day is YOUR day!   So celebrate it.


Let’s CELEBRATE!!   Yes, it’s that time of year again; it’s my birthday month!

January is my birthday month and I intend to have a very cool birthday.   If everything goes okay, I will be able to find a particular cake that I like and I will bring that home …

And my plan is to celebrate my birthday — all month long — by doing random acts of kindness for some of the people that I meet on my journey around town.  Just little acts of kindness, nothing grand, but those little things that are so important.   Yes, it’s the little things that are special.

So, I’m planning on a month of little things here and there, and

top it all off with my favorite kind of pie and people !

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Good, and Bad, and Evil

©2018 lperry, all rights reserved.   (see copyright notice) For every thing,   ©2018 lperry, all rights reserved including electronic, International , and recorded rights. No copies without prior written permission.    artfromperry@gmail.com    .

Discern the difference between ordinary conversation and malicious gossip.  That’s the key to avoiding bullies.   Bullying begins with gossip.     Now that you know this, steer clear of bullies by staying away from those who spread malicious gossip about others.  If they are spreading it about others, for sure, they are talking about  you also.   Bullies never stick to one target.  They need other targets for when the first target isn’t around.   So ditch the bully and go enjoy life! 

What you think of me is none of my business –   Yes, that’s the name of a good book!   

And those words, that is how I get past gossip and past a bully.    I never listen to what the bully says.    Don’t allow anyone’s opinion of you to get you down or to stop you from reaching your goals.   Just keep on keeping on.

When you see a person who spreads malicious lies, keep on walking.   Do not entertain that type of person, and go for the “no contact” rule when it comes to narcissistic bullies.

Keep on keeping on. 

And keep on walking away .

Never let the bully win.

Keep on keeping on .

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Turkeys Gossip


I was in a classroom this past week, and a worker who was just doing their job had just left the room. 

One of the peanut gallery muttered, “She’s not a nice person”.   

So much for listening to the peanut gallery!


If you hear someone say , “She’s not a nice person”, or “He’s not a nice person”, call them on that.  And ask they why?   Usually, the name-caller or the one who is insulting someone will not have any reason whatsoever to be insulting someone.

A reasonable person, if they are commenting on someone will tell you what the problem is rather than just beginning a rumor that “she’s not a nice person”.

Now, that day about seven or so people heard the insult, heard the put down but nobody said a word.  And I wondered why?  Why wouldn’t someone put a stop to someone starting a rumor like that?


Well, I guess I had to do it, yes, I had to open my mouth and tell the insulter that it isn’t nice to say that about someone.   Don’t say that someone is “not a nice person” behind that person’s back.


See, if you have a problem with someone, say it to their face. Don’t start a rumor about them, behind their back!

I’ve seen that worker before and they work hard!   And that is SO not nice to insult a worker behind their back when they are doing the job that they get paid for.


You wonder how  rumors get started?  You wonder how someone gets a bad reputation?  You wonder why people look at one person and  think that they will avoid that particular person?

A simple sentence,  a simple insult, a simple wrongly placed adverb and remark and comment, “She’s not a nice person”!

When you hear someone say, “She’s not a nice person”, open your mouth and set that person straight!   Tell the person that it’s not nice to insult someone!   Tell that person that when people are doing their jobs, they have no business to label the person as “not nice”! 


A simple misunderstanding can lead a person to lose their reputation!  A simple insult, said behind someone’s back can lead a whole classroom of people not liking a person, even though they don’t even know that person!   A simple insult , was it you who began the rumor, by saying, “She’s not a nice person”?

Are you a person who never smiles unless someone is being put down?  Are you a person who is only happy when someone is hurting or when someone is talking bad about someone?   If so, change your ways!   Be nice.  Be kind!   And be quiet!



The moral of this story is this; when you  hear someone muttering that someone isn’t “nice”  behind the person’s back, know this, that this same person has probably muttered someone wrong, or nasty or not nice about you , also.  You see a person who begins a rumor about someone doesn’t just do that about one person, no!   A rumor-monger usually will talk about everyone that they know, at one time or another.

Rumor mongers don’t have any favorites!   They will say that, “She’s not a nice person” -about you, and you , and you and me — quicker than you can blink your eye.

Next time you hear that, think again, and don’t let the rumor monger get away with that, without speaking up and speaking out –against starting rumors!