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Pulitzer-PrizeWinning Krauthammer …

There you go, a neutral source for your questions and answers .

Earlier, I found this video on another site.   And this guy is real, and equal and fair.  In other words, this guy is a legit journalist.    (RIP Charles Krauthammer) .
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The Lemon


So this is the first lemon, well, the first YELLOW lemon, that our lemon tree plant produced.   It’s tiny, smaller than the dime that is next to it.

First the flowers came out.  Beautiful tiny white and purple flowers.  A few of the flowers dropped off the plant.   A couple of the flowers stayed.   Then, after a while, all of a sudden, a green lemon appeared on the plant in place of the flower.

After another while, the green lemon turned that pretty yellow color and that was our first yellow lemon on the lemon tree plant.

It was really tiny.  The plant was outdoors.  And then one day, when I went outside to check the lemon, I saw that it had fallen or had been taken off the lemon tree plant.  There, on the ground next to the lemon tree plant was our first, small, yellow lemon.

The plant is still alive and once, more we are trying for more lemons.  The whole summer past and no lemons.   It’s freezing out – winter.    We brought the lemon indoors, brought the lemon tree plant indoors and now it rests, gently in the basement .  Presently it is living under the fluorescent lights and soon it will be in its’ own makeshift , soft plastic green house for the winter.

How’s your lemon tree plants?