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Afternoon Turkeys!

I’d been there a number of times before but, before this I had never, ever seen turkeys there. 

For the most part, I took one of my granddaughters on the road trip to distant place to see the wildlife that lived in the area.    There ere cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers ,chickadees, sparrows, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of other animals in the place, in that space.   After about four or five trips there, seeing all the same wildlife, one day I decided to stay later.  This is the first time that e stayed after 4 PM.   Then late in the afternoon, there they ere.    Seven turkeys trotting out of the woods.

Here’s one.    (See picture)

You can go to the same place ten times and still see something different on the eleventh time you go there.  That’s all I’m saying.


You can stand there with your hand out.  Bring “black oil sunflower seeds”.   The birds and other animals eat out of your hand.     Don’t leave seeds on the ground and wait until all seeds are consumed.    If you leave food or seeds on the ground, you are inviting or feeding mice or other vermin that are not your beautiful birds.  Just saying.

Enjoy your stay at the wildlife sanctuary.    It is fun, educational and a wonderfully, calming experience.

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That’s All I have to say for Now..

20180827_104531~2-1930035226..jpgThis is one of my UNFINISHED collage/painting/photography works  … yes, still not finished.   I began this one about two years ago, and I’m just not got back around to finishing it.  Yes. the paint tube is part of the picture (and part of my tools for this art piece).      artfromperry


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“Pinhole” — Go Do This!

These are my ‘modern’  pinhole style photographs that I took that day that I attended the course in New York City,  New York,  United States of America..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, every single year, there’s a community organization that celebrates “National Pinhole Camera”  Day.     Small details:    They charge you about five dollars and you pre-register for the class.    (There’s a picture of some of the class in this slide show — participants all ages, child to adult but children must have an adult present).    So in this class, they supply all the materials to make your first pinhole camera.   That’s one entire class on one day.     Then on another day, you go back to the place to use the camera to take pictures.    It’s all very interesting.

My Story:

Yes, I took the first class and I paid my five dollars.  And, indeed, I did  create my  Pinhole Camera with their supplies.    And, as life would have it, something came up and I didn’t go back to the second class (which is totally outdoors- the first class i s indoors).


This is a personal story of my experience on that day, in my city.      And hoping you share your experience.    Or were you right here in our city that day ?


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San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and Adventures

If I ever am going to go off the mainland of the USA, it probably would be to San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. 

I’ve never been there, though I’ve been invited there many times.     Some of my grandkids have gone there for the summer, or to visit for smaller visits.  And the adventures that I heard of were wonderful.  And the pictures are beautiful!



Yet, most likely, I will not see that in person.     I’m one of those who uses walking, biking, training, or busing when it comes to adventures.   And so many times, I have used the car on adventures.  Been to South Carolina by bus, and North Carolina by train (from South Carolina), and to DC by Amtrak, and to other states by automobile.   Yes, I love boats.  I’ve taken the “C-Line” around Manhattan, and the Ferry from Brooklyn, to Manhattan, NYS, USA.   And yes, I’ve  been in a kayak, been on a paddleboat, and even been in a rowboat.

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Trying, again….

Lemon Tree Flower 2018

This is last year’s lemon flower.  This is the first flower that appeared on our lemon tree plant.    And it is beautiful.  It grew into a very cool lemon that came up green.  Yes, lemons  come up green and then later they turn yellow.

The green lemon turned yellow and it reached only about the size of half of a dime.

Still, it is the coolest.


Still growing, the lemon plant looks great.    But trying again to get a lemon from this tree plant.

Meyer lemons are the best !

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So, I Took These Photographs

Things that I remember to do, when I remember to do them.

  • Before clicking that shutter button, check all four corners of the shot and all the areas around the margins of the photograph.   Frame that subject properly , whether in the center or off to the side , paying attention, if you want to do so, to the ‘rule of thirds’.
  • Look at your picture, through the viewfinder, and ask yourself if the picture is too complicated, too distracting or simply too ‘busy’ to really enjoy.
  • Consider doing the photograph in a different color, or tone.   Sometimes, depending on the subject, place or time, burnt sienna might be more pleasing than regular black and white or even than a color photograph.
  • Portrait,  ?    Check the person’s head.   There are all too many photographs that are portraits that have a tree or other odd thing sticking out of a person’s head.
  • Brace yourself!   If you are not using a tripod, then brace yourself against something to steady the camera.  Or at the least, bring your elbows into your body instead of posing like someone doing the ‘chicken dance’ while taking that picture.  This simple thing will eliminate most camera shake.
  • Consider the ‘angle’ of the photograph.     I ‘saw’ a picture once, before I snapped the shutter button, I decided to walk around a bit and really look at the different angles of the would-be picture.      See the picture here.     This is the best view that I finally decided on .
  • Consider this — don’t bother with whatever others will think of  your photograph.  You are taking this picture for yourself and or to express yourself to others, or to remember a particular time, place or day.  It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your picture, of your style or of your photographs.   Just keep on keeping on and keep  on taking those photographs!
  • Practice.    That’s about it.   The more photographs you take, the more experienced you will be.  The more mistakes you make, the more ‘best’ photos you will take.  Practice, practice but above all, have fun while you are doing this ‘practice’.






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Birds, Stills & Videos

Birds and Bird Photography… there are all different kinds in this world.    Personally, I don’t do much technologically perfect photography but rather , due to circumstances beyond my control , I  focus on framing, and on the message rather than on the science of taking the pictures.  So here goes, my imperfections , however I love all these pictures because I love birds, and these are real. 

The nature , camping, bird videos are at my  videography site here  (Also, the cheese auction video and others are at this site – check this link )

Nature, Camping, Cheese Auction and More


LINK   to   ‘videos’