This Is Monumental.. I’m IN This Picture

©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet , International and electronic recording rights.   No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author. The Why Of It .. The reason that this photograph is monumental might seem silly to you but, hey , it’s still the reason.     First, a little background .. I’ve been really blessedContinue reading “This Is Monumental.. I’m IN This Picture”

The Library

One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Our World Is In Our Libraries! ©2019lperry  artfromperry   All rights reserved including internet rights , International rights and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author / artist. Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune, God has blessed me with the opportunity toContinue reading “The Library”

The Art of A Photographer ..

I took these photographs over a few years.   The flowers are our flowers, and the Wonder Wheel is in Coney Island.    I took the shadow-selfie on the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC,  NYS USA.    And the odd, old building is in Pennsylvania, not far from Doylestown.  The Unisphere,         of course, was takenContinue reading “The Art of A Photographer ..”

Gone Camping!

Just kidding.    However, I am in the mindset that I’d love to take a walk into nature, either a park or a forest.  It’s that season , and probably about time.  Some of my most favorite spots for camping, not necessarily in order are these:    Hither Hills State Park  , in the Hamptons,Continue reading “Gone Camping!”

Kutztown is the best …

The Kutztown  festival is fabulous as country fairs go.   They have the coolest music and the most interesting food.    And best yet is that the dates are usually the same almost every year.  The fest is held during the fourth of July week, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.   Yes it is a genuine PennsylvaniaContinue reading “Kutztown is the best …”

Photography Hamptons

Some of the places to camp out in the USA that are safe, and or civilized are the campsites at Hither Hills State Park.   You need to reserve at least nine months in advance for these camping spaces.  Yes, they are beautiful!  You can camp out less than 20 feet from the ocean, and thereContinue reading “Photography Hamptons”