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“Pinhole” — Go Do This!

These are my ‘modern’  pinhole style photographs that I took that day that I attended the course in New York City,  New York,  United States of America..

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So, every single year, there’s a community organization that celebrates “National Pinhole Camera”  Day.     Small details:    They charge you about five dollars and you pre-register for the class.    (There’s a picture of some of the class in this slide show — participants all ages, child to adult but children must have an adult present).    So in this class, they supply all the materials to make your first pinhole camera.   That’s one entire class on one day.     Then on another day, you go back to the place to use the camera to take pictures.    It’s all very interesting.

My Story:

Yes, I took the first class and I paid my five dollars.  And, indeed, I did  create my  Pinhole Camera with their supplies.    And, as life would have it, something came up and I didn’t go back to the second class (which is totally outdoors- the first class i s indoors).


This is a personal story of my experience on that day, in my city.      And hoping you share your experience.    Or were you right here in our city that day ?


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San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and Adventures

If I ever am going to go off the mainland of the USA, it probably would be to San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. 

I’ve never been there, though I’ve been invited there many times.     Some of my grandkids have gone there for the summer, or to visit for smaller visits.  And the adventures that I heard of were wonderful.  And the pictures are beautiful!



Yet, most likely, I will not see that in person.     I’m one of those who uses walking, biking, training, or busing when it comes to adventures.   And so many times, I have used the car on adventures.  Been to South Carolina by bus, and North Carolina by train (from South Carolina), and to DC by Amtrak, and to other states by automobile.   Yes, I love boats.  I’ve taken the “C-Line” around Manhattan, and the Ferry from Brooklyn, to Manhattan, NYS, USA.   And yes, I’ve  been in a kayak, been on a paddleboat, and even been in a rowboat.

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What the Innocents Need Now….

(I wrote this about or for the “Turpin” children and the innocent “Turpin” adult children who were held prisoner(s) by their own parents (according to  the news story online).

They need their freedom,  in a safe environment,  good food — of their own choices,  good music – of their own choices,  and good reading material , of their own choices –even if they choose “the Bible”,  everything needs to be their own choices  in a safe, peaceful environment of freedom.

Pray for the children; they are , indeed, miracle children, miracle that they all survived living with human monsters.

Peace .

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Good, and Bad, and Evil

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Discern the difference between ordinary conversation and malicious gossip.  That’s the key to avoiding bullies.   Bullying begins with gossip.     Now that you know this, steer clear of bullies by staying away from those who spread malicious gossip about others.  If they are spreading it about others, for sure, they are talking about  you also.   Bullies never stick to one target.  They need other targets for when the first target isn’t around.   So ditch the bully and go enjoy life! 

What you think of me is none of my business –   Yes, that’s the name of a good book!   

And those words, that is how I get past gossip and past a bully.    I never listen to what the bully says.    Don’t allow anyone’s opinion of you to get you down or to stop you from reaching your goals.   Just keep on keeping on.

When you see a person who spreads malicious lies, keep on walking.   Do not entertain that type of person, and go for the “no contact” rule when it comes to narcissistic bullies.

Keep on keeping on. 

And keep on walking away .

Never let the bully win.

Keep on keeping on .

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