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Art By Another Name ..

Exactly what is art?    How does one create art, with what, how, and when — questions all related to  art and the creation of art… Need to know more ?   Scroll to read the whole article.

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Think Summer!!

Remembering the flowers of summer

….. Most of them are not around yet, some hibernating as bulbs underground, others just hiding as woody plants..

This one flower stays all winter long. And it is still beautiful. All year long this beautiful whitw flower stands tall. I like the light color because it brings a natural light into the garden at night, after dark.

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Bullies? Understanding Bullies?

Na, not in this life.    Let’s ‘understand’ the targets (of bullies) first!

A note on the topic of bullies and understanding them:

“It is sad to see that so many articles are favoring the bullies by first seeking to find out their reason for bullying. Society needs to come to the plate and really first handle the important task of making the  target of the bully feel safe, protected and heard.

Our society has too much emphasis on making bullies feel “heard” .


Let’s listen to the targets, the victims , first and  let the officials, the Deans,  the authorities  or police handle the bullies.  Most seem to forget that most targets are bullied for months or even years before the bullying comes to light . So in a case like that, the target, the victim, the target of the bully really needs to be separated from the bully and the authorities or teachers or those in control of the education systems should take their heads out of the sand and put it on hold a bit as they continue to try to “understand” the bully. I get it that yes, eventually you need to understand the why of it, but not first before putting a space, a distance between the bully and the bully’s target. The school and the officials get it right as they first begin to understand the “target” of the bully rather than trying first to understand the “bully” . There are thousands of people that have had tough lives and yet they don’t resort to bullying. So, as a society, it is not correct to assume that ‘bullies” have a ‘reason’ for bullying. There’s no reason and there are no excuses. This is just another opinion, from a different point of view” . – artfromperry .justbreathe15

In and throughout our school systems and centers there is a theme going on and around. It appears that (some) think that the solution is to understand the bully.

Imagine if you went to court with a murderer — and the victim’s family there — ,  do you think that trying to “understand” the murderer helps the victims or the targets of the murderer?

Somebody needs to come up with  better ideas on handling school and center problems.

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Afternoon Turkeys!

I’d been there a number of times before but, before this I had never, ever seen turkeys there. 

For the most part, I took one of my granddaughters on the road trip to distant place to see the wildlife that lived in the area.    There ere cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers ,chickadees, sparrows, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of other animals in the place, in that space.   After about four or five trips there, seeing all the same wildlife, one day I decided to stay later.  This is the first time that e stayed after 4 PM.   Then late in the afternoon, there they ere.    Seven turkeys trotting out of the woods.

Here’s one.    (See picture)

You can go to the same place ten times and still see something different on the eleventh time you go there.  That’s all I’m saying.


You can stand there with your hand out.  Bring “black oil sunflower seeds”.   The birds and other animals eat out of your hand.     Don’t leave seeds on the ground and wait until all seeds are consumed.    If you leave food or seeds on the ground, you are inviting or feeding mice or other vermin that are not your beautiful birds.  Just saying.

Enjoy your stay at the wildlife sanctuary.    It is fun, educational and a wonderfully, calming experience.

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Try these… Camping in the USA…

Some of the places to camp out in the USA that are safe, and or civilized are the campsites at Hither Hills State Park.   You need to reserve at least nine months in advance for these camping spaces.  Yes, they are beautiful!  You can camp out less than 20 feet from the ocean, and there are tables, concrete pads under the picnic tables, a camp store that has everything you need, a tiny playground, outdoor showers and the store even sells some clothing.      

There’s Hecksher State Park at the end of Long Island there and that’s okay .  Specialty here?   If you want to see deer, this is the place.   Hecksher is nicknamed the “home of the white-tailed deer’.    MOSQUITOES!    Don’t even think of camping out here unless you bring the spray or wipe-on insect repellent.   My first trip there, within minutes, I had bites all over both arms.  

Once in a  while, hardly ever lol, you can set up a day-tent in some of the other parks that do not have camping.    But check with the park people first. 

I’ve camped out in Pennsylvania state parks — love those for the wilderness-type camping.   And yes, watch out for bears.     If you go there, check in with the camp hostess and they ill give you the latest news on if there are bears around or not .

YES! wear something ORANGE!   In some Pennsylvania state parks they permit hunting, and you don’t want to be mistaken for a bear or whatever.        

The feature-picture was taken either at Captree State Park or at Hither Hills State Park. 

Fishing?    Captree is the place.    You can also fish at  the beach (check regulations) wildood State Park in Long Island, New York, USA. 



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Trying, again….

Lemon Tree Flower 2018

This is last year’s lemon flower.  This is the first flower that appeared on our lemon tree plant.    And it is beautiful.  It grew into a very cool lemon that came up green.  Yes, lemons  come up green and then later they turn yellow.

The green lemon turned yellow and it reached only about the size of half of a dime.

Still, it is the coolest.


Still growing, the lemon plant looks great.    But trying again to get a lemon from this tree plant.

Meyer lemons are the best !

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The Lemon


So this is the first lemon, well, the first YELLOW lemon, that our lemon tree plant produced.   It’s tiny, smaller than the dime that is next to it.

First the flowers came out.  Beautiful tiny white and purple flowers.  A few of the flowers dropped off the plant.   A couple of the flowers stayed.   Then, after a while, all of a sudden, a green lemon appeared on the plant in place of the flower.

After another while, the green lemon turned that pretty yellow color and that was our first yellow lemon on the lemon tree plant.

It was really tiny.  The plant was outdoors.  And then one day, when I went outside to check the lemon, I saw that it had fallen or had been taken off the lemon tree plant.  There, on the ground next to the lemon tree plant was our first, small, yellow lemon.

The plant is still alive and once, more we are trying for more lemons.  The whole summer past and no lemons.   It’s freezing out – winter.    We brought the lemon indoors, brought the lemon tree plant indoors and now it rests, gently in the basement .  Presently it is living under the fluorescent lights and soon it will be in its’ own makeshift , soft plastic green house for the winter.

How’s your lemon tree plants?

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Camping Basics

Basic, random ideas for camping out .

  1. First decide what type of camping experience you want to have.  (Ocean, beach camping, wilderness, civilized camping – more amenities, family camping, bike camping, solo camping, or the old “how can you do that”  camping in winter).
  2. Once you decide that, you’ll know which type of tent and what type of equipment you will need to use for your camping experience.
  3. There are some basics  you can bring with you to make any camping experience  a better, easier experience.     Below is the list (take what you need camping and leave the rest).

CAMPING LIST  (beginners and incomplete list)

  • The “gopher” – or the gripper stick.   Use this stick to leave the place as you found it.  You can pick up litter with this and you can get everything off the ground with this stick.
  • Water filter   or fresh water, or camp near a water source .   (If you are camping in the wilderness, remember that if there is a natural water source, like a lake, pond, river etc, most likely there will be wildlife in the area.   Be prepared and be careful.  Never do anything that is not safe for you to do while camping.
  • Dry snacks, raisins, cookies, crackers, chips, and small snacks and foods that do not need cooking.   There you go, you save on bringing less – no cooking, no cooking pots, no washing pots on your trip.  You can bring bananas and fruits.
  • Computer   .  JUST KIDDING.   You really don’t need a computer to go camping.  But it is more fun when you have one.     Okay, that’s not basic.  Maybe that’s “g  l a m ping” .    .
  • Trash containers, plastic bags for clean up. Paper towels or whatever you need.
  • Hiking sticks, canes – really , these help when hiking.
  • Frisbee – game or paper plate holder
  • Tarp – You can make a tent or you can cover a tent with this or you can put this under your tent.
  • If camping in winter, you can use the best sleeping bag that you can afford.   You can get a sleeping bag that is good for 0 degree weather and that’s perfect.
  • Camera ,  Yes, you need a camera or a cellular phone camera to take pictures to document your wonderful camping trip.
  • Strings, cords  – for the tent etc.   Stake the tent down.
  • Good boots or shoes.    Begin with this. Your feet need to be protected and comfortable .    Once you got this covered you are good to go.

Of course, that’s not all you need for camping;  that’s a beginner’s list , just the beginning of the complete camping list of supplies and equipment.

Leave a note with your camping questions.   We  will answer any and all camping questions.

NOTE:  Important note about hiking in the woods: 

If you are going into ANY wooded area, pack a survival kit which has vital survival items,  an emergency blanket, matches or lighters, string or cord, gloves, hat, water container, water purification tablets or filter.   

There have been too many instances of ordinary people just taking a day hike into a park or woods and they couldn’t survive after they got lost .  They never intended to get lost, not many people do.  And after they were lost, they had no ‘back up’ and no emergency kit to help save their lives.    (TELL someone where you are going, leave a map or direct location, and when possible, carry a GPS system and or a cellular phone with gps).  

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Flowers …

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Lemon Tree Flower 2018

One of our lemon tree plants has developed some tiny flowers.  This is one flower.   Most of them fell off, but a couple remain.

How’s your lemon trees doing?

Any helpful hints?

Need helpful hints?

I do believe that soon , this year or next year, we might just have a couple of lemons off of this cool tree plant.


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Photography Over The Years

These pictures “in circles”  are each just a small part of the original photograph.    But they are interesting even though you see a little bit of every photograph.

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Different windows, over the years, some reflections, other cloudy windows , some just ordinary windows.

Windows really make the difference in a room, in a space.  They make the difference between a place being just an ordinary room and a space that becomes extraordinary every day because each day, the view from the window changes, depending on the weather, depending on the reflections and depending on what the person sees outside or inside.

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Yesterday’s Robins….

For the most part, I’m really into being into ‘today’.   But hey, there’s a first time for everything.   And today, I’m remembering something that happened yesterday.



I was out in the grassy area and by the trees, just looking at the trees.   Every once in  a  while, you would hear this little shower of something.  And looking deep into the trees, you saw this leaf falling, and then another leaf falling.   And there was this faint shower of leaves dropping from the trees.  It brought back such good memories to me.  It reminded me of being in the forest, many years ago, and seeing the ultimate shower of leaves, hundreds of them falling at one time.  They made this tiny, almost invisible sound, the leaves landing, brushing against the branches, a truly magnificent, nature’s sound.


Pictures, another time.  It was beautiful.  Yes, of course, the pictures are from the cellular camera, so far.    But this entry isn’t about photography, it’s about ‘yesterday’s robins’.


We were standing by the fence back there, near the trees and I heard a sound.  Wow.  Aww….this very cool robin landed there in the trees.  And it was nice seeing these little birds again.   Another bird landed somewhere else, and it truly looked as if it had been in a battle, feathers ruffled, the color almost gone out of the bird’s body, but , still flying, still living, still taking in nature and checking out the people around him.   Two birds, most beautiful, yesterday’s robins.

Nice nature break, a mini-retreat in the middle of a very, busy, noisy day.  Now that was soothing.    Sometimes when you have the chance, get out of the city, away from the noise and go visit with nature.


On youtube Live like you were dying

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Never Judge a Book by the Cover

All over the world, people look at you, and some (just some) judge you, by the way that you dress, the way that you talk, the way you walk, by how you get around, by the car you drive, by the car you don’t drive, and by the way that you present yourself to the world.  

What some don’t realize is that eventually, yes, eventually, everyone looks the same.  We come into this world , almost , looking the same and everyone really comes into the world empty handed, except for their most wonderful beautiful brain, spirit, heart and attitude.

Look again.



That person that you judge as being “not worth being around” might just be the one who is one with heart.  Yea, I know.

Everyone has a heart right?


But some use their heart to guide them to a better place, to a place of peace, to a place where it’s okay to be you.   And others might use their heart to do the opposite.

Hearts are invisible on first impressions.  And hearts don’t show themselves in clothing, vehicles, or in any type of physical or material surroundings.

Remember that next time you see someone that you think comes from a different world than you come from.    Everyone comes from the same place.

And then you either live and grown and flourish,  or you build a wall around yourself that keeps creativity, curiosity, warmth, spirit and growth away from you, and you can get stuck in a rut that becomes too hard to get out of.



Are you a stuck up individual who looks down on other human beings because of their surroundings, their clothing, the vehicles or lack of vehicles, or other material or physical things or possessions?

Look again.   Look closer.

And then look inside yourself.

And then look around you.

Are you bathed in insincerity?   Are you covered with “yes men” ?   Are you surrounded by people who will tell you only that which you want to hear?   Are you surrounded by “all the king’s men”?   Are you surrounded by the same people who saw what the “Emperor” was wearing (nothing!) but didn’t say a word?



The Emperor’s New Clothing  wasn’t clothing at all.

Are you naked but nobody around you is friend enough to tell you?

Ahh, yes, I know.

None of that makes sense to you.

That’s okay.

It’s okay to be you.

Read “The Emperor’s New Clothing” , and then while you are at it, get a copy of the  “Aesop’s Fables”.   And then read that other children’s book, “The King’s Stilts”.



You just might learn a thing or two.