The First Step …

DISCLAIMER:     I am not an electrician, nor a handyman.   Therefore, don’t do any of this at home without proper instruction, supervision or licensing.   This process involves only a couple of screwdrivers, and some safety information, however, you should have a  trained electrician or professional worker do the work for you if you are unqualifiedContinue reading “The First Step …”

This is good! Someone’s blog about Bots … Please read in full, The Plight Of The Twitter Bot

I read this entry about BOTs and scams .  This is excellent information and everyone should find time to read it.  Some of the things I knew but some of the information was new to me – artfromperry   via The Plight Of The Twitter Bot

Television Production A4

TELEVISION PRODUCTION   (Community Television Production) (This is an article in a series of articles about community television production and related topics). ©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from author/artist. Back To Basics    VIDEO BASICS One of the best offline ways to learn aboutContinue reading “Television Production A4”

This Little Seedling

It  Is  A  Mango  Seed   Pod    Months ago, I  purchased one of those yellow mangos .  I ate the mango, and saved the seed pod.    Seems you have to actually crack the pod open before you plant the seed . I’ve tried this before  — but I didn’t know that you had toContinue reading “This Little Seedling”

The Library

One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Our World Is In Our Libraries! ©2019lperry  artfromperry   All rights reserved including internet rights , International rights and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author / artist. Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune, God has blessed me with the opportunity toContinue reading “The Library”

The Best Writing Conference in NYC, USA

Should I Say That I Loved This One?  Though it was decades ago, I remember this forever.    I had the one writing (well, writing-related) experience in New York City,  USA.    It was during a time that I could not afford to attend this conference, workshop but I knew in my heart that IContinue reading “The Best Writing Conference in NYC, USA”

Turkeys and Other City Birds

I really miss photographing birds.  It’s been ages since I’ve gone out to photograph the birds, any birds.  The picture of the birds here (above), I took one day while I went out to the supermarket.  There was this puddle .  Someone was feeding the birds there, from their car.   And, it is illegal toContinue reading “Turkeys and Other City Birds”

Gone Camping!

Just kidding.    However, I am in the mindset that I’d love to take a walk into nature, either a park or a forest.  It’s that season , and probably about time.  Some of my most favorite spots for camping, not necessarily in order are these:    Hither Hills State Park  , in the Hamptons,Continue reading “Gone Camping!”

Hobbies Rock …

I took these pictures a while back.      Other pictures, that I took more recently are going to be added in a different entry . Everyone needs balance in their life.   And that’s one of the reasons that I love taking pictures.     Photography provides some balance, some time for relaxation, inContinue reading “Hobbies Rock …”