PDF On Chromebook?

Still, In Experimental Stages This past year,  I started using a Chromebook since I had accidentally ruined my favorite computer, the Apple Air.    Big changes, big switch, huge difference in laptops, for sure. However, I am determined to make the best of it. So, for the next few months or so, I am goingContinue reading “PDF On Chromebook?”

So, A Co-Worker and I Stayed At A Dude Ranch

One Full Week At  A  Dude Ranch .. ©2019lperry All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights .    artfromperry When I was younger, and when I was riding horses more than I do now (I don’t ride right now, at all), I did ride and I had my share of injuries …Continue reading “So, A Co-Worker and I Stayed At A Dude Ranch”

Photography Freedom

You are not allowed to express your opinion if your opinion differs with someone else’s opinion. You are not allowed to your own freedom of speech if your freedom of speech disagrees with my opinion. what’s up with that? Since when does freedom of speech begin with ‘your” opinion only? Here’s my valid opinion. DoContinue reading “Photography Freedom”