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Pulitzer-PrizeWinning Krauthammer …

There you go, a neutral source for your questions and answers .

Earlier, I found this video on another site.   And this guy is real, and equal and fair.  In other words, this guy is a legit journalist.    (RIP Charles Krauthammer) .
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Afternoon Turkeys!

I’d been there a number of times before but, before this I had never, ever seen turkeys there. 

For the most part, I took one of my granddaughters on the road trip to distant place to see the wildlife that lived in the area.    There ere cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers ,chickadees, sparrows, squirrels, chipmunks, and lots of other animals in the place, in that space.   After about four or five trips there, seeing all the same wildlife, one day I decided to stay later.  This is the first time that e stayed after 4 PM.   Then late in the afternoon, there they ere.    Seven turkeys trotting out of the woods.

Here’s one.    (See picture)

You can go to the same place ten times and still see something different on the eleventh time you go there.  That’s all I’m saying.


You can stand there with your hand out.  Bring “black oil sunflower seeds”.   The birds and other animals eat out of your hand.     Don’t leave seeds on the ground and wait until all seeds are consumed.    If you leave food or seeds on the ground, you are inviting or feeding mice or other vermin that are not your beautiful birds.  Just saying.

Enjoy your stay at the wildlife sanctuary.    It is fun, educational and a wonderfully, calming experience.

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That’s All I have to say for Now..

20180827_104531~2-1930035226..jpgThis is one of my UNFINISHED collage/painting/photography works  … yes, still not finished.   I began this one about two years ago, and I’m just not got back around to finishing it.  Yes. the paint tube is part of the picture (and part of my tools for this art piece).      artfromperry


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San Sebastian, Puerto Rico and Adventures

If I ever am going to go off the mainland of the USA, it probably would be to San Sebastian, Puerto Rico. 

I’ve never been there, though I’ve been invited there many times.     Some of my grandkids have gone there for the summer, or to visit for smaller visits.  And the adventures that I heard of were wonderful.  And the pictures are beautiful!



Yet, most likely, I will not see that in person.     I’m one of those who uses walking, biking, training, or busing when it comes to adventures.   And so many times, I have used the car on adventures.  Been to South Carolina by bus, and North Carolina by train (from South Carolina), and to DC by Amtrak, and to other states by automobile.   Yes, I love boats.  I’ve taken the “C-Line” around Manhattan, and the Ferry from Brooklyn, to Manhattan, NYS, USA.   And yes, I’ve  been in a kayak, been on a paddleboat, and even been in a rowboat.

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Trying, again….

Lemon Tree Flower 2018

This is last year’s lemon flower.  This is the first flower that appeared on our lemon tree plant.    And it is beautiful.  It grew into a very cool lemon that came up green.  Yes, lemons  come up green and then later they turn yellow.

The green lemon turned yellow and it reached only about the size of half of a dime.

Still, it is the coolest.


Still growing, the lemon plant looks great.    But trying again to get a lemon from this tree plant.

Meyer lemons are the best !

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Beginner’s Veggie Garden…

Yes, you can plant tomatoes.  And yes, you can have cute little tomato plants, even in cold weather , even indoors. 

Try this:

Take a planter full of dirt or a mug of dirt.   Take your tomato – after you cut it in half.  You can eat half of the tomato and take the other half and plant it in the dirt.   Give it lots of light, sun, and some water  and great drainage.



(Place a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter to cover the hole in the planter.   The coffee filter will prevent all the dirt from washing out of the planter hole when you  water the dirt).

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Signs of a Good Instructor

Some of the signs of a good instructor: 

  1.  They have the right focus – they teach the subject that they are being paid to teach.  They stick to the topic. 
  2. They do not go off on tangents or on rants because of their own personal views. 
  3. They leave their personal lives and personal choices out of the conversation in classes. 
  4. They respect their students — all of their students, not just the ones that do work for them or that help them out.   
  5. They treat everyone equally.   That’s right – they treat everyone equally.   
  6. They leave politics and political agendas out of the classroom unless the course is about politics or history.   They know enough to leave their personal opinions out of the classroom, especially if they know that they can not control their temper around the issue of politics . 
  7. They know what they are there – in the classroom-  to teach and they stick to that topic. 
  8. Basically, we all know the signs of a good teacher, the bottom line is that they teach!   They realize they are in the room to teach — not to propagandize and not to push students to agree with them on political issues that they don’t agree on.  So, hence,  teachers keep your politics out of the room.  


Schools and senior centers, and colleges and universities are places of learning, places of connection, places of growth, and places here many human beings from all different backgrounds become connected through conversation, ideas, thoughts, opinions and through personal growth and work towards unity in spirit and unity in the world. 

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The First ‘yellow’ Lemon …

Ahh, it’s beautiful!   It came in as a green lemon, of course, as they all do.  And then after a short while, it turned yellow, still the size of a tiny, tiny, tiny lemon.   Notice the size next to the dime there.  Still, I believe that’s a beautiful lemon.

I walked over to the little lemon tree and found that , again, someone had knocked the lemon off the tree.   Back to step one.

This fall/winter, all the leaves will fall of this lemon tree and then later in spring and summer, all the leaves will grow back.     And yes, I’m going to give it the same “Florida” treatment in the winter and that will bring us more lemon flowers.   Hopefully, the next year will bring new lemons from the lemon flowers and those lemons will remain on the branches.    Peace.


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Flowers …

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Lemon Tree Flower 2018

One of our lemon tree plants has developed some tiny flowers.  This is one flower.   Most of them fell off, but a couple remain.

How’s your lemon trees doing?

Any helpful hints?

Need helpful hints?

I do believe that soon , this year or next year, we might just have a couple of lemons off of this cool tree plant.


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Photography Over The Years

These pictures “in circles”  are each just a small part of the original photograph.    But they are interesting even though you see a little bit of every photograph.

Everything at this newsletter/blog is copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission from the artist/author 

©2000-2018 LindaPerry   ,  ©2018 Linda Perry  All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic and recording /recorded rights.  





All pictures and writing in this blog – copyrighted.  No copies without prior written permission of the artist/author.  Thank you for reading and thank you for participating in this blog.


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Thanksgiving Craft Items!

Thanksgiving crafts, netting, pumpkins, and glue guns.   There was a crafts’ night and  the organization supplied all the glue guns to use, the leaves and the pumpkins.

First you put a netting around the pumpkin, add the raffia, add some leaves, some beads and whatever decorations you like.   And there was this really cute little sign that said, “Add the ribbon and you are finished!

These are the small and medium glue guns.  Personally I like the larger Aileen’s glue gun better.  But for that one time, the borrowed glue guns really did the trick!  Thanks much for the crafts lesson!


In the Gardens Slideshow

It’s WINTER and right now the garden looks like it was hit by a truck however  in spring and summer it looks way better.


SLIDESHOW of the gardens in the USA

Various flowers and plants

Many of the flowers and veggies, and other pictures were taken in our garden…and in neighbors’ gardens and in gardens throughout the USA

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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