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Pulitzer-PrizeWinning Krauthammer …

There you go, a neutral source for your questions and answers .

Earlier, I found this video on another site.   And this guy is real, and equal and fair.  In other words, this guy is a legit journalist.    (RIP Charles Krauthammer) .
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Good Neighbors, gratitude, Helpful Ideas & Pins

Beginner’s Veggie Garden…

Yes, you can plant tomatoes.  And yes, you can have cute little tomato plants, even in cold weather , even indoors. 

Try this:

Take a planter full of dirt or a mug of dirt.   Take your tomato – after you cut it in half.  You can eat half of the tomato and take the other half and plant it in the dirt.   Give it lots of light, sun, and some water  and great drainage.



(Place a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter to cover the hole in the planter.   The coffee filter will prevent all the dirt from washing out of the planter hole when you  water the dirt).

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