Are You Lost?

The Solution is Easy.    ©2019lperry  All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights.   No copies without prior written permission from author/artist. Well, the holidays are here and they are still coming.   And if you are feeling lost or stressed, as it says up there in the title of this entry, the solutionContinue reading “Are You Lost?”

Could Homemade Soup Be The Answer?

Seriously, I am not joking.  Just from my own experience, as I enjoy homemade soup, more and more and as I notice that my breathing problems are no longer my breathing problems, I can’t help think, “Can homemade soup be the answer”? Now, if I was to answer my own question, with facts, opinions andContinue reading “Could Homemade Soup Be The Answer?”

Two Bowls of Homemade … (read more)

People that know me would never imagine that this is, a true story.   Nothing big, nothing huge, probably nothing out of the ordinary for most people, but for me, hmm,  “she did that”? Today, I made a small pot of homemade “tomato, rice, broccoli” soup.     And it was perfect.   And the unusual part forContinue reading “Two Bowls of Homemade … (read more)”

This Little Seedling

It  Is  A  Mango  Seed   Pod    Months ago, I  purchased one of those yellow mangos .  I ate the mango, and saved the seed pod.    Seems you have to actually crack the pod open before you plant the seed . I’ve tried this before  — but I didn’t know that you had toContinue reading “This Little Seedling”