Art, My Style..and My Father

©2019lperry   All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic recording rights. No copies without prior written permission from the artist /author So,  I have all these photographs on flickr .  I put them there so I know where they are , smiles.  I can go to flickr and find a huge portion of my art. Continue reading “Art, My Style..and My Father”

This is good! Someone’s blog about Bots … Please read in full, The Plight Of The Twitter Bot

I read this entry about BOTs and scams .  This is excellent information and everyone should find time to read it.  Some of the things I knew but some of the information was new to me – artfromperry   via The Plight Of The Twitter Bot

The Library

One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Our World Is In Our Libraries! ©2019lperry  artfromperry   All rights reserved including internet rights , International rights and electronic recording rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author / artist. Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune, God has blessed me with the opportunity toContinue reading “The Library”

The Smile

I    Love   This   Kid’s    Smile.. Yes, of course he’s not a little kid anymore, but still,  I love this kid’s smile.        I have three kids (adults) and three grandkids.   Smiles.  And every one of them is really tired of me taking pictures .  Smiles.  

My Only Tattoo

My only tattoo,  So, we waited on line to get these tattoos.    The line was long but I figured that since I never had a tattoo before (and would never get another one, smiles), I would wait on the line.    The picture is my grandson’s arm and my arm with our new tattoos.Continue reading “My Only Tattoo”

Turkeys and Other City Birds

I really miss photographing birds.  It’s been ages since I’ve gone out to photograph the birds, any birds.  The picture of the birds here (above), I took one day while I went out to the supermarket.  There was this puddle .  Someone was feeding the birds there, from their car.   And, it is illegal toContinue reading “Turkeys and Other City Birds”

©2019artfromperry “For most of my life, I’ve been told what to do, what to say, where to go and pretty much everything else.   And now, in our country,  it is hard to be online and say that you support our President.. The reason it takes courage to admit this, publicly, is because people are beingContinue reading

Current Events, Do You Dare ?

I’ve watched enough politics on television and I guess that is all there is to see.    And so, I’ve made a conscious decision to stop watching the news for a while, for at least a few weeks.   News- breather .   Nothing is going to change , that drastically, over the next few weeks soContinue reading “Current Events, Do You Dare ?”

Johns Hopkins Childrens Heart Surgery Units, the famous hospital and updates

This is about the Florida ‘news’.   I hadn’t seen this in the news at all, least not here on the East Coast.    Have you seen the articles and if so, what do you think of this news about the children’s heart surgery unit, and the ‘settlements’. There are many links online.   IContinue reading “Johns Hopkins Childrens Heart Surgery Units, the famous hospital and updates”

Gone Camping!

Just kidding.    However, I am in the mindset that I’d love to take a walk into nature, either a park or a forest.  It’s that season , and probably about time.  Some of my most favorite spots for camping, not necessarily in order are these:    Hither Hills State Park  , in the Hamptons,Continue reading “Gone Camping!”

Hobbies Rock …

I took these pictures a while back.      Other pictures, that I took more recently are going to be added in a different entry . Everyone needs balance in their life.   And that’s one of the reasons that I love taking pictures.     Photography provides some balance, some time for relaxation, inContinue reading “Hobbies Rock …”

This Beautiful Bird..

I took this picture of this beautiful bird back in 2015.      He had a broken wing but still he is a most beautiful bird.     They rescued this bird and brought him in from the wild and bring him around to educate people about wildlife, and nature. I just love birds…  theyContinue reading “This Beautiful Bird..”

#DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed-20 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions…. — Best DIY ideas

This seems like a great idea for those gardens that get run over by cars. In our city, there are some crosswalks that have had a lot of accidents.     At these corners, some of the cars come up even as far as the gardens or houses.      when replacing fences that haveContinue reading “#DIY Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed-20 DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas Instructions…. — Best DIY ideas”

Grazie …

Thank you for reading here.   Just asking, can you help me out with this ? Checking to make sure the blog is working correctly.   Can you leave a comment, even a word or 2 ?    Are the buttons there working? Thanks much if you can help  out with this . Truth isContinue reading “Grazie …”

You Miss That?

  Yes, the facts, only the facts, folks. I really miss trying to play the ukulele.    (Yes, I said, “trying” , because I haven’t learned how to play a song, yet.  That is one of my goals, to eventually learn how to play this cute little instrument.  Yes, I did begin a collage onContinue reading “You Miss That?”

Some Cherry Blossom Trees without the Tree … Peaceful week …

For this picture I am presenting the Cherry Blossom tree in a ‘different’ way.   In this picture, if you look close, you will see all parts of the tree.    In the upper-right hand corner you see a glimpse of the trunk of the tree, right in the corner there.   In the glassContinue reading “Some Cherry Blossom Trees without the Tree … Peaceful week …”

Over the Bridge and more

I took those pictures as I walked over the VNB  (Verrazano) , during the parade .  Pictured is the  25th Anniversary of the Bridge. .. The bridge is closed to traffic on that day and there are parades of people and the seven original cars that first crossed the bridge.  Nice parade, great day. Silly, at theContinue reading “Over the Bridge and more”

If You Must ………..

Smiles,  if you must have an addiction of some sorts, go in the direction of books and of libraries and of book stores .  You can’t go wrong  with this kind of stuff.  And the only side effects of this addiction are knowledge, wisdom, education, socialization, fun, science, art, and all wonderful things in the world.     And mostContinue reading “If You Must ………..”

Sometimes the …

Yes, I kno, horrible photographs of the animals.  Taken from the car on a commercial safari in the park.    But they are loose there.   To me, too dangerous.  These guys are heavy as a car or sometimes even heavier .    Don’t be walking around these guys even if they do seem peaceful-looking.Continue reading “Sometimes the …”

Just Old …

Featured picture today is an old piece of photography equipment .    It is wooden with a glass screen there, and I figured it would just make a great picture showing our tree, in the reflection of the glass. another picture below – unrelated to the other pictures in this entry.    An old selfieContinue reading “Just Old …”

He knows what he is talking about

First,  there are 3 recommended books for people that are dealing with  bullies, not necessarily in order but theses are the 3 books: DO YOU  by someone named Cohen (not sure of first name)  FREE US FROM BULLYING   by Paul T. Coughlin THE GIFT OF FEAR  by Gavin DeBecker     And there’s oneContinue reading “He knows what he is talking about”

with Summer Approaching…

It is going to be quite some time before the tomatoes become visible on the plants.  (This picture is from last year or the year before that.     In the photo, there is a combination of home tomatoes, a store tomato and a friend’s tomato. I remember the day that I got to tasteContinue reading “with Summer Approaching…”

Highly-Recommended Book for all Schools and Centers

Teachers, Administrators, Deans, Principals, Guidance Counselors,  seriously , you need to get this book topic is        bullies For decades,  school authorities , personnel and administrators have been handling these problems all wrong. It’s about time that people get to the business of really making a difference in your school’s future . First,Continue reading “Highly-Recommended Book for all Schools and Centers”

Thank You for Remembering Us…

Yesterday, someone brought us a great Easter surprise.     That just so made  me smile big time.   Thank you so, very very much! It seems at the most appropriate times, these surprises happen, yet, not ‘just happen’.   It seemed to be well-thought out…and wrapped up with great peace and heart…and that is justContinue reading “Thank You for Remembering Us…”

Just Saying..

At the end of this entry there is a slideshow of some of my art, photography, collage, painting etc.   posters. Here’s the entry  whatever happens is supposed to happen.    You can add or subtract to your day and to your life by making good choices.     Making good choices changes a person’s day,Continue reading “Just Saying..”

So, is it Tomato Time?

It’s almost time, right ?  Some plant tomatos in May, some in April.  But if you have planted them already, they do survive if you keep them indoors.   I’ve planted some seeds into small containers, indoors, and I planted them almost a month ago. (Too soon, right? ) .   They are still aliveContinue reading “So, is it Tomato Time?”

Is it Art? ….

Smiles. Yes, it’s art.  But here is a longer answer to that huge question. artfromperry       After my slideshow here, at the end of this   note,  I post the link to the person’s journal that asks the question   , “is it art”? In answer to your question – Is this art?Continue reading “Is it Art? ….”

Someone is always offended when you give your opinion of anything…..

For sure, no doubt, there always someone offended when you give an opinion and truth is that I’m never trying to offend someone but it happens without even me trying.  So, I’ve decided to limit my serious opinions to this site and also to real television.   If I have anything to say about important issues thatContinue reading “Someone is always offended when you give your opinion of anything…..”


  So, out of fear, I didn’t arrange for the trip into the forest that last year.   You know, I don’t fly, and there lots of other fears, so I never even filled the application out to go to the wilderness school.  It as something that I always wanted to do, but I didn’tContinue reading “So,”

Ever Thought About This?

Being kind to a person (while staying safe, of course) is one of the best gifts you can give to a person and to yourself.             I’ve thought about this sometimes because of  an experience that I had.     It is good to remember that nobody really knows  the thingsContinue reading “Ever Thought About This?”

What’s Dr. Phil’s Opinion on Bullies?

Seriously, I don’t like the Dr. Phil show, however, I did a  search on this particular topic and this is the video that I came up with.   He clearly gives his opinion of what he thinks of bullies . scroll to hear his opinions  and to see the video of part of his televisionContinue reading “What’s Dr. Phil’s Opinion on Bullies?”

The Color Red..

The Color Red …. walking into the room, I sway the red cloth around, as if I am in the ring at a popular bull fight in Spain. … the color red. what do you think of when you see the color red?   If you were in the ring, that day , with theContinue reading “The Color Red..”

Pictures and Links

Decades ago, I took photographs during a television show, years later, I put some of them together and created an abstract kind-of picture.   Sometimes speaking out with pictures can have a totally different meaning than speaking out directly in words. More pictures are below this link here.   (This link goes to one ofContinue reading “Pictures and Links”

A New Look to the Place Here Online

So been checking out a few different themes and I happen to like this one so far. Happy Valentine’s Day EVERYONE! Remember the peace and love and joy that we are all given freely from Jesus Christ.    with this, you have everything you need to go forward in life.   You might be goingContinue reading “A New Look to the Place Here Online”

Photography Birds

I’d been there a number of times before but, before this I had never, ever seen turkeys there.  For the most part, I took one of my granddaughters on the road trip to distant place to see the wildlife that lived in the area.    There ere cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers ,chickadees, sparrows, squirrels, chipmunks, andContinue reading “Photography Birds”