Helpful Hints

What I love about certain apps is their collections of helpful hints, or as they say, “Life Hacks”.

Here’s some of the things that I’ve learned, some ideas, some helpful hints.

  1. If you are mailing away for something, an offer or product or magazine, put a code into your name . If that company sells or gives your information away, you’ll be able to know as soon as you get the junk mail from the company that you never ordered from. This is very helpful information. For example, you order a pair of shoes. You place the code, “JH” (for Jack’s Shoes, the name of the store) into your name area, as a middle name etc. Then if Jack’s Shoe store sells your name and address to Max’s Show Store, when you get the envelope addressed to you, the code, JH will be in the middle name of the envelope. So, as soon as you get the junk mail, you know that Jack’s Shoe store sold your info to Max’s Shoe Store. (These names are only examples, not real stores). Now you can telephone or email Jack’s Shoe store and let them know that you know! Got credit or coupons as an apology? Maybe

There are many other life hacks or helpful hints that you can find online. Happy hunting.

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PICTURE unrelated to post. This is just a feature picture that I took. I love taking picitures. Everything is copyrighted.

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