Holidays? Don’t Worry, It’ll Be Ok

I know today, that some, targets are having a hard time because the bully is pressuring them to spend time with them (the bully) because it’s holiday time. 

So.  I post this as a reminder,  don’t let the bully win.  Don’t spend time with the bully, and don’t go anywhere with the bully . Just be with yourself or with your friends or other relatives, and be you.  Enjoy the holidays and enjoy the HolyDays.


Here are some videos for you as reminders.



Edited:  May 2020 .    I avoided a bully for six decades, over six decades, and finally, I can say that I am free.  The bully is still around, but the change is that I am free.   I know that this time,  I know that I no longer have to be around her.  I, no longer, have to put up with her, and I no longer have to be in contact with her.   I have learned and it’s finally gotten through to me, that you can forgive someone from a distance.  And you can stay that distance.  Keep the distance between you and a bully if you are being bullied. It doesn’t matter whom the bully is, forgive and then keep your distance.


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