My Book List .. for today

I’ve Already Read These Books

I’ve read these already  .. but some of them I’d like to keep or get a paperback copy of . 

And, some of the books that I have read this year and last year are: 

The Holy Bible ,     I love this book!  And I have a few copies, paperback and hardcover.

Draw Your Weapons   (I forgot the author’s name – might be Sarah Sentilles ).  Though this is the type of book I generally don’t read, I got an amazing insight out of this one, one particular paragraph.  And so, this is a hardcover book that I am keeping.

Billionaire at the Barricades  (forgot the author’s name)

Back To One

Playing Ball on Running Water 

The United States of Trump  –  I think that O’Reilly wrote that , not sure .  I’ll look it up and post it some other time.

Susan Boyle   – This autobiography is wonderful!

How to Draw Birds  (forgot the author )     This book is at the library and it’s terrific.  I haven’t drawn any birds yet, but I have photographed many of them.  I’ll get around to drawing them .     I can see this one being a good reference book and eventually, I’ll get a copy for myself  -to keep.

Are These On Ebay Anywhere?    I am going to get paperback copies of these, eventually..

Free Us From Bullying  –  Paul T Coughlin     — This book is almost impossible to find anywhere and it’s so good!    If you want this book you have to order it at the bookstore or ask your librarians to get this book in your local library.  


Do You  –  Ben or Bernard Cohen  (This is about bullying awareness but so much more about surviving and living joyfully )

Life 101    (I need another paperback copy).

Ghosts of the Missing –  Kathleen Donohoe

Writers Market 2020  – This is a great series that comes out every year (and the title changes, of course, depending on the year).

Readers Digest  – Sure it’s a magazine but it’s so much more a book.   Smiles.  Love the Readers Digest Large Print, the perfect book.

Oh, I love paperback books (besides hard covers).

And speaking of paperbacks, I love these magazines,   Smithsonian, Readers Digest, Family Circle, Psychology Today (some issues), Family Networker   ,  Farmers Almanac,

Utne magazine,   Handyman,  This Old House, Women’s Day,  Psychologies (a foreign publication)  ,     Outdoor Photography,  Backpacker,

FLOW , wow, now that’s a magazine that’s the price of a book, smiles, but that’s some creative publication.   This darn magazine can cost up to 25 or 30 dollars, depending on the issue.   Smiles.  Yea,  I haven’t bought one for over two or three years.


I love reading almost any non-fiction books on almost any topic.    I have a deep interest in  nature, photography, gardens, genuine spirituality, Christianity, music,  art (without the nudity. Yes, you can have art and admire art without needing nudity)   Wow, what a controversial statement. Smiles.    And I  like current events but without the anger and the bologna . Another controversial statement.   Smiles.   That’s okay, this is my blog and that means I can say things that are on my mind — marking them  “my opinion”.

Some of my favorite books  are

Susan Boyle, (her autobiography)

Story of My Life – Helen Keller

The Sully book (forgot the name , but it’s about the pilot that landed that plane in the ocean)

Aesop’s Fables  .  This book is totally too cool!

NOTE:    SOME of the pictures in this entry have nothing at all to do with the words or with the book titles.

The aftermath of one of the traumas .   Fortunately, I survived and fortunately, nobody else was hurt in this accident.



About Bullying Awareness  and 

Reading helps me in so many ways.     Way back in 2013, a series of tragedies,  among other things, swept over my life.     Reading helped me back then and it continues to help me pick up the pieces.   2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015.   and another year.    And you’d think that after a few years life would just be all roses and hunky dory but naww.

Still Picking Up The Pieces 

Life is more difficult than usual when you are being bullied.   I’m happy to say that I have escaped the bully, and have had no contact for a few years.    I am still picking up the pieces of many crushing disasters.     Something that has affected me the most is the bullying .. because it was, seemingly, endless.    It is from that , that I am still feeling the pain from , physical, emotional ..still recovering from what was done to me and to my life.

Still Picking Up The Pieces and Trying To Recover..

You won’t understand this unless you have been the target of a persistent narcissistic bully.        Through my faith, I’ve gotten past the tragedies,  and live in the present moment, living life joyfully, but the bullying is the part of life that has affected my life in so many negative ways .  How do you put the past behind you when the bully brings it back to your present moment?   Good question.  I’ve finally found a way to do that, to be free from the bully.   (I write about it not because of me, but because if my writing of my experience can help someone, that is a good thing).

Remember, Readers, There’s Always Hope.
Believe that and you will always succeed. 

If you are being bullied, please remember that there’s always hope.   Keep on keeping on, and you will be  successful in conquering the bully.    Tell someone.   The more you keep it a secret , the more the bully wins .       And keep on keeping on.  Never let the bully win.

More books:

LIFE 101

You Can  Not Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought

All good books





Over the years, I have been gifted with so many wonderful books..    and I think one of my most favorites is the autobiography of Susan Boyle,   and the book called, “Mom”.   and the book about the wall .  (I think it was called The Wall, but I’m not sure).

MOM –   And I forgot the authors name    ..totally cool book

Den of Lions that’s some book

And the book about the journalist  – Pearl   ,

ARTFROMPERRY photographs 2019-03-27 at 5.32.13 AM

The book about the wall  — I think it is called The Wall  . about the wall  that was in Germany

The Art of War  –   yea , smiles,  I’m tired and forgot the name of this author also.

Agent of Change  –  paperback

I’ve read numerous books on art, art techniques, and some books on psychology, and other topics.


artfromperry3.pngBack to One  –    FTA

Mind Over Medicine  by Dr Lissa Rankin  This is one great book!

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway  –  by Jeffers .    This book has a most horrible title  lol but it’s one great book and it is extra fab because it is available in paperback.

Focusing  – by Gendling  (not sure of authors name , might be Eugene Gendling or something like that.

oh, and totally loved the books about Mr Rogers .. He is too cool.

Okay this list is long and there are about two thousand other books that I want to add to it.  What are your favorite books and why?



And I loved the book called,   Playing Ball on Running Water  .   FTA

Born to Win ,  I read that probably decades ago but  it’s one of those , yea, a good reference book.   smiles, and again, I forgot the author’s name .


Maybe you guys can help and send some author’s names in the comments sections? – if you read any of those?  Thanks.



















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