PDF On Chromebook?

Still, In Experimental Stages

This past year,  I started using a Chromebook since I had accidentally ruined my favorite computer, the Apple Air.    Big changes, big switch, huge difference in laptops, for sure. However, I am determined to make the best of it.

So, for the next few months or so, I am going to be doing some experiments with the laptop, to see if I can add any free programs or extensions or anything to this computer to make things easier, to save time and to save space.  You might be interested in this entry if you are using a Chromebook for the first time or for the first year. 

What About PDF?

Chromebook doesn’t come with any programs.  It just uses Chrome.   And I was checking out some PDF programs, but  I don’t want to add any programs, so far, that I have to pay for.   Looking for free programs to do different things on Chrome to improve the basic Chrome .   If you have been using Chromebook for a while and you have information  to share, I’d love to hear it.  Kindly leave comments.  And also, if you haven’t used the Chromebook for a while, add your questions, ideas and suggestions.  Thanks much.

Back To My Experiment

So, I did some searching and found this whole page that was about PDF and Chrome.  It said something about an ‘extension’.    I went to the website and I clicked there.  I add it , downloaded it to my computer.   Of course since I’m a beginner, I have no idea where the thing went into my computer and I’m looking for it ever since . 

However, I did find this, when I was looking through media.    I had managed to convert a photograph, a .jpeg to a PDF document here on the Chromebook.    The link is here, and this ie exactly how you share something like this.  I put the picture through the process which took only a few moments.  And the end product was that Chrome gave a link to me, that I can put into any document online.  Copy the link into the document.  Now when anyone clicks the link, they are transported to this page with the photograph that is now a PDF instead of being a .JPEG.   Somehow, I managed to save this linked picture into the media section of my word press here.    Now it shows up , in the media section, only as an illustration of a document and it says PDF.

Now when I write an entry, I can click that icon which is in the media section, and when I click it, it puts the picture right here.


So, there’s the link.   When you click that link there, you are taken to the photograph that is a PDF document.

The way that I arrived at that was to use something called an extension for Chromebook. I’m not even sure this term is correct because I’m not technical genius; I’m a beginner.  However, with practice, I hope to become better able to find my way around these computer programs and apps .

The actual photograph isn’t in my media file  but here is a photograph of the same tree, but this one is not a PDF.


The extension program that I added to Chromebook allows you to convert almost any kind of document to a PDF document.

Questions  Regarding this Chromebook and the PDF program.

I have not yet found the program on this computer




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