Change The Way You Look At Food..

Admit  It  Most Of Us Look At Food and At Meals in The Same Way..

like this?

  • We see food as a social thing.   And in that thing , as a social thing, we can easily get offended if someone refuses our offer of food.   Get over that and get into the spirit of America.    In America, where we have the freedom to do almost anything, we sometimes are still obligated to keep on using the ‘old’ food rules, the food rules of being social.   Don’t you think it’s time that we take our freedom in our own hands and use it the way that it best suits us?   Do we or do we not have the freedom to accept food if we like it or if we enjoy it and also have the same freedom to reject food  and at the same time have it acknowledged that we are not rejecting the person , but merely rejecting the food.   After all, still, even if nobody agrees with this, food is a matter of personal choice.    If it really wasn’t , then are you willing to eat everything that Zim would put in front of you?


  •  (Zimm is the guy that goes around the world eating everything and I mean everything ) He has even eaten living bugs and living sea creatures.  Now, if he offered you snacks, would you really be obliged to eat those snacks even if you knew that they wouldn’t agree with you  ?  Sure.   You might.   Or if you are going to take your own food freedom in hand, you can easily smile and say, “No, that’s really not for me”.   And all the adults in the room should still come away smiling and not be offended at your refusal.

Anyways,  all I am asking is that people treat people the way that they want to be treated.    If you wouldn’t want someone forcing food on you then don’t force food on others.     And try not to take it personal if someone refuses your food, no matter how many times they refuse it.   This is not a personal thing, yet food is a personal thing.
As a person refuses the food, they are not reflecting on you.  It’s not about you.  It’s about the person.  It’s their mouth; it’s their stomach, and it’s their health.  See it that way and you will help make the world a better place for so many people.

I am in the middle of working on a cookbook, yes, a cookbook or a recipe book, whichever you’d like to see it as.

Over the decades, I’ve learned a thing or two about cooking, about food, and about how people react to foods and how they react to being served food.    It’s all different for everyone.    And I hope that someday, eventually, I’ll come here to give you the link to where my cook book is to be reviewed , read and smiles, food to be consumed but only if you really want to do so.

The Why Of It..

By now, I guess you are wondering why I am working on a cook book.  After all, there are thousands out there, if not millions.   Well, I’m writing one because this particular one has not yet been published.  I have not yet seen the information , nor the recipes anywhere else, not in real life and not online . (Yes, I know that online is real life also; that was just an expression).   So that’s the why of it.  Because it is necessary.  I am writing it because it is important .  And I’m writing it because I have a great interest in it. And also, because, in case I haven’t shared this before, smiles,  I am a writer.

The When Of It ..

I can’t really say anything specific about the ‘when’ of it.   That’s because I am not near finished writing it.  And also because I want to finish testing out the recipes before I finish putting them into the book.   And, yes, there’s another reason, I’m not sharing the when of it.   The “when” is going to be a surprise and the first people that will find out about it completely are the people that open the press release and the press kit.


Oh, By The Way..

My cook book has absolutely nothing to do with the video that I posted above.  I am not affiliated, connected or related to the Zimm guy or his show.    I posted that video to show what some people do as far as food goes.  And ya’ll know what Zimm does.   Pretty much it’s put in front of him and whether it’s moving or not, he eats it.  And he smiles, and tells everyone how delicious it is.   Smiles, I always wonder, is he really telling the truth.   And then I watched another episode of his show, and I was amazed but not surprised.   You’ve all seen the variety of foods he eats, right?      Can you believe, that , of everything he has eaten,  (and he has eaten everything from frogs legs – of the frogs that he just caught, to a millions of other kinds of exotic foods and regular foods from foreign countries.) .   Anyways,   Zimm once took a drink that was offered to him and he began to gulp it down and he looked as if he was going to get sick.  Imagine that?  After all the living, moving food and the insects this guy has eaten, on air, it was a mere little drink, in a foreign country that really got to him.

Here is more information about him, his biography at this site .  Click on the words in the paragraph above, the words  “really” .








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