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Well , thank you!    I read your blog and saw all the tourist attractions, the photographs. Wow.  This is interesting for me in so many ways.

I’ve lived not far from that area and I’ve been back and forth to that very same humongous library thousands of times in the past.   And yes, I’ve taken pictures of the library also.   However, the interesting part of this is that

that in all the photos that I’ve taken off the library or in the library or around that library , I have never once taken a photograph of the wide angle type , of the whole entire building.  In fact , when I saw your blog, that’s the first time I have seen any wide angle of the Grand Army Plaza library, the Brooklyn Public Library in Brooklyn, New York  USA.     Love the photo you took and I’ll post it here, if that’s okay with you.  If not, kindly leave a note and I’ll take the photograph down.   Here’s another reason why the photo interests me.

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There was a time, way back when, that I participated in a  two-month long art exhibit at the library.   The theme of the exhibit was,  “Brooklyn’s Own Artists and Photographers”.

The exhibit was held on the second floor of the library, where all the exhibit cases are. (I know the library has been renovated and improved but I think the exhibit cases are still there, not sure).    So, the library gave each artist their own personal exhibit case.  And in my case, I was able to display about ten or twelve  eight by ten photographs.  I loved this because most of my exhibits were only one month long – in the past, and this exhibit was my first ‘two-month long’ exhibit.  The photographs stayed up for a longer time, and also because of the library and the location, there were so many more people that were able to view the art in those display cases.  So it was a great experience for me.

Somewhere in my file, I have an old ,  photograph of the display case , but seeing your picture there of the entire library building has brought some good memories back to me.  Thanks for that! .

As artists, we did not get paid to participate in that exhibit (or in any of the other library exhibits).  However, it was just wonderful to be a part of it.

Thank you.   Peace.

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