What I Learned This Week..



Some things  I discovered this past week and last week:

  • You can write in the Chromebook, but you must be signed into Chrome and you have to use either an extension, an app or Google Docs.
  • You can buy a laptop for two hundred dollars but there’s a catch; it’s a Chromebook.
  • You can lose weight by changing your habits, without even eating any ‘diet’ food.

I learned how to stop my body from feeling the devastating effects of arthritis – without using any medicine or prescriptions and without going to the doctors.

  • You can save lots of money by buying in bulk.   But you must know original prices to begin with.
  • You are not saving any money with 50 percent off sales  IF you don’t know what the original price is.  You need to know the numbers, “fifty-percent off of “WHAT” ?
  • I learned how to save my pictures or rather store them for free and keep them protected.

I learned how to almost eliminate asthma from my life, by using a food remedy rather than using any medicine or pharmaceuticals.

  • You can read books for free and even register to get free audio books online if you know the names of the websites or apps.   For example, you can go to the Gutenberg site and there are thousands of books there for free.


And last but not least, you can do a free ‘virtual’ walking tour of New York,  USA by checking out this video below. .



I’m an older woman but I continue to learn new things each week and I like it that way.

What did you learn this week?


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ARTFROMPERRY I take photographs and tell stories with photographs, . Everything in these photographs is exactly as it is supposed to be. Blurred, from a distance, sharp or not, colors varied from the average. These are not photographic mistakes nor anything to be corrected. These are exactly as I want them to be seen. As a pastime, I produce and direct television programs in parts of New York City, NYS USA UPDATE: Due to covid hitting our city, I temporarily stopped producing television since the studio required that we sign a seemingly illegal covid contract in order to have access to the studio. Considering a lawsuit to get the program back on the air again .

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