Dave Ramsey’s Small Book .. Non-Fiction

This is a book that might interest you.  It’s got cool fun facts, and opinions and it’s got an answer for some of those questions you might have been asking yourself. 

The name of the book that I am talking about is   THE MONEY ANSWER BOOK by Dave Ramsey.   In fact, I highly recommend all of Dave Ramsey’s books, but this one is what I call an “easy read” .

This book is a small paperback; you can carry it anywhere, it’s compact and light.  And it is packed with great information, all 160 pages of it.

It has a picture of Dave Ramsey on the cover,  and nothing on the back cover except this plain fact,    “Personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge.    Get smart, get motivated and get going!

The twelve or thirteen dollars that you pay for this book, if you buy it , will be well worth it.  Or better yet, get it at your library.   Ask your librarians if they can order a few copies for your libraries.

Dave Ramsey is New York Times Best-Selling Author, Radio Host, and Fox Television Personality.

In this small book, he covers everything from saving to budgeting, to stewardship, to relationships and money to  debt, credit and even to bankruptcy.  He talks about the basics, and he even gets into talk about automobiles, real estate and mortgages and even round back to college loans, and balance transfers in credit cards.  There’s probably nothing that this guy doesn’t cover in this little, large book.  Yes, little in size but so large in information.

You owe it to yourself to get this book as a reference book for your home library.

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