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The Why Of It ..

The reason that this photograph is monumental might seem silly to you but, hey , it’s still the reason.     First, a little background ..

I’ve been really blessed to have spent so much time with my kids and with my grandkids.  We’ve had fun times, family times and we’ve had times when we went out and did some camping, some festivals, some ‘book’ trips – to the bookstores, and I’ve always enjoyed those times.  And also, I’ve loved taking pictures of everyone here and there.

Here’s the thing… after really enjoying life and times with my kids and with my grandkids, I was looking at all the wonderful photographs and realizing something, a little bit after the fact.   Though I have been there, and been present and been in the middle of things, I am very, very rarely in the photographs!

I look back and see all the cool photographs and realize that  “I” am missing from the photographs.   Awww..   I think we all need to be getting together in 2020 , and this time, this time, I want to be in some of the photographs also.     (Yes, normally, I generally can’t stand being in photographs.  I don’t like the way that I look, probably don’t like the clothes that I might be wearing at the moment, and probably would wince at my silly grey hair , yea ya old lady  .. Smiles. 

Well, after looking at so many photographs of the good times, I look back and see how much I miss being in the photographs.   Thankfully, I remember that I am the one that took the photographs, so though I’m not there, I really was there.    Smiles.  Yes, I know, it’s all silly, but hey, if it wasn’t silly, I wouldn’t be me, would I?

So, anyways, even though I wasn’t in hardly any of the photographs, I’m sure I can look back and find a couple of them somewhere.   And there’s one of them,    Smiles, proof that I was actually there.   That feature photograph shows two arms , or parts of two arms, and smiles ,  I can proudly say that that arm there with the Chili Pepper Fiesta temporary tattoo is  my arm! I’m there, right there in that family photograph, my arm!

Well, hey, if you can’t get in the picture, at least get your arm in there, right?

Okay, I’m going over to the media department here and I am going to find some more pictures where I actually got ‘into’ the photograph.   Just one moment and I’ll be right back.


Well, I looked through the media department here and I couldn’t find a picture with me in the picture.  But here’s another picture that I took on one of our fun days.   We took a ride out to Sag Harbor, and got to spend a few hours, almost the whole day at this fabulous wildlife sanctuary.   One of my granddaughters and I  walked through the sanctuary.   As she held her hands out to feed the wild birds there, I snapped the photographs and took the videos. 

The wildlife sanctuary consisted of this huge area, probably acres, of trees, shrubs, paths, little wooden bridges (as seen in this photo), all sorts of ‘nature’ surroundings.  We saw the chipmunks, robins, bluejays, wrens, sparrows, and even, yes, even some woodpeckers.   Later on in the day, we saw the wild turkeys.   And besides this little wooden bridge, there was a very cool, very long wooden kind of boardwalk out to the little deck area that was right near the ocean.  Talk about a fabulous, serene place.  This was the place.


Here’s a picture that I took when  my cousin and I went to the Hamptons, spent a day on the beach, a day in Hither Hills State Park.   She told me she had no special plans for her special ’60’ birthday week, so I took her out to the Hamptons.  She said she had never been there before.  We spent a fun day there, going into the ocean, walking on the beach and checking out the rest of the park.  Again, smiles, I am not in the picture.  (The middle picture there on the beach with the ocean in the background is the picture that I took that day.    And, if you look at the duck there, that’s another part of the day that we spent on two separate trips.  On one trip, one of my granddaughters and I went out to Long Island to the nature sanctuary, and on the way back from there we stopped at that BIG DUCK . It’s kind of a landmark in Long Island, that famous old big duck.  It is an actual building.  The building was closed when we got there, but I did take some pictures of one of my grandaughters in front of the big duck. And on another trip, I took pictures of one of my cousins in front of the big duck.   Again, I’m not in any of the pictures. (Those pictures are not shown here but that is the big duck.

youngones two

Again, smiles, I’m not in the picture.    If I remember correctly, this probably was somewhere in or near New Jersey.   We were out for the day on one of our day trips.  And it was funny.  Two of my grandkids (the third one wasn’t born yet when this picture was taken) they were both in this same picture but they appear to be ‘in two different worlds.  So what was happening in this photograph?  You would never guess.  I’ll tell you.    While we all were enjoying the fast food experience, as you see the guy is happy with his burger, the little girl seems to be pre-occupied by something.     And she was.  We had gone inside the building and all of us had different ideas of what to do first.   The girl in the picture was really, really, really wanting to go right into the play area.  (Many McDonalds have play areas, game type areas, ball pits or something like that).   But unfortunately, she was outnumbered in the decision making vote.  Smiles.   I figured it was best to eat first and play after.

So, we sat down to eat and I looked at the two of them, and had to snap this picture.   She was eating first, for sure, but her mind and her eyes were all on the play area –which we could see from our table.   Not to worry, we did get to the play area, after we ate.

About the ‘little guy and the little girl’ words..  

Of course, they have names, they are two of my grandkids, but for safety sake and for privacy purposes, I prefer not to put names into websites.   When I can avoid naming people in the websites, well, especially children, I do that.   So, that’s why in the McDonalds story, I do not tell it by naming anyone.


On a visit to the house,  I brought something that I thought is kind of unique, I had a cool unopened bag of   “Dill Pickle Popcorn”.    Ahh, I figured, if Dill Pickle Popcorn doesn’t make someone smile, then nothing can .   LOL.   And I mentioned the name of the popcorn and said,  “have you ever tried this”?    He made a face, a puzzled look, a look that said, “hmm, do I really want to try something with a name like that, Dill Pickle Popcorn”?     And so I snapped this photograph of the first try at   Dill Pickle Popcorn.

brunchtime ©2016 artfromperry
I said, “How about trying this Pickle Popcorn” …:)








cool ©2016 artfromperry

A picture of my grandson, and he definitely liked the popcorn.    And then I said, “Kim Chi” and my camera took the picture.     Note to self, ” Get into some of those pictures”.

And, so for this trip, I figured I’d take a scenic along with the picture of one of my granddaughters.   Ahh, this was a long, day trip out to an adventure through Delaware, and into Rhode Island,  USA.    My granddaughter was going to take a tour of the college out there, so she and I took this road trip.   Ahh, the college out there is beautiful, and it was fun, also.     I took this picture as my granddaughter was walking towards the trees either on or near the campus of the college .  

It was so cool, later that day after the tour, we saw the  RAs  selling ‘pies’ for a dollar.  And for one dollar you could hit someone (gently) in the face with a whipped cream pie.

I thought she might accept this college, especially since they had a stable and some horses, too cool.  But truth is that it was too far from home, and transportation would have been expensive and difficult.   However,  I am glad we took the trip.  It was informative and fun and that gave her the opportunity to visit a state that she had never seen before, Rhode Island.     And on the way to the college, we managed to stop at the Brandywine Zoo.  Yes, it was still called a zoo at the time we visited.    In some other entry, I’ll post pictures of the tiger.

Ahh, beautiful scenic  …and a really good day…   and once again ,  I am not ‘in the picture’ .


In another entry, I’ll post pictures of my daughter and sons, but only with their permission, of course.   Meanwhile,   here’s a picture that I am in .. below..

I’m in this picture. Smiles, but of course,  I took the ‘copy’ of this picture, not the original.  But I can say   ‘ photo copy’ by me.  Smiles.    I cropped and edited the picture , smiles and yes , I even blurred it a bit  , but hey , it’s still me , of course, decades ago.   There I was at my typewriter .     Smiles, I kind of resemble a skeleton a little right?   LOL ..


Smiles,   I wasn’t allowed to say much out loud back then, but trust me,  I am sure making up for it now.   That skinny kid learned that she loved taking pictures (her Dad gave her first Polaroid camera to her), and she loved typing.  (well, not back then it wasn’t that exciting) but today,  I love that I have typing skills because it helps so much on the computer.   I am not one of those ‘two-fingered’ typists.      Back then, it took me a while, but I figured out that even if I wasn’t supposed to speak, I surely could take photographs and speak through my pictures.   And typing, well, that just accelerates my writing.  It would have taken so long to post this entry if I had to hand-write it.

Meanwhile , back at the ranch,  oh, I mean that literally.   Some of the pictures that I really miss also, are the pictures that I took at the dude ranch decades ago.  I spent an entire week there, with a co-worker.  It was one full week of riding, and my first ‘runaway’ horse.  At that one ranch, I got three, smiles, yes one wasn’t good enough,  two injuries from the horses and one ‘runaway’ experience.   And once, again, you guessed it, I am not in the pictures.  Smiles.   That’s for another entry.     I’m going back into my tent and I’m going to sleep soon.


Have a very, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and peace to you.

This is the end of this entry







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