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DISCLAIMER:     I am not an electrician, nor a handyman.   Therefore, don’t do any of this at home without proper instruction, supervision or licensing.   This process involves only a couple of screwdrivers, and some safety information, however, you should have a  trained electrician or professional worker do the work for you if you are unqualified to do so .  Anything in this site, here or in my entire site, is merely for information and for entertainment purposes only.   Thank you for reading . And thank you for any comments you might want to leave.

Below is some good information and some good photographs and very cool videos on a serious home repairs topic.


So,  I have this old wooden switch plate, and the switch and outlet underneath the wooden switchplate, that needs to be removed, and replaced with a working one.

It’s worked okay for years, but about two years ago, it took to its’ last leg and decided to take a vacation.    Right now the electricity is turned off in that room and we use a huge lantern flashlight for light.    So, this is the first step in the process of repairing this one.

I took the photograph of the switchplate.    And now I need to pick up a new one this week, in Home Depot or in Lowe, s depending on which one has the correct product on hand.

Second step – at this point, I will make two large signs that say,  ELECTRICITY OFF – DO NOT TOUCH THE SWITCHES  in this box.    After that is completed, I’ll put that sign up with duck tape or some strong tape and it will go right across the box, so you can’t open the box without tearing the sign off.

Before all that actually, I’ll go to the yo tube site and watch a couple of videos about repairing and replacing electric light switches and switchplates.

I’ll go over to the site now and bring the videos back here so you can watch them if you’d like to do that.      SO, smiles, I went over to youtube and then promptly fell asleep as I watched a video.   So, I’m back here now. I like the way that this guy explains this.

I’ll go get one more video.   The next video shows you a different kind of outlet, one that has both the lightswitch and the outlet, built into one.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE TWO VIDEOS ABOVE ARE THE SAFETY AND SECURITY INFORMATION BITS , i.e.  make sure all your electricity is completely turned off both at the switch and at the electric breakers or whatever electric panels you have in your home.  ALSO, in one of the videos , he shows a very cool tool that can tell you if the electricity is turned off. 

MY OWN NOTE:     Always put  a sign, both on the door of the electric panel and on the cellar door or the door leading to the electric panels — that you are working on electricity.  Leave the note that says,  DO NOT TURN ELECTRICITY ON – DO NOT TOUCH ANY SWITCHES OR ELECTRICITY.     Put tape on the electric panel door -as another reminder.   AND VERBALLY Tell everyone who is home that you are working on electricity and that nobody should touch any switches and anything in the panel until you tell them it’s okay to do business as usual.



“Above, some of my photography  .. ENJOY EVERY MOMENT ….and   “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”  — LEO TOLSTOY

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