Are You Lost?

The Solution is Easy.   

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Well, the holidays are here and they are still coming.   And if you are feeling lost or stressed, as it says up there in the title of this entry, the solution is really easy. 

And that’s easy for no matter whom you are or where you live or even how you live, still the holiday solution is still easy.   You just have to know what it is, acknowledge and admit what it is and there you go.  You are home free.  Want the solution -here it is ..

See that featured image there, the cut-off water bottle and the sea shell? It’s right there in that picture, or at least most of it.
Long ago, I cut that water bottle in half so I would remember not to return it for the nickel refund.  But I kept the part of it that I wanted.  I wanted to remember the message on the water bottle.              B     a    l   a   n   c   e    ….    just balance.

Usually when people are stressed or lost or even shattered, they are that way because they have forgotten the balance in life.  Either they have become obsessed with one thing or they are running around like chickens without their heads due to over-booked schedules (again – balance), and or schedules that are impossible to adhere to (again- balance).

All You Need To  Do  Is  Balance  … Remember balance .

We all have many parts in our lives, different to do lists, various schedules, increasingly spinning obligations and responsibilities.   Everyone has to do something, sometime, somewhere , at one time or another.  And around the holidays, those times get shorter and shorter and the chores or responsibilities (even the good and happy ones) can become overwhelming when we look at the clock and think that we just don’t have enough time to do this or that.

About These Photographs 

The  pictures below are pictures of things , times in  my life, and the clock.    The gentleman in the picture is a guy that I interviewed for one of my television shows in the past.    The tree at the bottom of of the page  was one of our Christmas trees that was outdoors.   The plant is our tomato plant from years ago, the shaved wood there is part of one of our trees  that got damaged due to a car accident.  And that beautiful picture of the Ten Commandments , is a picture that I took many, many years ago.  It is one of my favorite bracelets  that I lost quite a while ago.   And I really miss that one.    Having a piece of the Ten Commandments with me is a great reminder of what I should be focused

on even in times when it seems like I don ‘t have enough time for anything.   lperry53

And from that glancing at the clock and from that knowledge that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do what we need to do, we get — as a result, accidents, problems, chaos, maybe short tempers, not enough understanding, and perhaps more frowns than we are used to dishing out in a day or a week. 

The clock seems to make everyone rush and rush and rush and sometimes in all that rushing, we really get nowhere, right?

Hmm, seriously, is it really the clock?    Hmm, I’m rethinking this right now.   After all everyone has a clock.  They all have even fitness watches that keep time of their exercise and meals and such.    But are these technological advances and luxuries really helping us find more time or are they really time thieves?

I am thinking that our newfangled, commercialized time savers are wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

The more gadgets that we have that we use to  ‘catch up on things’ and to ‘keep track of things’  really fools us into thinking that our schedules can really handle more than they can actually handle efficiently.

So, let us think more clearly.   Just because you got a brand new watch or some other kind of time-saving object or information-gathering gadget, that is not the signal to go out there and take on ten or twelve new chores, responsibilities or obligations.   It is the Christmas Season and a new year is coming up soon, and we are probably going to commit to things that we just don’t have the time to commit too.  But out of the goodness of our hearts, we say, “Yes” to almost everything if the questions are asked during or before the holiday season.

Look, you already know what you have time for and what you don’t have time for, so listen to your own gut instinct long before you consult your cellular phone or your laptop.

Go to your regular old-fashioned calendar that is on the wall (and if you don’t have one, go to the dollar store and get one), and mark out the holidays, and mark out the Holy Days, and then  stop.

Take a few days of each and every month coming up, and mark out “YOUR” days.   You heard me.   Mark out your days.   Put your days on the calendar and you don’t even have to have a reason, they are just ‘yours’ .     You can always go back there next month and pencil in whatever you want to do with your days.     In doing this, you will be able to get  more balanced.    At the very least, you will become less stressed.    However, you must remember, on YOUR days, you have to do something that is for yourself.   You can not commit to anyone else during those days.

You know, we are always saying , because it tells us so in the Bible, that we are made in the image and the likeness of  Jesus.    And when you pause to think about these things ,you’ll even see throughout the Bible, God wants us to be more like Him.   So really think this through.   When Jesus had hectic (wow, that’s an understatement), day, He definitely went off by Himself, either to pray or to rest.  The point being is that  He knew (and He was God) , He knew how important it is to be balanced, to find time for rest and to find time for sleep, and find time for prayer.  He knew that and He did that.



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