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Is It The Equipment Or Producer Error Or Training Error? 

Here’s some advice that most corporations will not tell you.   Yet, since I’ve been producing television for over twenty years, I’m going to tell you this vital information.  It’s not quite technical, but yet at the same time it is technical.   Take patience and read this through the entire entry.    Almost always, if you take this information in, you might be able to improve your production or find out the solution to a problem you didn’t even know that you had.

  1.  Most importantly, watch your own show!    Would you believe that some producers never watch their own shows?   And would you believe, that their shows can fail their viewers when the producers do not watch their own shows?

If you can’t watch your own show, find someone that can watch it.   You can do this many ways.  Ask friends and relatives to watch the show.   And they don’t have to watch the whole show .   Even if they just watch ten or fifteen minutes of the show, that can be quite helpful to you.    But, ideally, have someone watch the entire show, from beginning to end, including to the end of the credits if you have credits on your show.  I’ll write another article, much later on to give you ways to find people to watch your show.

Some clips from some of my past television shows are below.   I am a photographer, so I take still clips almost all the time.   These pictures, in the studio,  are pictures I took in the larger studio in Brooklyn, New York,   USA.  The March For Jesus picture (the one with the American flag, I took in downtown Brooklyn, New York  USA.  The third picture there, is one of my favorite collages that I created decades ago.  And I took the picture of the owl over in Long Island, New York,  USA .


2.  Take notes for yourself and if possible, tape your shows.  Keep records. Keep copies.  If you are limited on space, there are ways to save shows, still.    Use an external drive for your shows.  Use a flash drive if you don’t have an external drive. Today, they make flash drives with 54 gigs and 200 gigs.  That can be enough to save a large number of shows on.   At the very least, save the dvds of shows that you want to save.    I give this information to you after learning the hard way, because in the past, I did not keep copies of my shows.   You should keep some or most or all of your copies, at least for a period of time. After that, you can give them away  or donate them. 

Some of the producers in those pictures are some of the best producers in the community television industry.  I know, because I’ve worked with them on my programs.   And in the pictures, also, are some of the talent, and behind-the-scenes action at one of my shows.

Why Watch Your Own Show? 

Well, it’s common sense.   As you tune in the channel that is airing your program, that’s the only way that you can really judge or rate the quality of your own show.     How will you ever really know how the sound turned out or how the camera or the lighting was if you do not actually see the show on television?   It is not the same seeing it on the dvd or seeing it in person.  You must watch your own show .

And, then next, watch other people’s shows.     By watching your own show, you can figure out perfections to problems that might show up when the show airs.   Good sound or bad sound?   Funny, isn’t it.  The sound of the show sounded good as you taped it? Yet as you see it on television, you might see that there is no sound or low sound…or horrible sound or buzzing or some other sound problem that you never noticed when you taped the show.    Don’t wince.  This is truth, fact, and also opinion.      I have watched other producers’ shows, and seen on some of them, hardly any sound.   I’ve watched the programs and it was hard or near impossible to hear what the host was saying or what the guest was saying.

If you detect horrible sound on another producer’s program, you might want to contact them to remind them to watch their own shows.   And you can let them in on  the secret as to why you called them.

Watching your own television show is one way of knowing what’s wrong with it, or how you can improve it if you are thinking of improving it.  So watch your show.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 3.51.00 AM

Don’t be a turkey; watch your own television program.

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