Could Homemade Soup Be The Answer?

Seriously, I am not joking.  Just from my own experience, as I enjoy homemade soup, more and more and as I notice that my breathing problems are no longer my breathing problems, I can’t help think, “Can homemade soup be the answer”?

Now, if I was to answer my own question, with facts, opinions and true stories, I’d have to say, “yes”!

Here’s why:

  1. First, it’s warm and hot.  And that alone usually will help someone that has breathing problems (asthma, COPD, or whatever you have there).  Years ago, I remember hearing a doctor, yes, a doctor, the guy with the M.D. after his name, say to someone that they should give the child  ‘warm water’ (not scalding, just warm).
  2. Also, the reason why the ‘homemade’ soup could be the answer is because your own personal homemade soup contains only good ingredients.  There are no fake ingredients in there to preserve the soup.  There are no chemicals in there, and there are no artificial flavors (some come from animal’s butts ugughh), and no artificial colors (some are quite dangerous to allergic individuals.


Fresh, home grown tomatoes, straight from the little garden.   One tomato plant can produce all those cherry tomatoes.  Imagine what ten good plants could do?  They can probably supply you with soup for the entire winter.  2yearsAgoIgrewtomatoes

  1. Next, because most times, homemade soups are quite filling.  So if you are on a regimen of homemade soups, you probably are not even going to be hungry for fake snacks, snacks that contain those artificial flavors and artificial colors and all those chemicals.
  2. Also, these homemade soups require that the person take time.  And you know what?  Time can be a healer in certain instances.  The time it takes to make the homemade soups can be healing in itself.   Why , goodness, it might even interest you to become interested in gardening . Who knows?   And we all know that gardening, and getting back to nature is one of the most wonderful healers we know of.   Heck, after all, our big, beautiful world began out of darkness but right into its’ first moments in a garden!
  3.  All around, I’m thinking that whatever the ailment, it might just not hurt for someone to try a diet of homemade soups, and that’s in winter and also in summer.    In summer , you can follow your hot homemade soups with cool, fresh glasses of fresh lemonade.

    Keep reading here, and in between my entries about television production and working towards your goals, I will give a few, really, good recipes for homemade soups and good homemade fresh lemonades and fresh, healthy drinks.

ARTFROMPERRY photographs 2019-03-27 at 5.29.38 AM  Smile, God loves you!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a best New Year!  Peace .

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