88 Days To Any Goal by Author

   88 Days to Any Goal by Author  Dr. Rollan Roberts 

So, as I continue to read this very interesting and very helpful book, I come to this page that is set out for      WEEK TWO

And I’ll quote from the book, all the things that you might want to do for your second week of reaching your goals .


” Go a full week implementing your chosen behavioral and activity changes.

Review what’s working and what’s not at the end of the week and adjust as needed.

Develop a tangible or verbal action to do or say to yourself when you want to quit during the 88 Day Promise.

Notes from me

I guess, read and practice those for a full week and eventually get on to the next week’s activities and schedules towards reaching your goals in  88 days.


For myself,  I have just taken the book from the library this past week and I intend to get to working on the 88 day promise as soon as possible.   Meanwhile, it has actually helped me already, just by reading through the book, skimming the information and typing some of it here.   (For me, typing, writing or printing something or taking a picture of something helps me to retain the information, to remember it).

Not from the book, below is another of my own photographs.


Always, remember,  “Make good choices”.


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