Producing Television Programs

An Introduction to Community Television Production, Some Ideas, Thoughts, and Some Information 

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If you are thinking about producing community television, this article might help you in your choices and decisions.

First, you can check out online and see if there are community television stations in your own community and then check to see if they permit the public to come in and train and produce TV.   After you’ve done the research, get all the information you need, the documents, identification etc, and you’ve taken your first steps.

Your station might have a mandatory ‘orientation’  and usually that is  free.


After the orientation, you might be able to enroll in the classes there and be certified as a local community producer.     Here are some other facts, opinions and ideas:

  • Don’t worry about perfection and never be nervous about taking that first step.  Everyone was a beginner at one point or another.
  • Don’t worry about equipment, because usually the corporation will supply at least lend the equipment to you and you will be able to use their studio after you pass the course .
  • Don’t worry about experience.  You do not need any experience to begin training for studio or field production.  So go for it.
  • Don’t worry about topics.   You have a good imagination; you are smart and you’ll do just fine if you take your time, and don’t rush into anything.
  • If you don’t know how to use a camera, they will teach you how to use one.

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There, that’s basic information.   And I’ll write more specific information in some other articles.     I’ve produced community television shows for at least twenty years.  And I’ve enjoyed almost every moment of it.   It can be hard work and it can be fun.   Cover the topics that interest you and then half the work is done.

If you have questions about television production at the community level, leave your questions in the comment box there and I’ll  do my best to answ


er them.

Meanwhile, go to the library or check online and read some books about the topic.    You can check for videos online also that will give you extra help in learning television production.


This is the end of this entry.  There will be many more articles on TV Production .



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