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Why I Ventured Into Community Television

There are so many reasons that I came to be producing television.   Some of the reasons more important than others.    When I mention my first reason for getting into TV , there are some that laugh and do not quite understand it.   Those that have had the freedom to speak – all their lives, do not understand when someone gets excited about finally having  a ‘voice’ of their own.

But truth is, the very first reason that I decided to produce television shows was to let my voice be heard.   I was used to being told to be quiet, shut up, ‘don’t say that’ , and things like that from one person.  And I lived with that, but I really wasn’t happy with that.

God Gives The Gift of Speech …

God gives us the gift of speech and yes, it truly is a gift.  And nobody on this planet has the right to take that away from anyone.   So, God reaches out into our world to give us gifts of voice, and to those that are stifled, or forced to not speak, and for those that have lost their voice or have had their voice stolen from them, God gives the gifts of art, writing, and all the extensions of ‘speech’.  Our great God refuses to let anyone be silenced.   If you doubt that, look at all the celebrities that were silenced, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Winston Churchill,  and so many others, silenced due to something in their past….yet, as it turns out, they all turned to have their voices heard and heard in a booming way.   You can not steal God’s gifts from anyone.  And thus, when someone tries to silence someone, the one that is the silenced one, almost always, yes, almost always winds up having their voice heard…and heard, and heard over and over again.  Proof is in the pudding as they say.  Look into history.   So many Jewish people, and Catholics and many from other nations , at other times, were silenced, yet we still hear their voices today.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.    I  came into producing community television because I was tired of being silenced.   And, since I got it and understood what it is like to have your own voice taken away from you, I wanted and still want to give a  voice to anyone that needs a voice through producing television.

So, I invite people to the show to say what they have to say, either to talk , to dance, to recite poetry, to sing, to be interviewed, to entertain and to educate.  Over the decades, I have invited many to the show so that they can share their voice with our viewers.  And there are many possible viewers through community television if we think about it.  Through Spectrum and Verizon and Time Warner, there are at least 440,000 paid subscribers to cable television.  And that means that all of those paid subscribers have the ability to watch this local community television show right in their own homes.

So,, as it happens,  I am not in television for money, since I volunteer.  Of course, I’d love to be in it for the money but at the same time, the moment the money comes in –that means sponsors come in also.  And honestly, the last thing that I would like to see is this community television station be taken over by sponsors.

Sponsors take your voice away

That’s right.  Sponsors in the television and in the movie industry , pretty much take your voice away.   And if that happened, heck, I’d be right back where I started.  And I like to keep on keeping on, and I like to keep on moving forward, not backward.  So.. here I am in the middle of community television – with no sponsors .

You Can’t Silence Truth  permanently.    

Sure, you can silence truth temporarily.. but  as one truth teller falls, ten thousand will pick up the torch of truth.

One of the very reasons that I am still supporting President Trump is because his opponents don’t like the way that he speaks.  And they are trying to silence our President because they don’t like the way that he speaks.   They began, practically on the day after he got elected to plan and plot for his impeachment== all because they said he wasn’t ‘presidential’ . They didn’t like the way that he talks, the phrases that he uses, the things that he says.   How does that equal impeachment?     There were some that were talking about impeaching him even before he got elected.  How ridiculous is that.   So, there you go.    As his opponents try to silence our President, there are those that will vote for our President because we will not stand for the stifling of free speech.  When you try to silence someone, usually , what happens is eventually, you, yourself become silenced.

If I was Baron Trump, and I was watching all this that they were doing to Dad, I’d be preparing to run for President as soon as I was old enough and eligible enough to do so.  And, guess how many votes that strong kid would get in America?

Bottom line is, yes Virginia, I got into television due to silence and I bring many guests, talents, audiences to the studio so their voices are heard ‘on air’ in the United States of America.

Welcome to free speech America.   Our freedom is what makes us different from many other countries out there in the world.   Our Constitution protects that and those that believe in our Constitution vote for those that protect our Constitutional rights in our free country, the good, Old USA. 

Merry Christmas,  and Peace to all

This is the end of this entry, though not the end of this conversation.




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