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This book had a tremendous affect on my own life. I read it at a time that I was hiding from a bully. By hiding, I mean, I had quit going to places where I used to go to – to avoid the bully. I was hiding even online, though I had many photographs online, most of those close to me had absolutely no idea just how many photographs I had taken. Most of them didn’t know where my photo were online.

My kids and grandkids knew a little about my photography / art , etc. but they didn’t know the all of it. I was basically hiding myself so that the bully wouldn’t ‘see’ me. If the bully saw me, the bully would re-begin the verbal and emotional attacks again and again. So, I hid. There were days that I didn’t go out of the house.
There were days I would go all the way out to the store and when I reached the store, I couldn’t even go inside. I was unable to get out of the car.

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Back then, when I was hiding, if I didn’t have a car, I wouldn’t have even been able to come out of the house . The bully lives less than five or ten minutes from my house. There were times, when I was out in my own city, where I would be going shopping , or attempting to go shopping and I would see the bully’s car or the bully from a distance, and I would immediately go the other way, change my plans, just go somewhere else. I didn’t get much done when I had to get things done. I realized that I was being way too affected by this bully.

Somehow, I accidentally found this book in the bookstore. This book is called, “DO YOU” by Ben Cohen. I read the book once, and then I read it again. It all seemed to make sense, and I believed that reading this book and really paying attention, I could make some changes, even if small changes in my life.

I read the book a couple of times, and then one day I decided to take an action. I took the action of ‘deciding’ to stop hiding from the world. I realized that I was hiding from the whole world when , in actuality, I was afraid of only one person, the bully.

So, this book, the information in the book, the encouragement in the book enabled me to want to step out into the world, and enabled me to stop all this hiding, at least, online. I decided to start posting my photographs online and even telling my family members where my artwork was online. I did a few blogs , or rather unhid a few blogs. Basically, I was tired of being invisible in my own life.

If you are tired of hiding from a bully, and if you are tired of being invisible in your own life, find this book at the library or at the bookstore. Even if you don’t have the money to buy the book, go to the store and at least browse through the book. Ask your librarian to get this book for your local libraries.

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This book isn’t a miracle worker but it is a great book of encouragement and with just the right words that might help you become less afraid of the stupid bully. Yes, bullies are stupid because they pretend to be big and brave, when in reality they are very insecure, and weak. After all, most bullies can’t operate without their followers or without their enablers, their little gangs.

It’s a big, beautiful world out there.  Stop hiding.   Live life joyfully .

GiveThisBookto SOMEONE as a gift

You, on the other hand, even though you might be afraid of the bully’s aggressiveness, you are strong and courageous. You, too, can make positive changes in your life, now that you know you can.

Borrow or buy this book as soon as you can. Most likely, it probably is in your local library, and if it is not, you can request that the librarian order a copy for your library and they might oblige you.

Remember, no matter what anyone else says to you, only do that which is safe for you to do.    Keep on keeping on.  . 

Keep on keeping on, and never let the bully win.
Keep on keeping on.

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