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My Heart Goes Out To All The School Children That Are In This Today..

Yesterday, I read another true account of a school child that was being bullied in school.  And the bullying was persistent and kind of steady.   However, this story was different in that the school authorities claimed that the bullies were ‘different’ – so they didn’t see it as bullying .    Seems that if the people that beat this kid up were the ‘same’ kids then the school would have seen this as bullying.  (Oh, in this story, in the news story, the reason the bullying made the news is because the child committed suicide – due to the bullying.

This is so sad.   I’m not sure, but I think that the parents are going to sue the school.  (Check the news for those details).  The video was horrible (I’m not putting it here).  But this child’s story, this family’s story needs to be heard, heard out loud, and heard across the nation.  This horrible happening should not have happened.   A child should be able to get help in school.  A child should not have to endure this type of bullying just because of a misinformed or uninformed school system or misinformed or uninformed school personnel.      Now, let’s make ALL schools aware of what happened to this child so that this never, ever happens again, anywhere in this world.   Let this kid’s death not be in vain. 

The news showed the actual video where this poor kid wound up being on the floor of a bathroom after being beaten up by at least three or four kids.   He did survive the beating.  But apparently he had been bullied and or beaten before that incident. And seems, according to what finally happened, the kid wasn’ t able to withstand this kind of aggressive bullying. (not many kids can stand up to that, if they are isolated or if they don’t have anyone to help them).  This story is so sad. 

Right now, I am writing just to get the story out there, to let more people know about it.  If you can, tell people about this story, share the story, reblog this story if you can or if you want to do so.   I understand if you don’t want to do it or if you can not do this -share the story . We all live in different worlds; we all have our different focuses and have our different abilities, and different goals, dreams and wishes.   So, I totally get it if you wish to not share this story.   And if you do, I thank you..  If you want to, just press the reblog button,  or put the link somewhere in your journal, your diary or your online writing somewhere.  Thank you. 

The reason this gets to me is that I experienced bullying over a very long period of time, in my life.  So, though I may not have known what this child went through, I get and I understand the physical, emotional and social pain that bullying can do to a person, and I understand how bullying   can  ruin someone’s life.   And I am typing this entry for a few different reasons, the first being to get this child’s story out there.  The second reason is to write an article that might help other people out there in our world that might still be being bullied.   I will offer ideas here that you can share with people that are being bullied, or with people that you think are being bullied.  I write to share helpful hints, ideas, thoughts, and share some websites and books that will help someone , at the very least, feel a little better, and possibly get some help for these horrible situations. 

Here’s What Might Help You ..

  • Connecting with people, breaking the isolation, being with new and with old friends
  • Telling someone.  If you haven’t told someone, yet, that you are being bullied, it just might be time to let the secret out.

  • Tell someone else.   That’s right.  If, after you have told someone, the bullying has not stopped, or the person hasn’t said or done anything to help you, TELL someone else.    And the key is to keep on telling someone, until the bullying stops.
  • Remember that even if the bullying stops, if the bully is a lifetime bully, the bullying might start up again – -at which time, always have hope . AND Tell someone again, and keep on telling.

  1. This next point turned out to be really long, so I am going to make an entire entry about it.  
  2. So, skipping over that one above, I’ll get to the shorter helpful hints below:
  3. Always  remember, that even if you feel alone, you really aren’t alone.  God is always with you.  And if you keep on keeping on, and keep focused on good, and keep focused on living life joyfully, you can and you will get free from the bully.
  4. Get some books that can and will encourage you to help yourself in ways that you can help yourself.  There are two great books out there right now .   One of the books is  FREE US FROM BULLYING by Paul T Coughlin, and the second book, written in a whole, different way, is DO YOU  by Ben or Bernard Cohen.    I highly recommend these two books.
  5.  These books, both of them should be in ever single school library, every public library, and in all the bookstores, and in all the after-school centers.    My Holiday and HolyDay , Christmas wish for you is that you get these books and give them as gifts to anyone that you might be buying holiday gifts for.    There are other books on the topic out there, however, it is these two books that will have a lasting effect on your life, and these two books are capable of helping you change your life when it comes to bullying awareness.  If you can reach teachers, professionals, deans, principals, administrators, please reach them and recommend that they get these two books for their schools , for their workplaces to help other people who might be being bullied.
  7. Don’t think that you don’t know anyone that is being bullied, because the whole point of someone that is bullying is that they rely and they demand that their secret is kept.  And usually, their victims, their targets are too scared to tell the secret that the bully is hounding them, bullying them, beating them, or doing whatever the bully is doing to them.   As sure as you are reading this, you do know, you definitely know someone who is being bullied but you just don’t know which person it is.  So get these books and circulate them.  You will be helping someone, immensely.  The books are DO YOU by Cohen,  GiveThisBookto SOMEONE as a gift  and the other book is  FREE US FROM BULLYING by Paul T. Coughlin  .
  8. NOTE:  The book in the picture is  NOT from either of those two books.  I forgot the name of the book in the picture, when I look it up  ,I’ll put the name of the book here.   I happened to be in a library once and I saw that book (it was about other topics, and I picked up the book and that particular page caught my eye m the graphics and the words there.  And I liked the juxtaposition of the sign right behind the bully page.
  9. Tell .
  10. Tell.
  11. Tell.
  12. In our society, we are so gripped by fear – to tell on someone.  You’ve seen it in the news, you know the whole snitch thing.  KNOW that if someone is bullying you ,that’s exactly what you must do, when you feel safe to do it , TELL SOMEONE.  Tell someone that you trust.

How You Can Help Save A Child’s Life ..

  1.  Listen.
  2. Don’t tell the child what to do.
  3. ASK how you can help.
  4. Offer the book, DO YOU , by Ben Cohen.
  5. Keep an anti-bullying library and make it available.
  6. Inform your professionals on how to handle the situation properly and efficiently in a manner that helps the child, focuses on the target (the child being bullied, not on the bully
  7. Make FREE US FROM BEING BULLIED, and DO YOU , required reading in your schools, after-centers and workshops, universities, high schools and elementary schools.
  8. Listen to what the child says.  Really hear them; don’t read words into their story. Just listen .  And follow up and make sure that the bully  has stopped bullying the child.
  9. Pray.   Okay, so this one throws you off?  Listen, the title here is How You Can Help Save A Child’s Life.  If you really want to do that, one of the best ways you can do that even when you are not able to do anything else is to pray.   Pray for the safety, health and sanity of the child.  Pray for God’s will in the child’s situation.    Pray for peace.  If you happen to be an atheist reading this, step out of your comfort zone just for the child. Pray for protection for the child, if you really want to save a child’s life.  You can do this.

  1. When you finish reading this entry, do something positive, even if you have no money, you can help save a child’s life.  Find an easy step in all the steps that I have listed and do that , take one step.
  2. Come back again and read this some other time when you have time.  Bullying has been around for centuries and it probably will be around for a few more centuries.  You are the difference.  You can make a difference. Just take one step.   Take a step by donating some books to your school libraries.   Reading makes a difference in peoples’ lives.  That means that you can make a difference in a person’s life by donating books, by giving books as gifts, by sharing books, and by reading books online at a website.  Quoting books online – If you have either of those two books, do a book review or a book reading.

There’s so much more you can do if you want to help save a kid’s life.   I wish the professionals in this kid’s school had read those two books.   I wish that someone had given one of those books to that child.  I wish that , heck,  I can’t do anything with wishes. But I can do something with words.    Please hear my words here, this holiday season, if you can, give those two books as gifts in your circle of friends, school mates, classmates, co-workers.   All you people that buy gifts for your kid’s teachers — these are the gifts that change lives.  Get those books, give them to teachers, and leave a note with the books in your gift package.  The note can say something like this, “Please help children by reading this book, sharing the information , and then passing the book on to another teacher.   Teachers always claim to want to help kids.  Teachers always claim that they love kids, right?  Let’s see how many really do , really do mean the words that they say right ?

Maybe the first teachers and first professionals that need that gift of those two books are the teachers and the professionals in that school where that young child was being bullied at.   

Investors?  Want to invest in a child, a child’s life, a child’s future?   Start buying those books and start giving them out as gifts — all over the place.

FYI –  I am not affiliated with nor have any connection with either authors or publishers of those two great books.   This is not an advertisement, nor a commercial .  This entry is just an effort to do one single thing that might make a difference in a child’s life.  That’s it.  

Help the kids in your schools handle and deal with the problems of bullying.

Do it with reading.

To those that are being bullied right now?

  1.  Pray.   2.  Seek help from someone you trust. 3 Read both of those books.  If you can’t ‘read’ due to concentration etc, read the book DO YOU By Cohen first, and then the other one. 4.  Tell.  Tell someone you trust.  5. Don’t let the bully win, ever, ever ever.   Don’t let the bully win.  If you are thinking of suicide , tell someone . Call a hotline.  Never let those bullies win.  If you leave this earth in that way  ,the bully wins.  And that’s the last thing you want to do.  Never let the bully win,.  Keep on keeping on.   Smile,  Pray. And know that you are never alone .   If you don’t know who to call, call emergency services or call  the telephone operator and that person will tell you whom to speak with.    Never let the bully win.   (repetitive? yes.  Why? , this is probably one of the most important things to remember, don’t let the bully win.    .  And pray.  Prayer changes things for the better, always.  Sometimes it takes time but it always changes things and it always helps.  Prayer plus positive, creative action is a big help in our society.
  2.  Peace.

This is the end of this entry but not the end of this topic. 


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