A Horse of a Different Color.

For the most part, I write about horses in a very different way than most do.       Since I do not own a horse, I write from the perspective of just a rider, just someone that has had some interesting, some great, or some mediocre tales of riding and everything in between.

And my interest in horses, in riding, in photographing horses goes back six decades.

I was just an invisible child when my wonderful grandmother put me on my first horse.  I was about four or five, and my grandmother said, “Yes! You can ride the horse”.   That day, I got to ride the mechanical horse that was parked in front of the store on Flatbush Avenue.

When I was with my grandmother, I always felt  loved, safe, comfortable.  As a child, with my grandmother, I knew that I was where I was supposed to be.    And I loved every moment of it.

And it is to my grandmother’s credit that I love horses, and riding, and anything related to horses.  And all from that first ride on that mechanical horse in front of the store on Flatbush.      Smiles, I guess it was transference,  I felt safe, and I was on a horse.  I felt strong, and I knew that my grandmother was strong.   So for me, being around horses, and riding horses, reading about horses etc.. all just makes me feel safe, like I’m in the right place.

Horses are strong, and noble, and they have such great hearts .  And horses, unknown to most people are animals of tenderness, and integrity.   If you don’t get that, you just haven’t been around horses enough in your life.  They are simply beautiful, and they are some of the most gentle animals you can find.  Imagine that, being gentle , and yet strong and bold at the same time?  Yes, that does sound like   a horse.    And I’m going to post one of my favorite videos that I found online here and then in another entry, I will post another.   Here’s one.

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ARTFROMPERRY I take photographs and tell stories with photographs, . Everything in these photographs is exactly as it is supposed to be. Blurred, from a distance, sharp or not, colors varied from the average. These are not photographic mistakes nor anything to be corrected. These are exactly as I want them to be seen. As a pastime, I produce and direct television programs in parts of New York City, NYS USA UPDATE: Due to covid hitting our city, I temporarily stopped producing television since the studio required that we sign a seemingly illegal covid contract in order to have access to the studio. Considering a lawsuit to get the program back on the air again .

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