The Word Trump

This is an     OPINION    piece.. 

(and the pictures in this entry have nothing to do with the typing in this entry).    (From time to time, I add my photography to entries just to add a picture).

The more you try to get people to hate Trump, the more people like him.

You see they are watching a large part of the nation go against the President of the United States of America.   And they are watching people name-call, and and make fun of the President.

During the first election, I voted for him simply because it seemed as if the nation was against him.   However, I knew the truth.   I knew that the media was making it seem that everyone was against him but the truth was it was only the media that was against him.

I figured, hey, I’ll give him a chance.   He got my vote in 2016.    You can thanks the dems for that; you can thank the protesters for that.  You can thank the climate change activists for that.    You can thank the bullies for that.            Yes, I voted for Trump for President in

TO be continued


This is the end of this entry    .   to be continued at a later date   .

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