Missing the Sunflowers ..

They are such beautiful flowers…yet because they grow freely, and because they grow abundantly, they are not as valued as the roses are .. 

If you ask me, the sunflowers are just as valuable as the roses are (don’t tell the florists that).

A sunflower will grow out of practically anything, even near the rocks, even without being pampered, even without being watched, a sunflower will grow. 

The little sunflower will grow out of dirt that is not the best, and will grow in places where your roses dare not grow.     A sunflower grows.   All the thing needs is some sun, and some rain.   And the little thing doesn’t even need anyone to talk to it.

A sunflower grows.

And even after most of the life is gone out of it, the sunflower remains tall and its little seeds feed the birds.  Some of the seeds from the large sunflower head will drop to the ground and later, much later , will be the beginnings of more and more sunflowers.

Did you know that there are gardens and fields in our cities that are blanketed with nothing but sunflowers?   And it’s done on purpose.  Smiles.   Did you know?

Did you know that, almost , anywhere you travel, you probably will come to either a full sunflower garden or to individual sunflowers, and probably in your travels, you might see a sunflower as tall as ten feet high?   Yea, you probably knew that.   But some, that have not seen sunflowers….probably didn’t know.

Did you know that if you take a plastic or a cardboard milk carton, drop one seed in and hardly pay any attention to it at all, it probably will grow into a nice flower?

And sometimes, some teachers will make that as a class project.  Grow a flower.  Take the cardboard milk container (empty , of course).  Drop some dirt in there.  Put the seed in and just make sure it has some water.

And there you go.
There’s your indoor garden.

And,  yes,   I have received , in my days, some beautiful sunflowers … in little cardboard containers.
These are strong flowers, sunflowers.
Can you picture a world where florists sell sunflowers with the same value and the same respect as they sell roses.

Can you picture the flower world turning upside down because someone dares to grow the sunflowers and even more people dare to treat them with reverence?

Can you picture consumers, around the world, making the demand for sunflowers even so much more than the demand  for roses and orchids?

Probably not , correct?

But then, that could be a good thing that you can’t picture that because if we can’t even picture that, it means, it probably will never happen.

And all the sunflowers will be mine.


This is the end of this entry about flowers. \


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