Two Bowls of Homemade … (read more)

People that know me would never imagine that this is, a true story.   Nothing big, nothing huge, probably nothing out of the ordinary for most people, but for me, hmm,  “she did that”?

Today, I made a small pot of homemade “tomato, rice, broccoli” soup.     And it was perfect.   And the unusual part for me, I did this little stunt without a recipe, and without even planning it.

I put the pasta in the pot and started to cook it.  And halfway through I realized that I could make a soup by just adding tomato paste to the water near the end of the cooking.  And yes, instead of just emptying the water, the filtered water that I used to cook the soup became part of the soup.   Just four ingredients, and a small covered pot, and one beautiful result of homemade soup –without the spices.   That’s right.  I love food without the fancy spices.  So the pure tomato paste, organic with no artificial additives made a great base for the homemade soup.

The only thing that would have made this perfect was some shavings from the Unexpected Cheddar cheese, but I ran out of that last week.

It was delicious!  And it was so perfect for today’s cold day.

What is your favorite soup and how do you make it?

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