So, A Co-Worker and I Stayed At A Dude Ranch

One Full Week At  A  Dude Ranch ..

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When I was younger, and when I was riding horses more than I do now (I don’t ride right now, at all), I did ride and I had my share of injuries … (from the Dude Ranch).

Seems that I took the advertisement quite literally, and the advertisement said, “UNLIMITED RIDING”, and that, indeed, was what I was looking for.   I was a city girl (in my 20’s at the time, and I loved the idea that I could go to a place, even if just for one week, that permitted me , “unlimited riding”.

Smiles, as I interpret “unlimited riding”, I was ready to ride day and night, night and day and all the times in between.  (Hey, I was young).    So, a work friend and I made arrangements to stay for a full weekend and one week at a dude ranch, upstate New York (USA).

Turns out their idea of unlimited riding and my idea didn’t really match up.   My friend and I had breakfast and went straight out to the place where the horses were.  And the guys at the ranch got the horses out, got them saddled up and then we were off.  We took our rides.  (This was the first time on a horse for my friend and I was really a beginner.  I had ridden on horses only about five or six times before that, over at the local stables in my city and in other places).

So we had our first ride at the dude ranch , and for my friend that was totally her very first ride.  It was fun and interesting and really  nice to go riding out in the country , in the kind-of wilderness for the first time.  It’s really different riding when you are in the city from when you are not in the city.   So, we had our ride, and then left the horses .  My friend and I went to lunch.   There we were back at the stables again, and again asking to ride the horses.    The workers obliged, and got the horses for us. And we took off.  Still , another nice ride.

Anyways, the day passed, night came.  We went to sleep but you have to know, first thing in the morning I wanted to ride.  And my friend just looked at me, “haven’t we done enough riding”?  . Smiles.  No! .  We went to the stables .  (Smiles, me with the advertisement in my pocket.  Yes, I ripped it out of the newspaper and brought the ad with me.   Being a city slicker, I found it hard to believe that we really would get unlimited riding.

And then, boom… the worker said, “you can’t ride horses now”.   And no explanation, he just said we couldn’t ride.

Miss Prim whipped out the advertisement to show him and told him straight out, “Look, it says unlimited riding”   And we would like to ride now (it was the next morning after a full day of riding-the day before that.  (They seemed to have about thirty or so horses there.

Hmmm, can you see an injury coming here?   Smiles, well probably not but there definitely was an adventure coming up real soon to the two of us.     The worker, reluctantly, told us that if we wanted to ride, we had to go get the horses.  (hmm, this is the first that I heard of this).   I said, yes, okay, and he handed us two ropes and pointed to this corral where there were a whole bunch of horses just hanging around there.


My friend just looked at me,  mind you, she was no animal lover and she really didn’t want to ‘go get the horses” .  Smiles.  And me, silly me, I figure,  ahh, this is nice.  We are having our first adventure at the dude ranch.

Can you guess what happened that day?


Well, for now,

Have you guessed what happened?

This  is the End of  Part One of This  Adventure and End of this Entry.






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