Ughhg Smiles


As a child, this was one of the most disgusting ‘treats’ that I was given .   Seriously, to this day, when I see this package, I realize that right now, I have wonderful opportunities to eat magnificent meals, wonderful foods, that are truly the best that food has to offer.

I am thankful, and blessed that in today’s world, my special food treats include things like fresh pizza, Klondike bars, and rice with Unexpected Cheddar cheese topping on it.  


So, what good and great things did I have to eat this past week?     These some but not limited to these:

  • Pasta in the shape of stars and Christmas trees
  • Unexpected Cheddar ; this is the best!
  • Some chocolate biscotti
  • Fresh pretzels with no preservatives
  • Trader Joes Instant Coffee
  • Turkey  (Not the one pictured)
  • Trader Joes  Broccoli
  • Three hard-boiled eggs (I tried this in the microwave and it turned out okay!
  • and a few other things

This   Is    The   End   of  This  Entry. 


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ARTFROMPERRY I take photographs and tell stories with photographs, . Everything in these photographs is exactly as it is supposed to be. Blurred, from a distance, sharp or not, colors varied from the average. These are not photographic mistakes nor anything to be corrected. These are exactly as I want them to be seen. As a pastime, I produce and direct television programs in parts of New York City, NYS USA UPDATE: Due to covid hitting our city, I temporarily stopped producing television since the studio required that we sign a seemingly illegal covid contract in order to have access to the studio. Considering a lawsuit to get the program back on the air again .

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