The Smile

I    Love   This   Kid’s    Smile..

Yes, of course he’s not a little kid anymore, but still,  I love this kid’s smile.        I have three kids (adults) and three grandkids.   Smiles.  And every one of them is really tired of me taking pictures .  Smiles.


This one keeps on smiling.      I love all my kids and grandkids .      And  I love this smile.

Laughing here.     From the time he was very little, I kept on telling him, when I saw him, “Smile” .      And sometimes it took a while but he would then always give me this big smile.    (I would make funny faces and do goofy things just to make him smile).     Yes, sometimes  I catch him with his serious face on, but I”ll be at it again, “Smile” .

kp artfromperry

brunchtime ©2016 artfromperry
I said, “How about trying this Pickle Popcorn” …:)

LOL..  I thought trying Pickle Popcorn would be a smiley thing.   Who ever heard of Pickle Popcorn?      It was serious .  smiles.  And yes, he likes Pickle Popcorn .    It’s an acquired taste – because it’s  Dill Pickle Popcorn, not Half Sour.

our beautiful cat artfromperry


I know.  I didn’t start this to be a blog about cats but I found this old picture of our old cat and I really like it.   This is the cat that was afraid of plastic bags.   He was fearless – just couldn’t get past his fear of plastic bags.

There’s That Smile Again   🙂  

FunFestRest 2010 2019


More smiles,  beautiful!    🙂

cool ©2016 artfromperry

As you can see, (by the Dill Pickle Popcorn bag there in this picture), this was taken the same day as the day that I took the ‘serious’ picture.   And I think that I know why I tell people to smile.     See, for me, it’s a matter of choice.    Though I’ve not said this to any of my ‘smile’ recipients,  I like when people smile, because at that very moment, they are

Choosing   Happiness! 


This    Is    The   End   Of   This   Entry.  


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