The Best Writing Conference in NYC, USA

Should I Say That I Loved This One? 

Though it was decades ago, I remember this forever.    I had the one writing (well, writing-related) experience in New York City,  USA.    It was during a time that I could not afford to attend this conference, workshop but I knew in my heart that I must go.  So I did this compromise thing, and that worked for me.

The conference was so expensive and I didn’t have the money for it.  The whole thing was probably over three or four hundred dollars at the time.    But I kept on thinking about this and that made me wonder, “Am I just meant to be there”?   And so, smiles, my answer to myself was, “yes indeed”  , but how can I afford this?   Compromise.  It is surprising how sometimes a compromise can be a really great thing to experience.

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So my compromise was this, though I didn’t have the money to go to the conference, I would manage to scrape up the money to attend at least one day of the conference.   I would miss most of it but I would celebrate the one day that I was able to  go to.

Oh, the name of the conference was   ASJA  .   That is American Society of Journalist and Authors Writers Conference.

I chose the day that had the luncheon and that really gave me an “extra”.   With the luncheon, I got to hear the key note speaker.   And I got to register for three full workshops during that one day conference.   (or two, I forgot).

I registered for the Broadcast Journalism workshop that was lead by Ernie Anastos.  Yes,  “that” Ernie Anastos.   It was great!  (No details here, smiles).   And the other workshop that I attended was the Non-Fiction Writing one  (actually, I forgot the formal title of the workshop but I know it was lead by one of the main editors of Family Circle magazine).


An unexpected treat was seeing the President of  Random House walking through the hallways and the person was greeting people, answering questions etc.

The lunch was the best (I’m not a foodie, smiles) but it was that old, fancy pants luncheon, you know , quite formal.  Hey, it was part of the conference. So, I accepted it as it was, even though it was not my cup of tea.

I can not describe the whole experience as it would take me days to do that here.   I’ll just say that I enjoyed the conference so much and I learned so much there, that it encouraged me to go on to another writers’ conference in NYC,  USA , the next year

I went to the MaryMount Manhattan College Writers Conference in Manhattan, NY  USA.

I am getting too tired to write here anymore, for today , so I’ll leave it right here. Peace.

This   Is  The   End   Of   This   Entry


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